Hey guys do you like Undertale

Hey guys do you like Undertale

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yeah alright game I guess.


>meme games

I honestly do
Thankfully flags showcase who are the autists around it

My favorite game of 2015

I like killing Sans.

It was ok.

Undertale is the perfect game loved by all nations except for Australia.

yeah it's aight

It was pure cancerous weeb shit sorry

it's k.

I liked it. A good game for one walkthrough.

It was cool but then the fandom appeared....


Game was good until the cancer took over

it was a shit ripoff of spec ops the line

I thought it was a neat little game no better than a lot of the flash games I've played.
Then it got more popularity than it deserved much like FNAF and I grew to hate it.

No, it's wasted potential


This series spawns the weirdest shit

A game is not responsible for its awful fanbase.


Poor bullet hell gameplay (with occassional twists) combined with very basic JRPG traveling, but the music was good and the characters okay.

Did you guys know that Sans is actually Ness from Earthbound?

I don't understand what it is that makes the Undertale fandom so uniquely despised. From my experiences, it's far better than other fandoms I've been part of like Metal Gear and pic related.

I didn't but now I do, thank you

The exact definition of overexposure in game format.

I cried at least once or twice. It was a pretty sweet game, and sweet more in its tone and nature.

The over-exposure effect is real and I'll never forgive tumblr for what they did to it tho.

He's actually Steven.


>Steven after not surviving

Toby Fox knew what a terrible fanbase looked like and specifically feared it.

That's why he went into hiding and will never touch Undertale again.

>steven after not surviving

Woah, I don't know how it actually took me so long to realize that Toriel/Asriel's designs are literally the same as Sariel's.

the fandom is kind of similar to steven universe in it's badness

>both were inspired by shit from japan
>both got inspired by a lot of good artists which then inspired a lot of shit artists
>both have terrible teenage audiences
>both have idiots reading too much into shit that doesn't matter
>both creators probably wish they didn't make the thing in the first place

Genocide fights were pretty cool
More games need boss fights that actually feel epic