Why do you love Israel?

Why do you love Israel?

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Because they don't give a fuck about political correctness.

they are rats

because we can send all jews there

I stand with Israel!

I don't, and that bitch is merely a 6/10

I really like those bottoms

This desu Jews are based

I like them because they don't care about anything and are very brave


>love Israel
We are one of the most antisemitic nations in Europe..... and We killed all our jews.


This. They simply don't give a single fuck.

Not really, leftist hate Israel because of their poor treatment of the palestinians, not because of antisemitism.

are you for real?

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Because they wreck animals aka arabs

I don't.

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i hate the zionistic jews. but they are only a small group

the rest of them are mostly cool.

This. I love to pretend to be Jewish/Israeli on online vidya just to fuck with muslims.

>i hate the zionistic jews. but they are only a small group
what the fuck are you talking about most jews are zionists

Yea, the vast majority of jews believe in the state of Israel. This is common knowledge.

My dream is to join the IDF for a few years, acquire a gf and then raise a family in a west bank settlement / outpost.
None of you butthurt SJW 'muh arab rights' fags are going to stop me.





OP's girl and her sister in Israeli army uniforms. for you.

you dont get it right. i have nothing against anyone who is supporting his own country.

but those zionist who blame our country several generations after WWII for the holocaust, and are even demand repair payments(not financial but submarines and shit) they can go to hell.

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העור הכהה מידי שלה מעורר בי חלחלה

אתה יודע שנטע חצי אשכנזיה והיא משתזפת קבוע במכון שיזוף בשביל זה?

Dude that's not what Zionist is, you can't just make up and change what words man to suit you. Zionists are just people who believe in Israels right to exist. Not what pol or Muslims say. The Jews you're referring to are just butt hurt Jews, they could be Zionist or not but typically the worst most leftist Jews are anti zionist and the extreme religious Jews are also anti Zionist. That's why when pol/Muslims hate Zionism for religious Jews and leftists it makes no sense. Zionism is the belief in a secular Jewish homeland and is typically more right wing.

israel white?

>they can go to hell.
I can agree with that. Qosher people should be ashamed about such fucks.

is Russia white?
If so, how come even Arab countries are more developed than Russia?

gosh, Hebrew is a disgusting language

they're the niggers of europe. it's common knowledge desu

If israel is so development, why arabs still killing jew's childrens?

>is Russia white?
it could considered white somehow several centuries ago. Now - never.
Russia has to pay for it's sins now.
All i'm trying to tell now is that qosher people must be like beam for dirty countries like russia.

Then what are Russian Israelis?

You're showing your Russian education. Being developed country doesn't mean a random person can't kill your kid moron.

Ha зaвoд, быдлo.

that's in the Gaza Strip which is no longer part of Israel for the past decade.
neither de jure, nor de facto.


if Russia is white then how come it isn't an advanced economy

migrants that came looking for a better life

Arabs are inferior human beings that are more relatable to rabies infected chimps.
The weather is good, they're a western country that has a conservative population that doesn't need shitskin refugees and they all seemingly spend their time at the gym and beach.

Not just the leftist. The righ wing doesnt like much Israel. Jews in general arent welcomed to Spain. You know, El mejor marrano es el muerto . By the way, fuck Israel, They support catalonian separatist movement.

an Israeli city for comparison

then tell me what is the correct term for these jews. and dont tell they dont exist

jews who lived/care about israel are the worst people. always complaining about the country they live in and can't take a single criticsm of their foreign policy. jews who live here all there life are cool
fuck israelis

Zionist = any person (even not a Jew) who supports the existence of Israel

leftist = any person who's political views are of the left-wing spectrum (American's democrats)

i think zionist is a different thing. Most common meaning is disgusting person who earning monies from fooling people. Otherwise, most people i know are zionists.

if only we the ability to google terms


Yeah Russian Israelis are pretty based, the bydlo ones are only a small part. Most assimilated and provided a lot for the country.

I support you killing yourself too

is this a Liron Revivo thread?

There's no special term really, they're just shittypeople who are Jews

No fuck you. Russian Israelis > shit > Russians. At least they smile and are friendly people unlike Russians and their Jews.

