this shit needs to get the fuck off Sup Forums now goddamnit i dont care about you euro trash fucks i want to talk about how much vidya sucks thanks to the sjws and greedy devs

If boards had an age Sup Forums would be early 20s and Sup Forums early teens
How can developed human beings make this many "wait for quads epic!" threads?


>best memes

Sup Forums has shit memes, this Praise Kek is Reddit tier shit. Sup Forums steals all their memes from Sup Forums

Sup Forums didn't even have that many generals before /vg/

The typical Sup Forums board has more generals than now than Sup Forums did in 2012

Fuck off, cunt. Go get raped by some Gypsies. Oh, but don't try fight back, that's racist and against the diversity. You poor spics.

That's literally Sup Forums. Don't even try to lie, I shitpost on their daily because of how fucking awful that place is.

>is now a magnet for Reddit posters
Sup Forums killed itself, it was never very good or original to begin with

I typically prefer Sup Forums because I get a variety of political views on here instead of being blasted by one sided banter.

As surprising as it may be, Sup Forums is one of the few boards I've been able to have serious discussions around politics on.

>forgetting Sup Forums, /s4s/ and /mlp/

the lol general and sc general were like 30% of the board traffic

a board hated by cucks like you