Chase Rogers
Chase Rogers

ITT: Post an album and your top 5 from that album

1. Gonna Leave You
2. Another Love Song
3. Mosquito Song
4. Song for the Deaf
5. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire

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Jace Thomas
Jace Thomas

gonna continue with some qotsa:

1. I Appear Missing
2. Kalopsia
3. ...Like Clockwork
4. I Sat By the Ocean
5. My God is the Sun

1. Song for the Dead
2. Go With The Flow
3. Song for the Deaf
4. First it Giveth
5. Mosquito Song

Jaxson Perry
Jaxson Perry

1. Ice a Spot and a Dot On the Dog
2. Nurses Whispering Verses
3. Dinner Time
4. R.E.S.
5. Jibber and Twitch

No One Knows
God Is in the Radio
A Song for the Dead
Hangin' Tree

Jack Martin
Jack Martin

1. Hunter
2. Earthmover
3. A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut
4. Bloodhail
5. There Is No Food

Cameron Ortiz
Cameron Ortiz

1. どんぞこ
2. あたし、ギターになっちゃった!!!!!
3. 凡庸VS茫洋
4. リズム
5. 鉄塔の上の2人

best midori, btw

1. A Song For The Dead
2. A Song For The Deaf
3. You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar
4. Go With The Flow
5. Mosquito Song

Charles Williams
Charles Williams

1. Centuries of Damn
2. On GP
3. Beyond Alive
3. Turned Off
5. Why a Bitch Gotta Lie

Levi Rivera
Levi Rivera

1. of hospitals
2. evidence
3. eulogy
4. the decline of stupid fucking western civilization
5. liturgy part two

Wyatt Myers
Wyatt Myers

uhh fuck 4*

I'll do another

1. 21st Century Man
2. Rain Is Falling
3. Prologue / Twilight
4. Here Is The News
5. Yours Truly, 2095

Christian Gutierrez
Christian Gutierrez

1. Birthday Cake
2. Theme
3. White Pepper Ice Cream
4. Sugar Water
5. Beef Jerky

Ethan Foster
Ethan Foster

1. River in the Road
2. Into the Hollow
3. Turnin' on the Screw
4. Suture up your future
5. 3's and 7's

Austin Parker
Austin Parker

1. Caralho Voador
2. King For A Day
3. Ricochet
4. Cuckoo For Caca
5. Ugly In The Morning

1. Pss Pss
2. Turned Off
3. The Powers That B
4. On GP
5. Mirrors

Anthony Wood
Anthony Wood

2bh the demo version of god in the radio is the best

2bh misfit love should be there just for the way they do the intro when they play live

Cooper Clark
Cooper Clark

1. Someone's in the Wolf
2. The Blood is Love
3. Burn the Witch
4. Skin on Skin
5. You got a killer scene there, man

1. A song for the deaf.
2. Mosquito Song.
3. God is in the radio.
4. A song for the dead.
5. No one knows.

1. Smooth Sailing.
2. I Appear Missing.
3. The Vampyre of Time and Memory.
4. I Sat By the Ocean.
5. Fairweather Friends.
1. River in the Road (patrician taste bud)
2. Turnin' on the Screw
3. Misfit Love.
4. The Fun Machine.
5. Running Joke.

This album in particular has such amazing B sides.

Ryan Perry
Ryan Perry

well I'll guess I'll do this one

1: You can't quit me baby
2: Walkin on the sidewalks
3: Regular John
4: Mexicola
5: If only

Liam Garcia
Liam Garcia

1. Passing Out Pieces
2. Chamber Of Reflection
3. Treat Her Better
4. Johnny's Odyssey
5. Salad Days

Ryder Nguyen
Ryder Nguyen

We share the first four. Good taste user.

1.You can't quit me baby
2. Walkin' on the sidewalks
3. Regular John
4. Mexicola
5. You would know
It's hard for me to leave out How to handle a rope though, that whole part before the solo until the end is mind blowing.

Julian Davis
Julian Davis

1. Infection Defective
2. My Missing Link
3. Zero
4. Candy Gun
5. The Hive

Angel Hall
Angel Hall

1. Holiday in Waikiki
2. Rosy Won't You Please Come Home
3. Session Man
4. Party Line
5. Little Miss Queen of Darkness

Cameron Edwards
Cameron Edwards

1. In The Fade/Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (Reprise)
2. Quick And To The Pointless
3. Better Living Through Chemistry
4. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
5. Auto Pilot

1. God Is On The Radio
2. No One Knows
3. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire
4. Mosquito Song
5. Do It Again

1. If I Had A Tail
2. I Appear Missing
3. The Vampyre Of Time and Memory
4. Kalopsia
5. ...Like Clockwork

1. Misfit Love
2. Into The Hollow
3. Make It Wit Chu
4. Running Joke
5. Suture Up Your Future

1. Burn The Witch
2. This Lullaby ( as a sidenote I wish it was longer)
3. Tangled Up In Plaid
4. Little Sister
5. I Never Came

1. How to Handle a Rope
2. Regular John
3. If Only
4. You Can't Quit Me Baby
5. You Would Know

Ayden Jenkins
Ayden Jenkins

For Rated R:
1. Auto Pilot
2. Better Living Through Chemistry
3. Feel good hit of the summer
4. Lost art of keeping a secret
5. In the fade

Bentley Clark
Bentley Clark

1. It's Working
2. Flash Delirium
3. Congratulations
4. Siberian Breaks
5. Someone's Missing

Jayden Sanders
Jayden Sanders

1. Phone Home
2. Sunshine The Werewolf
3. The Perfect Design
4. Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants
5. Highway Robbery

1. Zero
2. Lefty Dog (Run, Caper, Run)
3. Infection Defective
4. Candy Gun
5. Lie Lied Lies

Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez

1. Millionaire
2. Another Love song
3. God is in the Radio
4. First it Giveth
5. Go With the Flow

1. I Appear Missing
2. Fairweather Friends
3. Smooth Sailing
4.... Like Clockwork
5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

1. Era Vulgaris (idc if it's a bonus track)
2. Into the Hollow
3. Turnin' on the Screw
4. Misfit Love
5. 3's and 7's

Brandon Green
Brandon Green

Magic Love
Weather Report

Brayden Foster
Brayden Foster

1. Mediocre Shakespeare
2. Death's Great Black Wing Scrapes the Air
3. L'exquisite Douleur
4. Mothers
5. Natures

Cooper Collins
Cooper Collins

Thinking better i'll change weather report for in the flight

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