Flags turned on

>flags turned on
>all the cucks/SJWS are leafs
>all the shitposters are aussies
>all the people who were trying to save Sup Forums were american
once again we see who the number one country is

Why are you americans so fucking autistic and have to put a political agenda behind all of your explanations?

fuck off shitskin

What about us senpaitachi

>calling a german a shitskin
nigger detected

shut the fuck up Sup Forumsirgin

hey LEAF, maybe if you kept up with what's happening in the world instead of worrying about your pronouns you would know that germany is literally niggerland right now

Poormonkey PC only fags

>all these delusional burgers.

Literally retarded.

>ameritard saying anything about anyone elses country

we cannot be stopped

Good job, OP. You got it all figured out.

who are you? looks like a candy wrapper at my local freedom store

no one even cares about your country, your biggest claim to fame is being the worst posters on Sup Forums

Why don't you go suck Muslim cum out of your wife now?


>a country of about 20 people managed to out shitpost the rest of the world combined
feels pretty good desu senpai



Says the cuck with the US Base in his cunt

kill yourself dumb faggot


They pay for you to have computers Ahmed?

Sup Forums is trumpshit central and should burn

You have to go back pedro

Maybe because Europoors like you come here from Ieddit and shit up the site with your butthurt that no one cares about calling you xee and zir

Latinos are usually pretty uncucked

>Be american
>get shot
>gun owner sues you because you destroyed his bullet
>get dragged infront of court
>lose because your justice system is fucking horrible and always favors the one with more money
>get thrown into prison for 2000 years for getting shot and not dying
>get gangraped by blacks, hispanics and neo-nazis

There's a really cool website that I'm sure you're familiar with called Ieddit. You should go back there.


You sound like your average r/the_donald user, that community would be best suited for you

>be german

That's all I need to say because of how awful your overcrowded, autistic, muslim rapist filled country is

Also you can literally go to jail for being racist in germoney so enjoy that

>foreigners with shit legal systems try to make fun of ours


Whats that hans? i can't hear you over the sound of your women getting raped by refugees as you shitpost online