Best country in bed

What country is the best when it comes to sex?

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Vatican city



Spain and Italy

it's like they think about it all the time



i heard that the frenchmen are also great lovers


ur mums ass is so big it voted to exit the eu



actually The DRC.


d-d-don't you?!

what's so funny about that image cunt

No specific cunt is good for sex but I've been named as the best fuck this side of the milky way.

t. Grandmaster Zhao Ozlick the fucklord.


>no sweden or Iceland
Fake and gay

holy shit, finland surprises me again
fucking love them

>1, 2, 3, 8, 10...

Excuse me, this pic is kinda sexist and it doesn't promote diversity. I hope you wouldn't mind removing it.

literally - Whore: the country


Take a look at the numbering bjorn

how do we score higher than italy reeeeêeeeee'eeeeeeeee'eeeeeeeeêeeeeeeeeee

bone for tuna

Oh, still surprised Iceland isn't number 1 desu

Though I have literally picked up girls on the bus back to the hostel in Finland so.

tury sport issi

Ma che so ste battute da dodicenne rincoglionito?

tell me more about this, mah dawg

are the bois whores too? i wanna get my dick wet in finland

>be drunk on bus back to hostel
>see hot girl
>stumble over and ask her whats up
>heh-waaaht the fooog are jaaoou teh engh-lish-men
>not really
>bang 20 minutes later
Didn't even have to try desu

Don't know about the lads, but they're generally good lads to hang out with. We talked a lot about how much we all hate blacks and arabs though so if you're brown maybe not

>>bang 20 minutes later
no way

>We talked a lot about how much we all hate blacks and arabs though so if you're brown maybe not
why are you guys so fucking mean


yeah? tell me more, froggie.

You try living in a homogenous country and suddenly have it flooded with foreigners that look, act, feel and think nothing like you and see if you like it.

Also yeah about 20 minutes, night bus and both piss drunk though

[spoiler]im a virgin[/spoiler]

Ask our women

I fucked
Czech girls are still best

still a bit mean
i'd cry if you were to say that to me

me too


What kind of a degenerate would be able to have reliable statistic on that?

The mexicans girls are 10/10

deal with it shitskin

In my experience


so rude
post abs


Did you call?


No, nobody called you

i'd give in to sasa kovacevic

We're the best in Europe at pulling out

hahaha, nice one.



>i'd cry if you were to say that to me
>me too

Who dat?


serbian singer

Looks like a fag

You are a virgin, because of
>i'd cry if you were to say that to me

nah man, his music is good

ahhh, okay. got it.
but racial insults offend me very much

>but racial insults offend me very much
Grow a thicker skin then (no pun intended, even though there are at least a dozen).

Reykjavik is chlamydia infested, so I'm surprised at that too.

Really??? are Icelanders slutty??

Guys can someone explein are Icelanders slutty and how slutty?

like number 1 in cases of chlamydia year after year slutty

ahhahahahahahaha ok.
I'm going there this summer. hope I won't catch something.

I remember going to a party in my first year of university. Had a ton of finnish exchange students there. Ended up taking this tiny blonde with blue eyes home. Can confirm finns know what they want and they arnt afraid to take it.

Doesn't everyone? Everyone here, young and old, male and female, betacuck and chad, think only of fucking, and give each other looks on the street constantly.

If the memes are true and all girls are submissive idiots that like a manipulative promiscuous drunken manipulative asshole. I'd say Mex.
Otherwise Brazil, those dudes fuck like crazies. 10/10

But you're Mexican so you'd know if the memes are true?

>living in country which has most sex in the world
>have only gotten laid once

easy in your country as a tourist even if you're not fit :^)

I've got laid zero and girls here are way sluttier than in Funland.

It stops hurting after awhile. Just numb.


Spain obviously.
Why do you think that women obsess so much over the "spanish lover"?
Also, they are natural born chads, the beta autistic spainiards are the ones with germanic blood in them.


What about Portuguese???

We try to emule the spainiards in terms of chadness but we are too sensible.
We prefer long walks in the beach and holding hands.

Seriously the Americans here who want to be part of the German Sphere are literally retarded. Why would you want to be part of a barbaric, cuturaless group ,when you are an Anglo.

Awwwwww :') That's so sweet... >tfw no Portuguese bf :'(

i can be your bf

come to denmark

Are you a boy?


>selected countries
go back to anglais class spaniard

Because i like females

>has most sex in the world
no fucking way fäm, otherwise we wouldn't be such a small-numbered memepeople

ur mum

You could have told me that before you became my bf.

I'm half danish :3

No way!! :O I'm half portuguese . post proof

I can't really, my family just tells me stories about it, i kinda believe them because i'm whiter than most people i see, and i also have different expressions.

If it was gay Sweden would be top

what does this mean? Number of partners?
Is it good or bad that Taiwan is last?

different expressions? Like?

Well my mother is from Sao Paulo but her parents were from the northern part of Portugal. So ethnically I'm half Portuguese

>it's like they think about it all the time
Wait isn't this normal?

There you go

yea definitely not made in the uk

Australia desu

t. Lost v-card to an aussie

I have different ears, chin, etc

Probably med countries
I don't think so