I have the cancer

I have the cancer
Ask me anything

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How long have you had it? How did you find out you had it?

when are you going to die?

HEEM yourself my man

If i pull that off, will you die?

It would be extremely painful

Does it hurt?

Lots of loyalty for a hired gun

Bad luck mate, but no worries you'll get better since you're young.

Ur a sick guy

For you
Me without the mask

You have an amazing head of hair

First time someone complimented my hair

>born with a gorgeous face
>get cancer

>never even get a cold
>all men in my family live to around 100
>i look like an actual troll, completely repulsive

God is a funny guy

Tell me, why do you wear the mask?

Is it ass cancer?

They expect one of us in the chemo room, brother

What type of cancer do you have?

You are very good looking guy.

How bad is your cancer, I mean which grade?

Where are you?
What's Lithuania health care system like?

What kind of cancer?
What is your prognosis?
Also, how's the food in Lithuanian hospitals?

Because I keep bleeding from my nose

I'm ok
Shit I'll take a pic next time I get some

Why did you delete your interpal account?

Because I am devoted to lithuanian qtpies only

squamous cell carcinoma?
So bad

You're cute.

did anyone care who you were when you looked like this?

>be chad

Hey I remember you
Dang dude, you're very unlucky

No one literally cared then and no one cares now


I don't know if I should laugh or feel bad.

I'l choose laughing since you might have people pitying you often enough already.

Are you terminal?


How old are you?
Are you afraid?
Any regrets?


Get well European brother.


what cancer?

>European brother

Fuck off europhile cunt

t. N'dogo Manila

Dun, dun, dun
Another Chad bites the dust
Dun, dun, dun,
Another Chad bites the dust

And another Chad's gone
And another Chad's gone
Another Chad bites the dust

No regrets I never turn back on my word because that's my ninja way

t. Martin Schultz

>No regrets I never turn back on my word because that's my ninja way

Very good post.
You should watch more anime before you die.
HxH? FMA? Try everything.

I-it's just skin cancer they can cut away and you'll be as good as new in a week right?

...what the fuck

This is supposed to be a hospital present

>when you hire unemployed abstract artists to work in the kitchen

How the fuck are people supposed to get healthy again when they don't even give them real food

Anything's an onahole if you try hard enough

Food looks good, drink looks like piss.

that's cute, it's teru teru bozu

>When you have a deadly illness
>arent allowed to leave the hospital
>and get this for dinner

Send that pic to your mom desu, she will go full mom and bring you food every day.

What type of cancer? How did you first find out you had it?

Woah (●´ω`●) you're handsome
This is so sad :c
May you get wel soon x

It looked like they put a bunch of plastic shapes on a sad slice of bread

Isn't that just telling OP to hang himself and spare the hospital so many medical costs?

What is that rice ish thingy on the right plate? (>人

How are the nurses?

just order pizza man. After all, it's not like you need to worry about your savings anymore.

Old grannies, mean
I can't

some kind of kasha. Try it, it's actually a lot better than rice.

Make sure to tell God he's a faggot when you meet him

That was honestly worse than I expected. Is this supposed to be an entire dinner?
Get well soon, user.

yep, that's just a soft way to say it.

Yes this is my last meal of the day

It's the path all Lithuanians eventually follow

If I pull off the mask, will you die?

How long have you known you had it?
I'm so sorry.
[spoiler]>tfw just remembered that swede with cancer from last year and teared up [/spoiler]

It would be extremely painful

>lithuanian hospitals have food


A-ahmed please don't do anything stupid

It's boiled buckwheat. Funny that food is the same as in Russian hostpitals. I thouight Lithuania is rich now as it's in the EU.

did u have bad habits like smoking ?
how old are u ?
anyone in your family had the same problems ?

I remember you too from the face threads

Wasn't probably me, some guy keeps posting as me on r9k

What cancer is that? REEEEEEEEEEEE answer me!

so what cancer do you have?

ISIS releases quality kino material.

good luck bro

is it true that you have aids?

do you use marihuana for your treatment?

Goodbye spacecowboys

you're probably a manlet. Otherwise you'd be to busy fucking girls instead of being on Sup Forums

>t. a normie who goes on Sup Forums once a week

I'm 6ft so yes


N O. I don't have aids!

How did you get it?

she's a fucking junkie if I remember correctly from /cp/ threads

id kill myself tbqh if I'd have it. Do you still have sex?

Cp? Like 'that' cp?

culture pals haha its a general on Sup Forums

I see, lol.

There's a Dutch female pozz heroine addict?

yes, she also has leaked nudes

Absolutely solid aesthetics

wew ;_;

Stay strong bro (if this is true)

Ummm proofs sweetie??

Stay strong too bro :D