Does reality depend on an observer?

does reality depend on an observer?
or does it "exist" on its own?

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Ok so the argument is that reality is unique to the individual based on what we have experienced in our own lives and how we interpret the data received. So your reality may be different than your fellow man. An African child in a small village will definitely have a different world view than a child in a suburban American neighborhood. And this is not to say that every event that is currently taking place is not really happening, but is real to those experiencing it directly. If an event is affecting an individual indirectly and they are not aware of the event, they may attribute the felt result to the things they are experiencing directly or things they have experienced in the past.

so lets say there are no living things on this earth that are able to experience anything.

is there still actions taking place like wind / weather?

We understand wind and weather because we have experienced them firsthand. We use our 5 senses to record data and then it is internalized and stored in our memory. I'm sure wind and weather may happen minus an observer but I can only say this based on the things I have observed directly and using my learned reasoning. However if there is not a human mind to record said wind and weather we can not be 100% sure it is happening. Reality only exist in the human/animal mind because we are conscious. Without consciousness there is nothing.

the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Thus reality is independent of human perception. Thread over.

Yes, but not as you'd imagine.

Reality isn't what you see, hear or touch. Reality consists of the dimension of forms/universals. Forms, also known as universals, are real and distinct entities.


Isn't math just ideas?
Is math not real?

math is the semantic manipulation of logical rules and structures that adhere to some set of rules
one of the great philosophical questions is highly abstract mathematics so effectively models reality

think of a game of soccer
what makes it soccer is the rules
if you've got just a ball, you don't have soccer
but if you add rules - purely arbitrary constraints based upon ideas - then it becomes soccer
i would argue that mathematics is as real as soccer in this case

It exists on its own. There are infinite realities.

You are talking about our perception and comprehension.

The question your basically asking can be better said as:

"Is there such a thing as an objective reality."

The answer to that question can not and will not ever truly exist. This is simply because of the very nature of the way an individual perceives, what they believe to be, the world around them. There will never be a definitive answer.

However, one could easily state that there is a subjective form of reality to be experienced.

Read this.

Philosophy is pointless, the universe is pointless, nothing is guaranteed to be true, nothing matters.

There will never be a satisfactory answer to any of these kinds of questions, so why waste the time and energy it takes to worry about them?

because most people dislike the fact that life is pointless, and thus occupy themselves with stuff like this to forget, and also because it intrests them

Fair enough.

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