Be me

>be me
>26 years old, former college wrestler, navy swcc
>6'1" tall, 195 lbs. solid 8/10
>fuck infinite sluts in my life, on 3 continents. seriously, couldn't add them all up with a team of forensic accountants. never heard a complaint.
>getting older, feeling like I need to settle down, find a girl 7 years younger, she's awesome; fun, beautiful, 5'3" 120 lbs. c cups. Softball players ass. but inexperienced sexually
>in my depravity I turn her out completely, perfect little whore. getting sucked and fucked any different way you can think of
>get complacent, mistake incoming
>fast forward 3 years (November 2016), sex still great, engaged now (she's a fucking 10 as a person. BS in business now. Loyal like a dog) still get nagging feeling I'm missing out on stuff. float the idea of a MFF threesome. After a few weeks she's with it (she's half dyke anyways)
>feeld, bumble, could, tinder, fetlife, etc etc etc. can't find single girl willing. (Unicorn)
>do find a couple worth trying out. 8/10 gril. Latina with the tits and ass. 7/10 dude. Manlet though. whatever I'm gonna be the star of this show anyhow
>set up date to meet and loosen up. drinks and an art exhibition. all going well. Getting proper drunk. Girls feeling each other and each other's men up throughout the night. it's happening
>get home. Show other dude around my house while the girls "get ready"
>me and bro in kitchen doing a few shots of Patriarchy shooting the shit going over the ground rules yada yada. Grils enter. Grils naked and fondling each other. Escalating quickly.
>take it to the living room. Lead girls to large ottoman in the middle of living room. Me and new bro watch them fuck each other on opposite side of the sectional. Fingering and licking each other's holes for a good 20 minutes. It could have ended there and I'd have been happy.


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Keep it going op, I wanna see where this story goes.


> dick is diamonds. Start slowly disrobing here and there. So is bro. Down to my skivvies.
> girls finally start getting bored of each other and are whispering and giggling they turn towards me and start toward where I was on the couch.
>sit next to each other on the floor in front of me. Kissing and running their hands all over each other and up my legs. Bro looking on anxiously. Fiancée reaches into the slit in my boxers. Finally. Cock is throbbing at this point. Bro is 8 ft away behind the girls watching us, I can see him start to stroke his cock under his drawers.
>daddies cock comes out and I'm super ready. As I look down at the girls, my fiancée starts to suck like a good girl. The other girl just sort of sits there a foot away from my cock with a stunned look for about 20 seconds. Motionless. My fiancée tries to get her to join in. She gives an effort. Licks my shaft one solitary time while my girl gargles my balls. She stands up and goes directly to the bathroom and locks herself in.
>fiancée follows her dumbfounded. I look across the ottoman at bro and I see it. It's dimly lit in the room mind you but it's light enough to see this dudes packing a fucking baseball bat. I'm Deflated. Don't say anything. Questions forming in back of mind. Blood pressure rising.
> me and bro awkwardly wait around for the girls to come back for 5 minutes or so. Nothing.
>go to guest bathroom and knock on door. Girls let me in. Other broad just "isn't feeling into it" and she's "a little too drunk"
>knock at the door, open it while girls sit and chat on the side of the tub.
>it's my new bro, naked from the waste down asking if everything's ok. Cock swinging like a fucking anchor chain. trying not to look, see girls staring, air leaves room
>saying absolutely nothing the girls walk past me sitting in the toilet cover and straight to him standing in the doorway taking his hand and walking with him to our bedroom

> cont


Dis gone be good

Have a bump op. I know you're memeing, but it's all good

You're supposed to type it out before hand OP

Dinosaur incoming

Not memeing bro, this shit is as real as it gets. I have to write it out, it's cathartic for me.

Remaining greens incoming

TLDR you hooked up with a couple without getting his size before hand?

> I follow. Sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew right then nothing would be the same again.
>get to room and see the two girls perched on this guys lap jerking his huge dick together ( I swear, they both needed both hands)
> I watch for a few minutes as they tease him suck and lick him and finally my fiancée notices me at the end of the bed (she really is a great girl) and starts to back her ass up towards me and slides my now rock hard dick inside of her. Other girl sits on her mans cock reverse cow girl and we fuck them facing each other as they kiss.
>Both girls come multiple times. I come a little too quick. And we watch the other two for a few minutes
>other girl sees we are done gets wild look in her eye. Says "you should try it now" looking at my girl
>she looks at me, I relent. Watch fiancée awkwardly fuck manlet goober with giant cock cowgirl as both me and the new girl kiss and fondle her. She comes harder than I have ever made her come. once and is done. Image seared into retinas.
> other couple finish up. Awkwardly say goodbyes and how we should do it again
>fiancée receives message from other girl saying they had fun but that we probably weren't compatible
>fiancée knows why. She has to. Has started acting a little different. More standoffish. Sex less frequent. I feel like she's having second thoughts about sticking around with a small dick now

How bad did I goof boys? Do you think they talked about it in that bathroom? I don't really know if my girl even knew what a good cock was. She loved mine before.

