Which women do you guys fever?

which women do you guys fever?


I prefer the left, hope that helps Andrew.

i prefer cute males


Fuck left, marry right, kill yourself, you fucking dirty weeb

Right is perfect

I know this is a trick, but right.

>blue eyes
>big breasts


I like both. I want someone to play sports and go on a morning run with

Asians because they are actually feminine


None of them have any arse and hips so I wouldn't fever any of them


I'd take either one, but I also have the fever.

Listen to this man

necrophilia is not my thing

left, its a best.


this are the best

Who is this gorgeous golem?


But neither of them is anime.

you donĀ“t now user?

little massie it is.

The one of the left is nicky whelan. Definetely a woman, a hot one.

one on the right. she looks like a cute boy


I'd fuck anything slightly willing at this point

She's flat as an ironing board

Why not both?

Also belly rings are gross.

Always the swolefu


Well she is attractive, there ain't perfect women you know. Less flat than the "woman" on the right of the pic from the japanese user.

>Definetely a woman, a hot one

this doesn't count as proof, especially on the "hot one" part

ah yes, white women

also her tits are obviously shopped in the op pic

Why are they choose the Right?
what point is good? Typical asian women isnt beautiful desu.

>belly rings
Good catch, fucking dropped.

>Typical asian women isnt beautiful
don't post a model/idol then, post a typical asian woman

I just did a quick google search

Left looks better now but will age like milk

Typical white women isnt beautiful either.

You guys say this because they are common. People like exotic things, this is why arabs get laid easily in northern europe. Seriously, I know unnatractive people from here go to Europe and get easy pussay.

Left to breed with, right to love

I don't think so.
In most of point beautiful white than japanese women.

both are shit


why do you want stupid kids user?

>this is why arabs get laid easily in northern europe

I think you've had enough memes user...

>whites want the asian
>asians want the white

>people will STILL deny that interracial breeding is unnatural

fucking humans lmao


Asians wanting the white is just a meme.

It's impossible to get a qt asian gf no matter how hard I try.


Humans are more attracted to those that look like themselves though.

>they has same number of IQ.
>they think each other enemy.
How beautiful this friendship is!

>thinks iq correlates to common sense
Do you have lots of Asian drivers in Russia?

Didn't even knew it was the australian qt from that Workaholics episode. Yeah, this chick is perfection.

Is there a third option, if not then left

>Asians because they are actually feminine
best answer