List everything you've eaten today ITT

List everything you've eaten today ITT
r8 no h8

In chronological order

>Fage Yogurt and Granola
>A piece of banana bread
>A single date
>Some pita and hummus
>A piece of banana bread
>Manchego cheese and crackers
>An avocado
>A single date

that's it so far. About to have some more hummus but I don't know what to put it on.

Chronological order too
>two croissants
>galaxy honeycomb chocolate
>Pizza and chips
>another croissant
and lots and lots of water.

How were those croissants?

pretty good, put em in the oven to get them crispy some butter on the inside, was nice.

You know, it's sort of strange, now that I think of it I haven't ever had a croissant. I've been to France, and my sister is always running them through the oven here at home. I've never eaten many pastries on my own, so it never occurred to me to try one. I'll have to do so soon.


>2 scoops of whey protein
>two fiber bars
>thai food
>2 scoops of whey protein
Now I'm having some candy and gatorade

Brekky: two slices of toast with jam, coffee, a glass of milk

Lunch: Potatoes, beans, and ground beef stew with red bell peppers and paprika

Dinner will be chicken tamales


>tfw living the american dream by not being healthy

is it your everyday diet?

Morning: a cup of coffee and a sandwich with butter, cheese, and ham.
Midday: chicken pastel filled with chicken and cottage cheese (yup, poor lunch today).
Afternoon: another pastel, but this time with minced meat.
Night: pasta with white sauce. Only decent meal of the day.

No most days I make a slop of oats, peanut butter and whey protein and add fruits, milk, chocolate and other things if I need the calories. I'll often buy a bag of raw broccoli or spinach and eat it daily.

However, 1-2 days a week I'm too lazy to bother with that shit so I eat thai food with whey and fiber. Candy and drinks and such I only have when they are free.


fried sprats in tomato sauce, rice, lecho, tea and bulochka (bun) with cabbage
tea, bliny with smetana

>3 croissant + cereals with a bowl of milk for breakfast
>Little pizzas from the bakery for lunch
>Aligot (basically mashed potatoes and cheese mixed together pic related) and a smoothie for dessert tonight

Not very balanced tb.h but it's not often like this

Tea + Sausage roll
Butternut squash soup + Ciabatta bread
Some shitty microwave pizza

Half a can of baked beans on toast
Home made Japanese curry on rice
1 Chocolate yougurt
1 of those sharing bag chocolates
1 fluoxetine
2 Coffees

>salami, cheese and pickle sandwich
>an apple
>a bannana
>a coffee
>a powerade

>Asparagus Soup
>Croquette with Pasta
>Chorizo with Pasta

How's the fluoxetine treating you lad? I've been considering strating it myself.

Prawns, Chicken, and Beef all sauteed with sweet onions, scallions, and chilies in stir-fry.

it's only day 4 and it doesn't kick in until week 3-4.
I can't be sad any-more but other than that its the same.

What's the dose? Any noticeable side effects?

Ya know, roast beef, some chicken, a pizza

Nothing, send help.

16 oz broccoli with 2 tbsp sesame oil
2 kosher all beef franks
1 orange
1 oz cheese

two apples
a beef-and-tomato sandwich
a glass of root-beer
several glasses of water

the flavor isn't really noteworthy; what's cool is their lightness

20mg I guess my thinking is clearer/my head feels tighter but that could just be placebo. That boredom I had when I wasn't plugged into something or multitasking is gone. dreams are more rememberable.

Some fried rice
Some sriracha chicken and rice

soft cheese, crackers, ice cream, cake

2strawberry muffins
Glass o' milk
A club sammich from Farmer Boys
Oreo milkshake
A tiny Ghirardelli chocolate someone gave me at work.

Gyro with lamb, white sauce, onions and tomato rice pilaf on the side with red sauce

chicken salad sandwich on a croissant

two fudge flavoured poptarts

For lunch a patty melt and fries.
Got a pizza on the way for dinner.


I fucking love bong sausage rolls, m8.

Oats, blackberries

Banana, cherries, pistachios

Chicken, carrots, spinach, salsa, almond milk

>glass of malk
>bottle of water
>slice of dollar pizza
>3 cheese coneys w/ dr pepper

Scrambled eggs, some bread and a banana.
Thats all ive eaten today

water and tea until *
a cheese and ham sandwich
some pasta
another cheese and ham sandwich
*lots of beer
few packets of crisps

disgraceful behaviour, I know

>two cheese and ham sandwiches

C-calm down lad.

>Scrambled eggs and a piece of buttered wholemeal toast
>glass of milk
>lots of water because hungover

>glass of coke
That's it so far. I should eat something for lunch but I cbf. Might crack a beer soon.

>cheese coneys
Cheese rabbits..?

dis nigga on a cut. Summer not far away for you guys syrupbro

>Chicken stir fry
>peanut butter and jelly
>salsa and chips
>bread and cheese
>cereal bar


coffee, baked beans and rice

that's it
I have no money, and I've been ignored everywhere I've applied to for work. Feels bad.

large salad with spring greens, red onion, grape tomatoes, sliced chicken, hard-boiled egg, crumbled feta, marinated olives and balsamic vinegar

About 9 fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies


1 cup of black coffee

>List everything you've eaten today ITT

Woke up a couple hours ago at about noon, haven't eaten or showered, but I just had a pretty decent wank.

>salad: literally half protein
>9 (nine) cookies

:'D OK

two apples
three slices of bread with veggie spread
macaroni with chicken and vegetables
half a bottle of vodka

I haven't eaten today yet and it's half past six, probably gonna hit the sack soon.

I can teach you how to shoplift like a pro. I've stolen over $10000 worth of grocery store items (mostly booze but food is 94x's easier to steal than hooch)

>3 bites of a porkchop
>2 otter pops


blood pressure medication
fried chicken and ketchup
1 saltine and peanbutter

my life is in shambles