Are Europeans gonna start carrying guns?

In the US a lot of white people carry a gun in case a black person attacks you then you can kill them. I started carrying when I was 18 and have been for a couple years

since Europe is getting a lot of Africans and Muslims, will there be a push to allow people to carry weapons? will people just do it anyway even if it's illegal?

Because they like to attack people, and rape too

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.0045% of Americans are murdered every year. If those odds seriously scare you enough to make you carry a gun around in everyday life, you're fucking paranoid.

To any foreigners who think this post is a joke, it's not, this is literally the mindset of American gun fanatics

It's about the right, not the needs.

And I share this mindset.
People should be able to defend themselves and carry the right tools to do so.
It's a pity we're fucked beyond belief here. Self defense laws are shit, and you don't have the right to carry.

Are those Americans who spend time in the military gun fanatics because I think being in the army and doing training with guns for 12 months takes most of the allure away?

I'm pro second amendment. I still think OP is paranoid. He's ten times more likely to die from lung diseases every year, he'd be better off shooting people that smoke in public if he really did it for his safety.

A lot of them are yes

Guess it's different when you're forced

I am not anti-guns and I applied for special training in the army and went through tests and all that but it would be pretty boring to carry a gun all day.

How many niggers do you have nearby?

Yes, FN supports it. I think it's a good thinh, this country is unstable poor and dangerous.
(Then again if the FN gets us rid of arabs what's tge point of having a gun against arabs ? Kind of self defeating the whole point of it)

But yes, if we are 2nd world now we should at least get the same things white people get in the 2nd world like USA and Brazil : guns, bodyguards, gated communities and all that shit. We can't live by 1st world carefree standards it's just suicide.

I'm always baffled that it's always people who live in suburbs with nonexistent crime that carry. I've always lived in cities, and never thought a gun was even remotely closely to necessary. Maybe if I lived in the literal ghetto or went there regularly, I would bother to buy one.

My commie block neighbour used to be a black woman. Our instructor was a fine officer and black back in the army. Other than that sort of a rare sight.

I carry a legal knife (could barely call it a knife because of our dumb regulatioins), but that's it.

People in the Netherlands aren't allowed to do concealed carry or open carry with very very few exceptions.

Because their lives are so boring they start to fantasize about getting attacked just to spice things up in their life.

All of Paris is basically a giant ghetto and yes i'd like a gun fuck you

Hey, do what you want. I don't care if other people own guns--I just think it's silly sometimes. If you're getting mugged or your place is getting broken into, I understand. I've just lived in NYC for years, and I've never felt like I was in any danger. Then again, maybe if I lived in Brownsville or something, I'd get a gun.

it's called contingency planning. a lot of white people do this in various ways like having a fire extinguisher in case of a fire and financial planning or having a means of self defense if there are any blacks in the area. a lot of people's brains work this way and it's about having a plan for any situation. It's not that weird.

I think we should be able to carry guns to protect ourselves against terorrists who have guns anyway regardless of our gun control laws.

The EU tried to push a law on us so we could only own one gun at a time.
We told them to go fuck themselves.
The EU is absolutely pathetic. They want to collect our guns so we couldn't defend ourselves from the hordes of immigrants they're importing.

Man, I don't fucking have a fire extinguisher in my apartment, and I don't know anyone who does. There are lots of risks in the world that you can protect yourself from. It doesn't mean that it's worth the effort and expense to do so.

The difference is it takes very little investment or effort to use a fire extinguisher and to keep one around somewhere that you won't notice it. There's literally a .0045% chance you'll get shot every year, and carrying a gun around is a huge liability. You would literally be doing more to extend your life by shooting people who smoke in public.

I think the biggest threat in finland right now is thy heatwave, rip all old peepol ;_;7

and rip me

We're not even allowed to carry pepper spray (not that I'd need any).

I'd be more than happy to let women carry handguns since they're the ones who are in danger.

You can carry a gun here, but it must be registered and you need a license. In order to get one you have to undergo psychological evaluation, theoretical and practical tests, pay a fee, can't have criminal record etc.

As a result, only a few people carry. Those that really need it for self-defence. It's a good system imo.

No, it's not allowed. You can carry pepper spray if you like to.
I seriously don't get why you think carrying weapons makes a society any safer. I've been to the US and every police officer was tensed as fuck and basically treats you like a terrorist because you COULD carry a weapon.
Also if you can carry a gun, criminals can, too.

