sad edition

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why are you sad

no bullying of JT allowed

focus on the positive

i want to live in toronto but im poor

Indeed, nobody should mock such a pious man

You already have a thread boards.Sup Forums.org/int/thread/59370785/injun-weekend-indigenous-general#top

>i want to live in toronto but im poor

It's not that expensive.

You can rent a bachelor apt for $1500/month in Rosedale.

of course! its 2016!

>somebody from iceland responds to you



>A Canuck responds to you

go be corrupt somewhere else



1. Alberta
2. Newfoundland
3. Nova Scotia
4. PEI
5. BC
6. Saskatchewan
7. New Brunswick


9001. Manitoba
900000001. Quebec
90000000000000000001. Ontario

>People like Alberta


Sure, how about I go to my gold reserves?

does anyone in toronto want to come over to watch anime with me

Closest neighbour/greatest ally. Rugged cowfolk.

Brehs, how does one be a very well paid 12 hours a day wagecuck and be /fit/?

1. Ontario
2. Newfoundland
3. PEI


90001. Prarie fags
99999999998. Quebec
99999999999. BC

Calisthenics during down time, before bed and when you wake up. Nutrition.

I'm in the GTA. I won't harvest your organs, I promise.

This is what I think of you and Alberta

who /summerbreak/ here?

what do you niggas do while you aren't in school? i'm working with my uncle doing labour shit and i feel like i'm setting myself up for failure since i don't have any proper experience on my resume and i graduate next year

Sure user, where are you near?

I promise I won't stomp your face in for being a weeb

>Still being in School

what do you do?

>He's over 20 years old
>he still goes on Sup Forums regularly

if this is true just kill yourself

I'm embarrassed about my job.

>Literally under 21 in his prime pussy getting years and he's on Sup Forums

You're the pathetic one.

I dare you to name one unique or good thing about western Canada that's not slightly more of them voted for the cuckservatives.

protip: you can't. almost everything west of the ottawa river except for some parts of rural ontario is just shittier america with no culture

so don't be such a raging faggot user

>He thinks I'm not just shitposting when on the bus or have literally nothing else to do

You're the loser here

You're literally student, faggot. Like nigga, lmao


>imblying I'm not doing that too

>implying you are
>implying you don't spend every single day on here desperately refreshing your threads and the catalog for any new posts/threads

how the fuck is having such a shitty job that you can't even say it on an anonymous image board better than being a student getting a degree?

like nigga WHAT?

>trying to be be more normal than each other

just fuck off ree

>Being proud of being a suicidally depressed loser

lmao @ y o u

stop spamming this ugly bitch

>implying you're not projecting

Seem a little too touchy for someone just shitposting.

>canada thread
>it's a everybody is a pissy bitch episode

mods bls delet dis

>He's literally a child
>He's surrounded by university women and he's on Sup Forums

Nigga, like hahahahaha

>there are russian diaspora here

go cry in a eurovision thread.

Am I allowed here?

dont bully me

Depends, are you from the rightful province of Minnesota?

>teenagers unironically acting like this is their stomping ground or some shit

go back to Sup Forums

pajeet calm your anus, i literally said it's summer break. pls go back to ESL


>He's an adult
>Posting on an anime imageboard when he should be accomplishing things in life
>He feels superior because he's older than others
>He thinks it's better to be an older loser because "muh seniority"
>He probably thinks being an "oldfag" is accomplsihment to be on a shitty imagebaord wasting your life for a longer time


>caring about EU funded propaganda

Aww the child is on his summer break. Cute.

canadians r gay lol

>He's this insecure about what older people think of him on an anonymous image board.
>He's letting student life pass him by because he's a young faggot obsessed with anime

Also, yes. I literally am better than you because you're just a kid. No doubt a virgin too.

don't tell me this is sean the indian

go back to Sup Forums seanjit


all me

wait is sean still around

Gave me 14 (You)'s


Yes there is no doubt you are a virgin :^)


I am rolling in pussy. Just look at these memes.


Are you the Quebecois fella that makes those? God bless.

/cum/ is shit. Nobody should post there.




>underages putting QC so low, as expected from autistic people

>The land of Indian and Paki taxi drivers
>Uber is banned

Wow what a surprise!

No, and he only got the idea from me telling him to stop posting MY elephant.

I still don't know how Uber is suppose too work.

>live in the country
>no internet, tv, or phone when it rains

Who the fuck uses taxis in Mississauga though? all the gurdeeps are downtown

it's just a cheaper alternative to a cab, as well as the fact it is more readily available via app because people are autists these days and don't want to call and ask for a cab

>He doesn't live in based Toronto and work on based Bay Street


this thread is pure cringe desu

That makes it more comfy

>he doesn't shitpost on Sup Forums all day while GPS does all the driving

Get a load of these canacucks

post a picture from your window

like a cab, but staying in business through good service instead of government-enforced monopolies

I only take cabs when I go out too the bar. The prices are fucking ridiculous. Is Uber a lot cheaper?

Cities in Ontario:

1) Kingston
2) Ottawa
3) Guelph
4) Kitchener-Waterloo
5) Orillia
6) Peterborough


98) Sudbury
99) Toronto/Mississauga
100) Oshawa


I'm in Oshawa, it is shit. Also Guelph and Peterborough are fucking shit.

yeah same, i switched to uber last summer and never looked back

from my house to the bars was about 15 with a cab and about 10 with uber



Why would you put Oshawa at the bottom? and lower than Toronto/Mississauga?

It's brown town.


literally what the fuck are you talking about?

University leftists and Rasheeds

t. dumbass who's never been to guelph

the leftists part is true though

the city I live in doesn't have them, but I hear from Americans that they're usually a third the price of a real cab

Hipster douchebags and rasheeds is all I ever see in Guelph

Pajeet here who used to live in Guelph. There's lot more chinks there than Rasheeds. Atleast 10 years ago.

Who GCVI here?

i live in guelph and this is true i barely see indians or pakis

Who /edmonton/ here?


Good morning wagecuck!

Oh my it's not morning now is it? Right, right it's almost 8 pm on the East Coast. You're still at work for a few more hours before you have to sit in traffic to get back home to eat your disgusting frozen dinner and then try to get some shut-eye before another 12-hour day with no breaks tomorrow!

Anyways I just wanted to stop by to tell you to keep working hard. Your efforts are truly appreciated............ When I spend your tax dollars on my Steam game collection. KEK