sana edition

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i hate you choashitter

dont mention or reply to him

is it really that hard

or are you samefagging

New Yawkor Min Yoongi

i'm not gonna post here

not posting here
see you next thread


why does she do that with her mouth in every picture

Pristin was a flop

you don't mean that


based choabros



i literally love binnie

Choa bro wins again

>no Sana
>no life

how should i live with that???

>Dumb & dumber single
i only see 115k

that plus the debut album is half of what the graphic claims

>5 years in the making
>rushed out

bad guys win again

I like it better with the other picture

is good

you guys could simply not migrate to his threads and just go to the late one, you don't have to give in

This is the OP that we need, not what we deserve

she looks so dead inside


aoa are our girls

and outside

While Winner is supported by their fans the public will listen to their songs because they're from YG.

BlackPink was supposed to debut 4 years ago.


But since wikipedia probably isnt up to date the number is bigger.

but that sets a precedent for people migrating to whatever thread they like and even more thread wars than usual

it's cute, very very cute

there's no such thing as setting a precedent on kpg

i am in agreement with you but please remove that bottom portion, they did not mean to show that part of their bodies

Looks like thighnotes got a tan...and the flu

yes they did because it was a yoga demonstration and yoga is a full body workout

>umji is actually hot

i almost pissed myself reading this one

jesus christ thats the entire camel's foot


it's probably going to come near the end of this month or next month whenever they decide to have another comeback, dont take my word im not fortune teller yeoreum

theyre probably prepping right now ever since meiqi returned from china

gaon counts oricon

SBS Inkigayo
12:10 – 1:20 PM KST

IU vs Highlight vs BTS

Rose Motel
Girl’s Day
Peter Han
Seven O’Clock

Monsta X
Brave Girls
Loona 1/3

choa is an ugly semen absorbing turtle

you're kidding right?
>minzy leaves
>suddenly a hint on a blackpink release and debut while disbandment rumors for 2ne1 are surfacing

ended your visuals

damn you just know they were told to do this
only choa had the strength to slightly resist

well i heard they picked out the wrong size of pants and this was supposed to be edited out

there are 4 lies in your post you IDIOT


This thread needs some pcy

post that pic of chaeyoung please

you know the one

doesnt matter how seemingly convenient the timing was. you can't deny yg was preparing blackpink for a long time. therefore they werent rushed out

why does she have to end people cant she just be pretty


Is that a stoner mag?

pristin has potential maybe but their debut song is so bad I honestly tried to like it but it's a terrible

i said post something i can boom roasted

He's lanky, awkward and overrated

I don't like wee woo that much but I enjoyed this song/performance

>memer likes a group
>it's shit and flopped
why am i not surprised?

i love him

jennie looks like a baby

you could say that but others know it as a magazine about music, art, fashion, film and creative ideas

Never seen a worst lineup.

>look I can do the dance! I'm an idol!


forgot to finish my post

>lanky, awkward
are these bad traits?


based mina

YG works in mysterious ways, what's his endgame?

not him but this song is like the group overall

wasted potential with a lot of extra shit they don't need tacked on

thanks carrie



I like pristin, but honestly they have too many rappers

she looks nothing like infantspirit

Is crayon pop dead?

i hadn't thought of them waiting for meiqi to come back

ya I couldn't really give a fuck about pristin as a group I'm not really invested in them beyond the fact Nayoung is really good looking

The song is still better than wee woo though

no, crayon pop runs shit

starting soon. remember to check all the sbs streams before panicking
i don't know whom else to trust these days

cocks cumming on jiae's face

all those rappers can sing too, why not just have two rappers, why so many?

Wee woo is cringe material and their group is full of overweight cows

Works like an american company but in korea.

I find it impossible to get invested in groups that have >5 members (with one exception). It's too many people to distribute parts amongst and care about

Anyone have a hatless picture of this guy?

none of the ioi groups will make it and the entire project will go down as a massive fiasco

rap sub-unit

if she's as useless as you say, why is she in aoa where the members can sing and play instruments? thought so

They Must be circumcised

get out fucking casual

spotted the low test idiot


Will Monsta x get their first win soon? Beautiful is a bop and imo better than got7's never ever. Monsta x has shown that they consistently make great ass songs every comback

same here that was an easy one

did someone say

Wasnt it obvious from the begining though.

it applies to new jiae

get this weather girl in a girl group now

i'd pay for a photobook of just this

Her helplessness makes her attractive, IMO. The white knight in me wants to save her and the black Knight wants to assault her