Choose one to spend the rest of your lives

Choose one to spend the rest of your lives.

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The sea.



i don't want to get out of my house so turey

turkey has more k*rds so iran


Because white people.

just create a kurdish puppet and build a wall

Persian here.

Turkey. Not even a tough decision.

They persecute Turks/Turkics
They hate Arabs
They are not Sunni
They have less kurds
Less Arabic than Turkey
Has more culture than Turkey

Iran bc they're white

>tfw you really, really, really like both countries (le "Iran vs west, underdog" and "kill le Kurds, epic" notwithstanding)

Iran is more comfier
Turkey is good for vacation and stuff

I guess Turkey would be the rational choice.

t. proxyfag

Just give me a loaded 9mm 2bh


>Iran is more comfier


Turkey, no question.

t. Been to both countries

Behold your Aryan progenitors


Obviously Turkey, as much as I would prefer not to live in either countries. Turkey is much more Western than Iran, the living standards are quite decent and you don't get stoned for having sex. Iran is a shithole at this moment.

Step it up bro

At least they aren't mongoloids.


Are they Pakistani or Indian?

Durgey you are my best ally DdD

Yeter cringe olmaktan sıkıldım
shoo altyaş shoo, anzuyla beraber shoo


Neden cringe oldun?

>tfw no pure Türkic gf untainted by Anatolian genes


>be mongel
>can't distinguish pakis and iranians



i know that feeling bro


Obviously Turkey, richer and much more free than Iran

Different shades of shit



>neden cringe oldun
neden diyor bir de altyaş

my home is in antalya



>tfw currently seeing a Persian expat who has only been out of Iran for 4 years
>tfw she is dominant as fuck
>tfw she is thick as fuck
>tfw she made me lick her feet already
>tfw she made me touch her pussy under the table in a restaurant while she dug her fingernails into my neck and made me beg her to stop
>tfw she wants to come over to my place tomorrow and whip me
>tfw I live in a meme apartment with one piece of furniture and no food, and all my cutlery and clothing is on the floor



Do I want my country to have fucking weekly car bombings?


Hi Mohammad Al-Saudi inbn Al-Khaliji Walid, how are you finding Finland?


>has state/province flag

Nah, that's Chubak

iran seems more interesting but turkey is probably more familiar/safer

thats Indian
>Be Turk
>Get blowed up by kurds car bomb


Where do I sign?

>wanting to move from one of the richest countries in the world to a poor one

Nah,chubak don't have flag addon,also he's posting anti Iran shit lately

I saw a thread last night where he was ranting about Iran, but I was on my phone.

how are pakistan-iran relations

But only if suicide isn't an option.

Dunno but Iranians hate pakis

any main reason why? is it shia vs sunni?
dont you all sell nuclear weapon secrets to each other and stuff tho


How do you literally recognize short vowels in your language? I asked on /MENA/ some time ago, but I got a "just be yourself" tier of answer. Short vowels to be precise. Whenever I transliterate, all I get is consonants and long vowels, and the translation is alright. It's just that I don't know which short vowel is it, in, let's say "kardam". I read "krd-am"

Send help

Because Düsseldorf is comfy for Japs

>but Iranians hate pakis
you can barely tell apart pakis from iranians
is it the country you all hate?

Its because pakis are fucking retarded (including you)
>he fell for the shia vs sunni meme

Pakis and baluchis look like each other not all Iranians

I was told pakis support an insurgent movement along their border with Iran

I can't give you some proper explanation
But you get used to it,its not that hard

nah, the iranians at uni aren't balochis. They're full on westernized iranians, that look just as durka as pakis.

Iran it's more secular and Shias are bro-tier.

Theres a guy whos got a clothing shop in my city

The guy look like a copy of Verg Vikernes


>I can't give you some proper explanation
Can you give me an "insider" explanation? What's the trick? How do little kids in Iran read the script and pronounce all the short vowels right? Do you fully grasp the extent of my pain? I know the alphabet, but without sort vowel marks, I read most of them wrong. That "kardam" for me just might be "kerdam" or "kordam". Why? I don't have the vocabulary knowledge necessary to read. Can you even understand this absurdity? Usually, people lack the vocabulary foundations to translate, but here, you lack the vocabulary foundation to JUST READ

t.ashraf ghani

Fuck that kalmorgh tbqh

Turkey. I won't get jailed for being Christian.

We first learn about short vowels,then we even have to write our homework with vowels,but after first year of school we learn to write without the extra shit.

Sorry i wasn't really good student in my whole school years

>Where ever i am i must also bache bazi
Nice meme

>bacha bazi


>not bache baz


Irani e haramiiiiiiiii

No but you will be exiled to Allah Akbar mountains by the personal order of Erdogan


Aren't Christians being persecuted in Iran?

Edrogan hates Christians?

I have been living in Turkey for the past 21 years and nothing interesting ever happened. I choose Iran just so Hezbollah could kidnapp me and I could see action in my life

He doesn't hate Christians unless you are catholic

Christians who go to "Underground churches" may face jail

>unless you are Catholic

Interesting. Are those not state approved or something?

Motad e powder

Yes,they fear they incourage people to change their religion

Woah? Turkey borders Iran?

Turkey for sure.

Iran. Iranian guys are hot.

Canadaian education everyone