Good morning snowniggers

Good morning snowniggers.

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where the fuck are you

Greetings from 300 km north of the Arctic Circle


Not fucking possible

How are you not dead?
I could just stand this

Wow fuck that, we're having a cold snap here and it's still not that bad.

Woah (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ)) so cold
(>人 in surgut russia

Same here, warm as fuck

what the fuck

Good morning Surgut man. What do you even do out there?

Mysterious russian cyclones

Is your place currently colder than Svalbard? Russia RSXX1222:1:RS
It's real lads



lmaoing @ your lives

Feels good man

I'd rather dig my car out of ice than live in Florida.

Fucking disgusting.

What's the highest it's ever gotten to?

Answer me you dick.


I can't even imagine how that feels like. The lowest climate I've ever experienced was 25°C, and that was once in my fucking life.


This summer was really warm and rainy, about +25c.

>The lowest climate I've ever experienced was 25°C

You shitting me? I'm going to southern Spain on vacation in 5 days to get some warm weather and it's like 17 C there. 25 C I would say is too hot.

Could you handle this?

>25°C is too hot


>25 C I would say is too hot

Not in my region I think, but southwestern Russian can handle it easily.

-51 is really bad

Your country is run by Jews and satanists.

25C is the upper limit of what is considered tolerable in Scandinavia. We had some days around 30 this year and it was hell.

Really? Holy shit, I felt cold as fuck that day. I guess I'm used to heat. Sometimes the climate is close to 40°C here. Also, I'm white, before you ask.



This is terrible, when its cold you can at least dress warm.

Its because of humidity, wind and other stuff

25c here is horrible, in somewhere like Australia it would be nice

I have been in India for 6 weeks during the summer so I have experienced +45. Took 5 out of those 6 weeks to get used to it somewhat. I guess you adapt after the weather you live in.

Yea, I remember during midsummer we got like 28 C. Hottest day of the year. Jesus that was cancer.

>wake up
>it's sunny
>get some coffee
>smoke a cigarette

life is good

you weak nigga, I'm white too, btw

The hottest I've ever had was 48C
That was not fun

>25c here is horrible, in somewhere like Australia it would be nice
Or maybe you people just complain too much?

Some fog pics from Surgut.

What part of Northeast are you from?

>tfw I get to wear my warm socks
comfy af

When it's 21 here people put on t-shirts and go to bbq.


I want to move somewhere cold but I also like farming. Where can I live in Russia that won't fuck my crops up every winter?

>won't fuck my crops up every winter
No such place.

>Won't fuck my crops up every winter?
Southwestern region, but summers are really warm there.

>but summers are really warm there
check his flag

Uh, sorry.

tromso looks so comfy

It's a comfy place



Tromso is comfy in winter. Here's a pic in the opposite direction.

brb emigrating

Are you inside a cryogenic chamber? Have you arisen after being put to sleep in WW2?

>at 2 am

I just fucking hate summer.
I'm gonna move down south as soon as I finish my career.

jesus, I'd love to live there.

Greetibgs from the arctic kirkle

>Have you arisen after being put to sleep in WW2?
Yeah, this is my grandfather.

Damn, Finland was ice cold back then

I was in Finland last january and it was -37°C in Keskisuomi. Temperature in winter can fluctuate a lot. We had -11° just yesterday and today it's +1°.

Jesus Christ

I begin to shiver and cackle my teeth at around 15C.

How do you survive the hypothermia besides removing all clothing and rubbing your naked body with the nearest female one (saw it in a film)

Doesn't get much better than this.

Don't stand still, walk fast or run, wear warm clothes and don't stay outside for too long. You can get used to ~-40 pretty easily, -51 is brutal though.


like no jews live there tho


This. It's the worst here in the west coast. Last week -24 now +6. Looks like we're having another snowless cheistmas.

It's gotten hotter

Fucking hell Russia.You're the true winter lords.

Sure, cuz we wuz khanz one time.

Agree, it's very uncomfortable

How do they keep pipes from freezing?

No doubt about that. -51 is the record cold in Norway, and temperatures like that only happen like every hundred years in places where few people live. Coldest I ever experienced was -30 and it makes me wonder what the hell -50 feels like.

See You're a fragile snowman

Liquid Jello

Water must always flow. Insulation also.

Morning, my fellow icenigger.

I went to Mexico once and I knew it was gonna be hot but I've never experienced heat like that before. I thought everyone was exaggerating. The air was thick too it was like being trapped in a sauna with no doors. People kept asking me If I was okay and some girl tried to take a picture with me and her fucking hand slid off my shoulder because of the sweat. How do you people do it?

Good morning, faggot.

The warmest temperature I ever experienced outside of sauna was +28°C.
That was really terrible, feels like my skin was about to melt like wax to the bones. I can't even imagine how do you survive in the warm countries.

No, in Russia it's normal temerature for spring and auttom. Baнгyю, oceнь нe тaк нaпиcaл, нy дa пoхyй.

>How do you people do it?
By not being a leaf

The only thing I'm concerned about is the fact that my GPU is 61°C, I'm not even using it for anything other than browsing


Fromspirit, bro. Lol.


I have a newfound DISGUST for Asstralians. Heat-niggers.

good morning my snownigga
how you doing?


I just want some snow
not this icy hell

>How you doing?
Well, drink hot tea with lemon and browsing Sup Forums
Feels comfy af.

We're getting rain on top of the snow now, so the snow turns into ice of the most slippery kind and it's literally dangerous to walk around outside. Fuck this shit and give me a proper winter already!

same here
its horrible

Hahahahahaha General Frost seems in the good mood today.