What does /vint/ think about snek?

What does /vint/ think about snek?

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Bear is better.


I'm a pretty big fan of snek TBQH Fampai

i like snek


Stop hurting the bear's feelings.

Post em


Snek thred?

Doggo and Shiki are better

Asuka best senran

All OG senrans except Yagyu are best senrans.

Hikage is cool, but my heart belongs to Ikaruga.

What does Hikage think about my black snek?

>Except Yagyuu
>Not fucking Hibari
Hibari is trash and if you like her you should be sorry, for your mother gave birth to a retard

Opinion discarded. Don't talk shit about the combo queen.

Yagyuu wouldn't be trash if she wasn't just a Hibari accessory.

And Yagyu is worse because what little character she has besides being a Hibersexual reverts to nothing.

Shes wasted potential senpai.

I'll post my top 5

Ikaruga best senran

Hello ninja Yuuka.

certified faggot

What does this pose symbolize?

I like snek


>tfw no physical

I just to play it at my couch.


She's alright. Katsuragi is better.

Never played the games.

Don't even really like the threads.

Don't care about the series.

Rate my taste.

She is god tier. Cute and sexy at the same time.

Dunno why you have a literal granny at the top.

Still managed to have universally accepted good taste with Homura without knowing the characters.

Wait is she actually an old lady who transfroms into a hottie?

That's pretty close to one of my fetishes.

It would be a fetish if there was more of it, but theres like 3 things.

Probably the first list I've seen with Jasmine at the top.