no just geralts :^)

I'd fuck her harder than I fuck my livestock, ay.


the witcher 3 is the best video game i ever played

reporting in

reminder that in the earlier thread the shitposting spammer revealed himself to be a roach

Fuck off back to Sup Forums Trumpfag.

first goat
second good
third playable

>Sup Forums """banter"""


Love all the games and books senpai. Love the bitterly cynical and depressing feel of the series.

Can't wait for Cyberpunk.


Posting but only to let everyone know that the Witcher series are complete GARBAGE and actual games with narrative are STILL best when Bioware makes them

Isn't Bioware Canadian?

Damn you leafs have just been getting raped lately. I'm kinda glad desu Bioware has been horribly fucking mediocre and lazy. They have no ambition anymore, they just chase the next big thing.

I mean they're making a fucking Destiny clone, wtf happened?

Noobody expected a different opinion from you, leaf.

Im real englisz person. Really.

Nig nog here. I enjoy the witcher series. Have the rest of the books been translated yet?

Montreal is French clay.