If only i didn't have to buy an $800 beast of a PC in order to play it

if only i didn't have to buy an $800 beast of a PC in order to play it.

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All you need to play BOTW in 4k/30fps on CEMU is a $70 pentium g4560 and any NVIDIA graphics card that has 2gb of VRAM or more. Doesn't matter how old/slow it is, just the VRAM.

4k/30FPS video of Kakariko Village coming up soon

Anyone got the mega from the other thread?

I'll care when they implement MH3U with working online.

I have a 1050ti and a 6350.

Can someone link to 1.7.4?

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Eh I've already bought the game but if I can also play it on my computer with better graphics and stable frame rate then I'm happy to play this game again.


= CEMU 1.7.4 patreon build. Run it once and load the game to 'verify' it, then block the program in your firewall.

Mudlord (mudlord.info/blog/) will probably work on a proper crack, there is no guarantee this copy will work for more than a day or two. It may work indefinitely if you do what I said with the firewall.

Will my 2.5GHz i7 and M370X handle it?

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Your radeon GPU will work but not at 30 FPS and it won't look good, ie. there will be errors. ATI drivers have problems that prevent good emulation.

Thanks m8

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>inb4 someone alerts Nintendo to CEMU development and everyone affiliated with it get arrested
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>ZR trigger's broken on my gamepad

It was patched on the switch. runs at 24fps now. Also the video keeps looking up when looking down is what makes it lag.

I made the video, is there some area in particular you want me to look at, which you think will cause lag? I'm happy to record a webm for you

So is BoTW 100% playable on CEMU now?

4K he says

>Video is 720p

>Not already having a decent computer

>an area which the Switch can't even run at a smooth 20 FPS @ 900p
>he didn't hear about the patch

Judges in Spanish he says

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I'm sure you preuvianbro have a PC that runs it no problems ;)

the most popular graphic pack people seem to use it the 4k pack as higher textured packs don't seem to make the performance any more worse than it possibly could be

are you blind, my canuck friend? the quality options clearly go up to 2160p.

Is the game playable now? Or is there still bugs and errors that will prevent the progression of the game?

Stand at the master sword and circle the camera around. dont look up. Its the fog on the ground and water effects that really cause lag. Looking up reduces stress on gpu in almost any game since its just a sky box. Common tactic to try and bullshit performance. Its what amd did to try to shill with a gta comparison. Just for future reference, don't look up when stress testing because its a shill tactic.
Watch youtu.be/3hdGpEPy-K4. They show the lag in the forest and will give you a good comparison.


how buggy is this shit

It's 4k for me

lol, no

You know that lag that happens when you make a Moblin enter Ragdoll state? on Cemu, that happens with EVERY enemy

This is a joke right?
Are all the retards on Sup Forums actually canadian?

Still buggy as hell. Magnesis also doesn't work IIRC

FFS. I am not spending 600 dollars on a switch here. Just going to play Nier and P5 and wait longer.

Thanks for the update user


Kakariko Village 4k/30FPS, the Switch can't even hold 15 FPS in this place

It will take a little while for the 4K to appear on this, I uploaded it about 30 seconds ago. YouTube takes some time to process.

From what I remember watching a video of a patreon guy

>physics are fixed
>grass is fixed
>water works properly
>magnetic power works fine
>no collision problems anymore

>was just a bugfix update so no FPS improvements for any game
>camera doesn't work so you cannot finish BotW, need a save to bypass that part
>no amiibo

A couple of questions. I remember first seeing these cemu threads and the game ran like shit, had no grass, and cutscenes didn't work at all.

Framerate look good in videos now, is it actually solid and stable?
Do cutscenes work at all yet?

last I read they said some camera thing you need to progress doesn't work.

>All you need to play BOTW in 4k/30fps on CEMU is a $70 pentium g4560 and any NVIDIA graphics card that has 2gb of VRAM or more.
I have a 16-core dual xeon, 64 GiB of RAM and a GTX 970

It runs at 5 fps max for me

lel I guess this is why you stopped playing Overwatch?

>the Switch can't even hold 15 FPS in this place
Are you sure you're not thinking of the Wii U version?

Not him but it only goes up to 1440p for me

You think Im blind. You video is choppy as hell.

>all cemu tards are from latin american countries

really makes u think

This one works though

i enjoy seeing what country is being stupid

that's because youtube is trash. I watched the video at 4k when the option showed up, refreshed the page, and now the only two quality options that show up for me are 1080p and 1440p.

