Are Polish people the Mexicans of Europe? They seem to like us and move here a lot too

Are Polish people the Mexicans of Europe? They seem to like us and move here a lot too


I've met exactly one polish family my whole time here. Pretty sure the son (guy I was friendly with) was definitely a serial killer.


nah, Romania and parts of Bulgaria is Mexico of europe.

Poland is more like Texas without guns and shity weather for most of the year

Rather Philippines of Europe.

Bu k sejw da pols ce

Poland looks nice as fuck now because of EU money

My Mexican father works in a factory in the suburbs with a bunch of Mexicans and Poles, so there's that. He says they're friendly and hard workers.


How do Poles get into the US?

there's no euro in poland

papież ruchał bobasy

Are they superheroskis?

obviously Lithuanians pretending to be Poles

Are you retarted?






I don't know desu. My Polish friends in high school never mentioned how. They learn English fast, though. One came here when he was 12 or 13 without knowing the language and by the time I knew him when he was 16 you wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't his first language.


send money

Come to think of it, I knew some Polish guy in the US too

That's weird
Can they get muh heritage passports or something?

Same here

I work with a Polish girl here in Chicago and she speaks fluent english after moving here when she was 16


They overstay their visas, how most people from overseas do it.

Why would you comeback here ?


Ale rak

There was this big Polish parade for like an hour downtown yesterday



Let's just say Poles are born with the white trash option enabled by default

I mean, if they have Polish family in the US, they can use them somehow

Chicagofag here.. I've driven past that joint a few times.. Polish delis are 10/10, Polish girl I was with introduced me to them.


>We are not even fucking mexico of europe

They had 50 years more to develop.

still beter than us

technically we were under a socialist regime for 70 years since PRI was in the beggining a leftist party

>under a socialist regime
Trust me. It's not the same as being under USSR

He means EU investment in Poland.

>socialist regime
Just chairo things

make poland great again

>i don't know who Cardenas was and what he did
>i don't know Cardenas and his ties with the soviet union

just fachopobre things

meh, multiethnic states are doomed to fail

Are you implying that Mexico was a puppet regime for the Soviet Union for 70 years just because Cardenas and >muh expropiación petrolera?

Propably he posted on /r9k/.

no, i am implying PRI was originally a leftist party, which it was