nothing wrong with Texas

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Most canon is fluid. Retcons happen all the time. NieR was based off an alternate ending to Drakengard.

The most canonfluid series I can think of is the Elder Scrolls series, especially Morrowind. The gist of that idea is that "all mods are canon"

There are many murricans like you. What's your problem, huh?

Just finished reading the new Butcha-U and now I need to let some steam off, give me some girls to pose like this (imgur.com/a/JbR2n), preferably ones who are related or associated with each other (love triangle would be best), clothed or unclothed, but if they're clothed you'd better give references from behind.

Oh I didn't realize I'd show up as american, never mind then.

Requesting May from Guilty Gear series and her anchor as stereotypical Frenchmen.

even in our new board my drawings still dont get any (you)'s

>nothing wrong with Texas

Steer and Queers, pivate user.

fuck off with your shitpost nigger

not long enough Adores

>Image deleted
Sumia. She's in love with Chrom, but he loves FemRobin

uh oh, its voldemort

>putting food on something that sweats and goes on the floor and gets disgusting


You fuck off, maldraw

>"all mods are canon"
to those mods, maybe

For you, I can be your Adores tonight, Snorkers. ;)

new board, same ppl

You're pretty cool, Deutscheland.

>cant request shit at the moment

Requesting Aigis turned into a fuckcube or a fuckvase for this user.

I just back traced the origin of the series after playing mega turrican for the genesis all of them are excellent.

Airy is cute! CUTE!
Ich liebe Feen!

It's more that "everyone's journey is canon, regardless of what mods or playstyle they adopt."

>aigis guy is a malay

this is honestly surprising

It's not like you would get a delivery anyway, there haven't been drawfags here for over a hundred years



Tifa and Aeris.


To the image text: "nicht" is wrong, "nichts" is correct. The rest is alright.


Any of you fucks play Don't Starve? If so hit me up with some requests, if not, then get the fuck out.

Te amo

What's up with Aeris request tonight?

Oh, wow!
How about some Eliza from Skullgirls?


she died but user's dick didn't

Warlani waxing her board.

I wish I had reasons to play it more

Because they're both hot.

requesting that you starve and draw whatever you hallucinate after days without food. keep it vidya though

Oh, i am not a drawfag. I wish i can though but i am poor as dirt as you might expect from a third worlder.
there is hope, burger kun

Requesting Anne being bullied into sucking a bunch of other male students off, please.

some wigfrid on top of a deerclops corpse

You underestimate my power, Snorky-senpai.

i'm here, i might draw something. nothing lewd, though

same here.

Draw Aigis