OK, I did it for you. I also have a bunch of shit running on my CPU and stressing it right now, so there REALLY is no issue getting 30 FPS.

No, that's because Quake Champions is entering beta in 4 days.

Yeah, but I beat it first.

Press ctrl-r to refresh the page with a cleared cache, perhaps.

Night-time video of korok forest at 4k/30fps coming soon also.


Not saying their video is wrong but I fucking hate gamexplain. Both dudes sound like massive faggots, their analysis is always shit, and they are the most annoying faggots who think they know what they are talking about but get so much shit wrong (especially with lore).

As for the topic of the thread; I will say it before and I will probably say it again. I say this as someone who bought a switch and loves BotW. I really hope CEMU works for you guys. Although I would rather Nintendo get the message through sales that this is the formula for Zelda they should focus on from here on out, it is such a good game (to me at least) that I would rather as many people play it as possible to experience it than anything else.

Who knows, maybe in a few years some really cool mods will come out for it (I know nothing about CEMU mods) and I will have to try it myself on CEMU. Either way, enjoy the game guys, I hope you have as much fun with it as I do

>too busy focusing on female link...

It's not a cache issue since I don't watch using a web browser

I looked at the format list again and it seems they're still in the progress of encoding, though - VP9 1440p just popped up. I imagine 2160p might pop up soon-ish as well

Switch runs at 30 there. Only place is the forest.

The highest is 1440p

>There are no fog effects

It's from video conversion. Since it was in desktop mode I forgot to change my recording rate from 144 to 30. So it was conferted from 144 to around 30 in webmR. It's what causes the stutter.


4K/30FPS night-time Great Deku Tree

Do the physics work now? What about the cutscenes?
I'm playing it on Switch right now, but I want my second playthrough to be on CEMU. I hope everything works until then.

Switch runs locked 30 there

Don't forget to financially support good video games when you can, so they know to make more of what you like.

Lol a lot better but just keep the camera level. You somehow are skipping the volumetric lighting that comes in through the trees. I know you aren't doing this intentionally and Im sure its no issue, but for a conclusive test you gotta show it off. Also other poster is right, theres no fog effects. Thats been known to be the cause of lag since e3.

see the preview youtube.com/watch?v=aYe0N3ARAFw
Tons of things were fixed but there are still issues with the camera, so you cannot finish the game on 1.7.4 still.

I hate his voice as well. We all do.

I never used cemu
what is everything im gonna need to
download for the botw 1.7.4 emu?

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Like the camera rune or the gameplay camera? When do they plan on having it 100% ready?

It's missing the effects causing lag in the first place. It's great that I'll be able to play Zelda on my PC eventually and all, but the Switch already patched out most of the lag, especially in portable mode. And it runs almost perfectly outside a few instances. It's really unnecessary to shill CEMU this hard.

looks bretty good desu, maybe one day ill replay it on my pc

The in game camera tool that is needed to beat a main story quest. Also the same video talked about not having amiibo support still


I'm in the same position. Switch version has its own perks, and I dislike when people play games they don't own, so at least pick up a copy of whatever you're emulating if you're not going to play it for the original system's release. Otherwise, I have the Switch for portability and PC for 1440p gaming.

Never honestly. How would they make money then.

CEMU will probably dry out once more Switch titles start rolling in throughout the year and it turns out nobody can emulate them. Then they'll be forced to go back and work on other buggy games which won't bring in fresh money like a new game will.

Here we have mah boi Josh trying out Cemu


>All the people who intend to steal Zelda are from the third world.
Not even a second world county like Venezuela. But a third world county like Puru.

That's pathetic.

Can someone post a link for 1.7.4b?

It makes me sad that this great game is being wasted on these subhumans.

It's up now

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unf. it looks so pretty at night

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is that the BotW 1.1.1 version?

Lol, no. It doesn't even have working effects.

Doesn't work senpai, thanks anyways

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So the only problems with cemu at the moment is the camera tool doesn't work preventing you from beating a main story quest, and that you get a frame rate spike whenever an enemy ragdolls?

More of the fact that I get to play the game for free with better frame rate and in 4k

>paying for CEMU
I'm just going to pirate that too fag

>All these nintendrones who are only in here to defend Nintendo with no games to play

Why are you here then PcFag?

Do cutscenes and the camera work?

As long as it's perfect by the time hard mode comes out for my 2nd playthrough I'll be happy.