>Also if you can carry a gun, criminals can, too.
Criminals carry a gun if you're not allowed to carry one either. The result of gun control is simply that innocent citicens don't have guns and criminals with nothing to lose do have guns.

What is it, a scorching 18°C?

It's 21 °C where I live.

I just copypaste some fingolian shitposting tha was spammed not so long ago.

Why do murrifats and auslards need air conditioners? Are they really that fat and stupid to understand how to open a window?

Is that the same reason why they drive automatics?

>Criminals carry a gun if you're not allowed to carry one either.
No, the don't. I'm reading the police reports of my city every week (it's part of my job), and like 90% of all robberies/assaults are done without any weapon. They carry a knife at most. Even if they do, you are delusional to think that a weapon will save you.

yesterday it was 29°C
there's like 6 fucking months left of this shit and it's just going to get worse and worse
fuck this just kill me already

The guy from the country with the average IQ of 98 calling all nationalities stupid.

Says the guy posting during work time while living in Finland.

So many places in this country are just desert
Why didn't my ancestors settle in a temperate white country instead ? Basically as bad as Spain and you don't even get to sleep all day


How hot does it get there at most? 25, 26?

29 is still in the comfy range m8. 35+ is arsecrack-is-sweating level.

You should enjoy it, maybe get out in the country and hike a bit. Vitamin D is good for you.

>as bad as Spain
>meanwhile it's 14ºC

I sleep with a duvet during summer. Maybe you should go to the Atlantic side of your country.

Tu vois bien comme ça dégénère chez eux, mais déménage aux States mon gars.

Spaniards are so poor the cannot even comprehend the concept of a smartphone.

This desu

yanks get killed at a much higher rate than europeans so you can keep your shitty guns

Gun is for the soldiers

>walking down the street
>someone points a gun at me and asks me for my money
>"hol' up senpai, let me get my gun out and shoot you first"

Carrying a gun wouldn't make a difference because a proper criminal would shoot you before you can draw yours. Then there are cases where a passer-by might notice that you're getting attacked, so they'll pull out there gun and catch the attacker off-guard. But then shit like this happens:

Either way, Europe doesn't need guns. It's pretty difficult to get your hands on one now so gun violence is low anyway. It's not like the USA where guns are incredibly easy to acquire so a criminal would be stupid to not use one.

Even in a small, middle of nowhere town like mine some guy was just walking around and was ambushed by 2 people with a hatchet and was nearly killed. I even knew one of the people involved(though not personally).
It's not about thinking you're going to be attacked, it's about thinking if by chance I get attacked I'd rather not be at the mercy of some psycho because "hurr the chances are so slim".

Kek, this is what you get with retards trying to play the hero.

Yep im a muslim and im afraid of neo-nazis attacking me. Can i carry a gun now?

>being THIS khan'd

I don't think it's supposed to be exciting in the first place.

Europe is still 95% white compared to 60% in the US.

Don't you need a carry permit to carry guns, I doubt you have one.

You go girl. Hillary 2016 too!

this, Europe is not not America

>0,0XXX % of the population die from terrorist attacks each year
>therefore islamic fundamentalism isn't so bad

I would be ok with this if it took a massive collective effort to integrate guns in our society, just giving us gun without anything else won't help much. But that'd be long and painful, and unless I'm with your mum these are not words I like

>So many places

Languedoc, Provence, and Corsica. That's about it m8

In the Netherlands politicians have recently debated the issue.
After a shopkeeper (a jeweller) his wife shot and killed two Moroccan robbers there was a discussion if shopkeepers should be able to own guns for self-defence.
But the discussion just faded away.

The woman had to do 100 hours community service for possession of an illegal weapon.
But the shooting of the two robbers was allowed, as she did it in the heat of the moment, so she wasn't prosecuted for that.

Currently you are only allowed to own a gun for sports, hunting, collecting and selling. But not for self-defence. So you always have to bring your gun home asap and lock it up in a gun safe.

I bet that number is the same all around the US, right?

To add: currently you are not allowed to carry anything for the purpose of self-defence. Because that means you premeditate that you are going to use that weapon.

Sac re bleu! Ze frogman made a funny!

>Because that means you premeditate
Is that a legal technicality or was it written with that purpose in mind?

CZ and Est have legal concealed carry. The rest of us have to break the law in order to protect our lives and loved ones.

That's the law. If you carry a knife for self-defence it means you intend to stab a person. So you're legally in trouble.

