Curious if anyone besides me hates plugs?

Curious if anyone besides me hates plugs?

I don't mind if they're tiny, but if you're stretching your ear lobes out a lot, it's a turnoff.

> i bet they all look like shit as people age.

You're not wrong, you could always stitch your holes back up. I personally just prefer small earrings or none at all.

Small ones aren't bad, but when you start looking like you're from some fucking African tribe, you can jump into a fucking fire.

They are just so fucking trendy in my area it's starting to piss me off. Everyone looks like a fucking clone.

U stole the nudes quads u fuck

Not if they're on a smoking hot babe like that one mm mmm

I wish that was my gf :(

Not that I ever say it but I think it's fucking disgusting. A tattoo I understand, if it has meaning. Plastic surgery to make your body match yor identity? Sure.

Deforming your sensory organs cause you think it looks cool? Fucking retarded. No one is going to argue "my permanently damaged ears represent a crucial part of who I am!" It's just a fad of degeneracy.

thats how shitty plugs are.

Agreed. I considered small ones but got my tongue pierced instead.

Piercings plugs tattoos they're all for degenerates regardless

Glad i am not alone in this. I am the only one around my area that doesn't look like some bush meat tated up retard with huge holes. It reminds me if They Live

Love them

kek, yep, this

fucking revoliting

Plugs or spacers look trashy as all hell. It will only get worse as you get older.

I hate them. They make the person look subhuman and unclean.

What is a spacer?

Like I wanna pay for this dickface's foodstamps because noone will hire him.

disgusting 100%.
went out with a chick a couple of times.
saw her ears, felt it in my stomach, she's ruined...
still banged though. then bailed.