Here is the fine specimen that posted the torture video

here is the fine specimen that posted the torture video

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Brittany Herring


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It wasn't even torture, they didn't do anything to him.

It's time, ladies.

I've never participated in the "nigger, nigger, nigger, le african boogeyman" posting around here..

But I'm starting to feel a match constantly being struck inside me, trying to spark a burning rage.

>Kidnap him
>Kick him
>Punch him
>Cut into his skull
>Force him to drink toilet water
>Smash his face repeatedly

This is what happens when you face reality. Not everyone is created equal. That's a bedtime story
for faggots who still believe they are deserving simply because they are born

What shall the operation be named?

-p-a-s-t-e-b-i-n- ( DOT ) com - / - B3LrPfEi

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Cut into his skull? They only cut some hair off. Smash his face? I didn't see any punches.

Are you fucking stupid or something?

Aww...I remember my first red pill.
It was living around shit flinging apes.

You didn't watch her entire live stream, she checks his head later and you can see the bone.
There's a ~3/16ths inch gouge into his head.

They also punch him multiple times in her live stream and in the video where he's forced to drink out of the toilet. Where they also smash his face into the bottom of the toilet.

They didn't inflict any severe pain.


It tends to be people who either didn't grow up around them or they're just as shitty as they are.

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Thats sick. Link?

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Well shit, I wish I could get excused from a kidnapping just for not inflicting any severe pain or anything..

If they have any prior as adults they should be set without bail and then when tried sentenced to 12 years minimum.
Kidnapping and torture are huge crimes.
If you let them out again as young adults they're going to reoffend. Next time probably taking a life.
If you don't plan on rehabing them then just put them in for life.

Black user here. Even I want these faggot racist ideologues punished with a brick to the face.

Also it could be a hate crime

They're niggers black user. Calling them "ideologues" implies that they had some alterior motive besides trying to exercise their monkey strength.



These aren't the type of people who give a fuck about a dox or online harassment.



Post vid plx I haven't seen yet

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