Weird thing is I always thought my dick was just fine. Nobody had said a word about it in the like 16 years of my sexual history. I've made so many girls come penetratively. Not two months after that incident a close friend said while drunk that she's always wanted to fuck me and that she heard "it wasn't the biggest, but that i fucked really really good" didn't make me feel any better.

Ive thought about leaving and starting over. I've thought about surgery. I'm getting depressed about it.

What do?

Pic related. It's me.

RIP your sex life, mate.

Figures, Navy doesn't pack shit, Marines is where it's at

You're a cuck now
Might as well have hopped on his cock too

>Do you think they talked about it in that bathroom?
Now stop cuck posting

Not so much that per se, more I was unaware I had a small dick.

I went through 16 years and dozens of sexual partners only to find out just recently.

I'm having trouble reconciling

Get that surgery man, it's your only choice. Then kill the other man to assert dominance.

Fkin beta

If your girlfriend is in any way as loyal or great as you make her out to be, then she shouldn't let this affect her sexual life with you too much. Judging from that image you already have a bigger than average dick (looks 7-8 inches). If she wants to cum harder idk can't you give her oral or something.

I'm gonna say based off of that pic, how much larger could that dude have been? If this isn't trolling, her being distant and drawn away isn't about you having a small dick, it's about her wanting different dick in general.

90% of this is in your head. You're a perfectly reasonable size, you're just feeling weirded out by the second girl's reaction to you. Have you talked with your girl about it yet?

>not a cuck post

I'm not into that shit. Hence why I'm having a problem.

Says the dude who doesn't look into the size of the guy who is gunna be fucking around in front of his future ex.

It's thin, but it ain't real small dude.

Talk about it. Seriously if she's so fucking loyal she should be able to tell it straight. She's probably standoffish because you're uneasy about how things went down.

If she says she needs this other dudes cock, great. Now you know do kick her to the curb. If she is cheating on you, kick her to the curb.

Don't fret about what ifs, take action on reality


Well done son, you've just cucked yourself.

Your gf will start cheating on you for sure.

You know what they say.

Once you go bat, you never go back!

Jeez, my thumb's thicker than that babbydick.

No dinosaur

If I just start new with another young one they won't know the difference though right?

I was embedded with marines most of my career. I've seen a fucking whole marine division worth of dicks and never felt out of place.

Does anyone know anyone who's successfully had an enlargement?


I'm 7 1/4" x 4 3/4". He had to be closer to 8" but like 6" around it was huge. It was a lot bigger. I think she starting to think she's missing out on something now too. Like there's better to find out there.


>4 3/4

It's hard to broach the subject. I don't think it's so much mine isn't good enough it's just that there's better.

Best answer so far tbh

No shit?


If you're girl leaves you for that freak consider yourself lucky dude is a sideshow

What is "could"?

Never heard of that one

Gay shit. A cuck would have liked it. I don't.

There is no way this little pencil could satisfyFemanon here, it would be a complete waste of time.

Was supposed to be CL. Autocorrect

Thanks. I wasn't looking to humiliated though I was asking for help. Should I just start new and find another naive girl?

It wasn't like overly big but had to be like 30% bigger than me by volume at least.

This is a small cock? Wtf

I should just end it now apparently.

vids or pics or gtfo

Should've never let your girl fuck another dude regardless if he was bigger than you or not. The whole "swinging" and threesome stuff ruins relationships.

Your dick is fine. If you want to move on, then you need to stop acknowledging size. Be confident. Once you start to acknowledge size you have revealed an insecurity and women feed off that shit (sluts especially).

If you want to work shit out with your girl (which you should), then you need face the situation head on. Bring it on her like "we tried this, I didn't like the way things went down, and now I feel tension in our relationship" if she truly loves you and is ready for a marital commitment then you two should agree on never doing anything like that again. Then take her away for the weekend, just you two, get some drugs too, party your asses off and bond over the effects of cocaine/acid/weed. If you guys are truly compatible, then the big dick on the other dude won't matter.

This is seriously nothing to get depressed about unless it's the only thing you thought you had to offer the world.

On a side note, a good friend of mine is a pretty famous pornographer, his wife helps out alot with the business and she's seen all sorts of cocks, I asked them at dinner one night how it affected their marriage and they told me that he has this massive dildo that he'll occasionally break out and make her try to take how ever much of it as she can. She said the orgasm is a different type of orgasm that has to do more-so with the stretch rather the depth and she really only ever craves it once in a while..... I dunno, maybe it's something that your girl would be into?