No you're honking of a stereotype of kikes, those were around before israel/zionists. If they're all Zionist then all Russians are bydlo alcoholic trash in adddidas track suits who squat while drinking outside gas stations.

>Most assimilated and provided a lot for the country
is that why 1 in 5 russians leaves the country after they turn 18? Look that shit up.

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the fake ones who immigrated just for monetary benefits also leave for the same reasons

Post proof?

Either way, doesn't change what I said man. There's still tons of russian speakers here. They brought a lot of man power to the army, scientists, doctors, you know the typical smart ashkenazi Jews. Plus many first Zionist in Israel before the state were Russian Jews or other Soviet Jews. If they fight with us and helped our economy in not gonna hate them from some of them leaving. Most who leave here come back anyway.

The day Israel goes to war against Iran and Saudi Arabia is the day my dreams come true

it's like hitting 3 birds with one stone

Also this, more the half of the ones who leave are Russians who were like 1/4 or less Jewish and just came here for money and had nothing to offer. So they went to bring nothing to offer to Canada. Most the ones who were useful made good lives here and stayed.


mako דוט co דוט il/weekend-articles/Article-9462f0a99e38351006.htm

can't blame them tho.

yeah but saudi arabia I hate as well.

We'll win and come after you though


Hello he he ;^)

Question to the Jews: Do any regular Israelis wear the payot sideburns (פֵּאָה) or is it only something Orthodox / Ultra-Orthodox do?

>We'll win
Saudi isn't Syria, they have new, western, military techonology, not T-34's and Panzer IV's like Syria used

ayyy lmao is that why they're getting buttraped in Yemen?

God damn it. For fuck sake. Tell me already. Are israels arabs or europeans?

Link won't work for me but like I said, doesn't change my opinion on them. They're a good part of Israel I think. It's the Ethiopians who are useless desu but what're gonna do? Israel needs janitors too.

Nuclear war when?

I don't

you can blame them.
it's called being ungrateful bitches.

if Israel (minimum wage $1,190 per month)
wasn't taking them in they would still live in
the 3rd world country of Russia (minimum wage 95$ per month)


>he thinks war is about better tech

original israelites are really close to arabs. now israelis are all sorts because the israelites migrated everywhere. it's a retarded race


arab Jews are called Mizrahis or some shit

How about no?

No, only religious Jews where that and even a ministry of them.

That's fine, I'm confident Arabs won't beat us.

A mix. Although yesterday I saw a red head blue eyed Pali so who knows we're all a little mixed now

>Link won't work for me
replace דוט with an actual dot.

it's not about the wages - it's about the mentality for most of them, and being called a goy by literal ayyyrabs with kipas.

>original israelites are really close to arabs.
the arab conquest of the ME only started in the 7th century you dumbass

im talking genetically israelitesnever were so different. you're in the same climate. I know it bothers you that the origin you cling so dearly to is close to your enemies

Never late to fix my education.

I don't like Jews because many of them are socialist and strongly support and encourage the immigration of non-whites into white countries.

People go where they think they'll have a better life, leaving isn't ungrateful as much as disloyal.

>from Russia

You know we beat you in every category from iq, hdi, life expectancy, and crime.

Idk m8 most my friends are Russian and I even know a full Christian Russian who lives here and loves it and is ultra Zionist. Most aren't leaving and assimilate I still think. I'm part Russian too.

The Israelites existed for over a millennium prior to the Arab nation.

Israeli Jews are Mideastern nation that lived in Europe for many centuries.

Arabs came and started raping everyone later, we're closer to Phoenicians and other pre Arab levantines like the not Arab raped whiter looking Lebanese people. Although now most are Arab too.

Not the ones here

>im talking genetically
we wuz phoenicans that intermixed with local Levantines and shieettt nigga

לצערי רוב הרוסים ש"אוהבים" את המדינה הם ערסים, קיצוניים כמו הערבים רק בקצה האחר של הספקטרום.
למה לכל הרוחות אין ימניים ליברלים נורמליים במדינה הזאת?