When did the Middle East stop being cool?

When did the Middle East stop being cool?

When they started crashing planes with no survivors

The same time tribalism stopped being cool.

I get that they didn't want to make her wear a burka, but that outfit seemed a little excessive. That's not a princess outfit, that's a belly dancer's.

In 50-100 years when the human cost is so blurry and there's no emotion in it 9/11 will be looked at as like the coolest, most badass action movie thing ever

when the Nation of Fir-- ahem, i mean, the Mongols attacked

After 9/11 even our fucking schools got cancelled that day, fucking kikes.

Honestly I have already found myself occasionally thinking about 9/11 and just being impressed

>implying it stopped being cool
Pic related

After being raped by Mongols and T*rks several hundred years ago

at that point in the movie wasn't she like Jafar's slave or some shit

not that her regular outfit looked any different

yeah the point of making her dress like that is because she was turned from princess to mere Jaffar's sex slave (and her dad from sultan to manservant)

>(and her dad from sultan to manservant)
>implying he wasnt the entire movie

For security reasons or to mourn your masters?

well he was a puppet-stringed sultan, but the sultan nonetheless

it was declared national holiday and there were fiestas all around

For our masters in Israel.

Before 9/11 nobody knew anything about the middle east or muslims.

It wasn't until after that people learned what barbaric savages muslims and arabs really are.

>Before 9/11 nobody knew
lol millenials

When they started being actually legitimately gay as in the gulf states such as Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE

"Girls are for making babies, boys are for fun" -actual phrase used in the Arab Gulf countries

Only hope are cool countries that strike the balance between not being a blown up shithole, being not too conservative but not too liberal, not being mega rich (eg. Jordan, Oman)

Still stands, that was just a war against Saddam. nobody gave a damn about the religion or the people.

>mfw someone tells me no one cared about the Arabs before they put on 11/9


When Islam started to be taken too seriously.

>When did the Middle East stop being cool?
622 when Muhammad began preaching. Before that , I can imagine it was provincial and Aladdin-esque.

When the glaciers started receding around 12,000 years ago.

>"Girls are for making babies, boys are for fun" -actual phrase used in the Arab Gulf countries
Nice bullshitting. That's an Afghan saying. Not Arab.

No they didn't, I went to school next day and that's what everyone talked about