Who the fuck says it's not bad. It is, it simply isn't a big threat to most people.

If you carry a knife because you like to go out in the wild. And you get attacked.
Then you can stab the attacker if that defence is necessary and proportional. But also if you're very upset which clouded your judgement. If you're upset you are not expected to always respond rationally.

You think that a knife is a nonleathal weapon? Jesus, the cuck memes are real.

> Typical german

That's like saying that if you wear a seatbelt while driving, you are planning to crash.

That's quite retarded. If you carry a weapon for self-defence, of course you're going to use it if things go south. No fuck. Last time I checked my 9mm wasn't a fashion accessory.

he can choose not to smoke so he wont die from lung cancer, he can also carry a gun so he wont get niggered

But you're not allowed to carry anything for self-defence. Not even a cucumber. The law just assumes you normally don't get into trouble.

Yes you can

It was the shopkeepers gun. So he got the 100 hours community service.

The wife just grabbed it and started shooting. Which was allowed.

>Criminals carry a gun if you're not allowed to carry one either. The result of gun control is simply that innocent citicens don't have guns and criminals with nothing to lose do have guns.
Straight from the NRA bullshit department. Even if I take your garbage at face value, it would lead to the better scenario. Innocent citizens don't need guns. Any innocent person can act in error due to a threatening situation and endanger policemen. Policemen are trained to take control over threatening situations. In an armed citizen scenario, any citizen could turn into an unnecessary potential risk factor. The police does not want to have to calculate bystanders as high risk potentials. This is what the German brother was talking about when he mentioned tense officers.

The main benefit of illegal guns is a different one. If you make access to guns harder, the losers of society, which street criminals are part of, will have less guns too. Scarcity also allows police and law enforcement to focus on those who manage to gain access illegally. These are the reasons why Europe in general won't change shit about guns.

Innocent people are hurt less often when citizens shoot criminals in America than when the police shoot criminals.

Most homicides around the world are consistently committed with illegal firearms. Even in places that have a near total ban like Bongistan. Legally owned firearms at worst do not increase crime, and at best they reduce it. And even if you could show that legal guns end up increasing crime, limiting access to them because of it is wrong. Legally abiding people are not responsible for the actions of other, and so should not be punished for them.

No. If you do common sense things like don't join a gang or do drugs, your chances of getting shot are significantly reduced. 99.99% of people have very little risk of getting shot here.

But second hand smoke poses a very real danger to your health. Lung diseases kill 10x as many people as homicide in the US. I'm just saying, you'd literally be safer killing smokers.

>Are Europeans gonna start carrying
Is it me or this sentence is just so fucking wrong ?

Way less people win the lottery every year, and people still buy tickets.

Tl note: gonna=going to

>start carrying guns
>in Eu
Dunno amerifam I don't think we need them Europe is pretty safe desu.

Leave my Country dipshit, I don't want dumb people or bad people to carry guns, and since there is No way of testing, no one should.

well have an aluminum bat in your home then more reach than a knife just one or two whacks and they will learn

No place is safe enough, and czechs and estonians allow concealed carry.

>cops can't be dumb or bad

You'd love north korea, commie.

Yes. Mydad was pretty anti-gun for most of his life but he's considering buying a shotgun for his house. Kinda weird because back when I lived with my parents our town was one of the safest in the country, 99% white, but now my dad says it's changing and he doesn't feel comfortable anymore.

When was the last time you had a mass shooting senpai?

I never defended that. Those people are retarded. The lottery is a scam for desparate people all too often.

no because we don't have a paranoid culture.
Also dutch police is breddy gud.

We are closing down more and more prisons every year. Murder rates are very low.
You can have your own system surely, but we can have ours. And ours produces lower murder rates, so I don't think we should change it.

Yes, i have a flag in my bedroom

do everybody a favour and use that gun on yourself

Sello shooting I believe, committed by an immigrant who used an illegally acquired firearm. Why? How are mass shootings relevant?

Even if you could the courts will probably side with the muslims

I carry guns alright *flexes*

There's 320 million people in this country dispersed across the better part of a continent. Situations vary all around. I have had to draw (didn't shoot though, but only because I couldn't get a clear shot) on my neighbors dogs when they started attacking my family. Everyone who makes these laws can't account of every variable and that's why they don't help at all

>he fell for the "leave pepper spray stops people instantly" meme

wasn't trying to start a culture or muh freedom thread, I just know there are millions of Africans coming in to Europe and they like to rape people and steal stuff.