Your dick is longer than average but maybe kinda thin.
If you really make her cum, this shouldn't be an issue.
Tell her how you feel.
You sound like you got game. maybe a sexually open relationship would be fun for both of you.
Ignore all these children hurling around words like 'cuck'.
Sex is about satisfaction, no matter how you get there. If everybody involved is mature, the means of achieving satisfaction shouldn't harm a loving relationship.
Cultural norms about masculinity are cancerous.
You will literally only live once.
You should find the arrangement that suits you best, fuck what virgins on Sup Forums have to say.
You're only a cuck if you feel like a cuck.

you should find the man and present him to the us government that man is an xmen for real dude you shouldn't be ashamed of what is essentially a freak of nature a once in a humanity event

i think this is a trollcuck-post, its actually ridiculous if real that this man rolled into a midget mandingo it's fucking hilarious

I don't think she's cheating on me at all. I just feel like she's been preoccupied with that dick or wondering if I'm small and they're all like his.

I want to talk to her but don't want to come off as insecure. I'm really not. Or haven't been until now.

You start dating a slut, get engaged to a slut, surprised when she leaves you like a slut. I have no good advice just pointing out the obvious. I feel for you though thats why I stay away from sex and relationship completely

its because you are a fucking loser

But she's had a taste of good sex now.

Why should she have to put up with mediocre girth after she's tasted the good stuff?

If the guy loves her he should find a way of having her needs met.

lol because I stay away from drama? okay

All sound advice I appreciate it.

Broaching the subject is going to be tough without coming off like a complete puss. I know my cock isn't the smallest and I know it looks like a pencil because it's too long for the girth.

I know for a fact she loves me and loves our sex. It just feels like there's an added doubt I guess

Not trolling at all man this shit really happened. I've been in decline since and I need a solution.

It wouldn't be so bad if this girl didn't mean so much to me.

What this guy said.You should allow your partner to continue to see this guy like maybe one a month to keep her satisfied.

She's not a slut at all. Was only with one dude when I met her she was 18.

I wish she was a slut then this dudes cock might not have been so shocking for her.

Naw I'm good. Not a cuck at all. It's fucked because I could physically press that faggot into a ball.

if you are concerned about her leaving you then CLEARLY she has never been "that loyal" and you need to either man up and actually dedicate yourself as well or GTFO right the fuck now before that time bomb goes off.

In the same context I could say that my needs are 3 home cooked meals a day, a clean & kept house, morning blow job, etc etc etc and she should need a way to figure out how to meet these needs... but that's not what a relationship is. The definition of "Needs" here is misconstrued.

She's a a timebomb now my dude.

18 yo virgin loser here dick size 7.5 / 6 wtf am i doing with my life?

I've read it's maybe a bit above average girth it's the length that skews it.

I don't want to share her with anyone. That's not my style at all. She hasn't brought it up since. It wasn't even supposed to be about another guy she wanted to fool around with a girl and I got into this mess.

I have no trouble getting laid at all.

"in my depravity I turn her out completely, perfect little whore. getting sucked and fucked any different way you can think of"

I was more referring to that. You opened a sexual door for her and now she wants to see what else she can do.

She'll end up leaving you unless you let her fulfil her needs.

Prove you were a SWCC, bitch.

She's not going to leave I don't think and I don't have reason to believe she's been disloyal at all.

It's more about me like I don't want to feel this way at all anymore and I'm wondering if I should bite the bullet and leave.

I don't think there's anything I can do to alleviate the feeling. This is very new for me I've always had no reason not to feel confident.

Yes, you could be a misogynistic pig.

That and a pencildick are 2 surefire ways of losing your woman.

Like you said, she wasn't that experienced before you and probably thought you were a good ride until she got her hands on a real dick

I'll be home in 20 or so I'll post a pic of my pin

I see what you're saying and yeah you're probably right.

Do I find one that has already had that door open for them and knows what they want or do I find another naive one and just never open that door?

Weird dude. I have a monster cock and it's brought me nothing but trouble. Some chicks (usually the ones who get all their ideas from sex about porn) love it, but more often than not it hurts them and I have to be extremely gentle, more than once I've been cockblocked by my own dick because we've gotten started and then the chick just couldn't take it.

I mean, maybe you really are shacked up with a size queen, but it seems more likely that there is some other kind of problem. I think it's more likely that she's gotten a taste for doing some wild shit and is just having second thoughts about settling down in general.

I still think I do. We didn't stop having sex. We do constantly. I just feel like she's not as there with me anymore.

Just get her an avocado to please her self OP. You know fucking her loose, used pussy will never be the same now. Have fun being a cuck!

Just ask what she thought about the whole ordeal. She'll hopefully tell you how she really felt then you can air your concerns.

From the sounds of it, if it was a one time event you'll both be ok

Then you're going to be fine, but dude, seriously, stop dwelling on the size of your cock. I'm a software engineer that mainly works with internet pornography, my fiance comes to bring me coffee and sometimes sees some of the monster cocks on on my screen, sometimes she'll sit down with me and we'll watch some of the stuff in good humor. Her and I have a much deeper connection than just sex, she was in the navy for 6 years, I know some of the cocks she's probably taken and honestly... who gives a shit? because it's me she dresses up for, it's me taking her home, and it's me that gets to fuck her brains out and it's me who gets to wake up either next to her or breakfast. It's the lives you create for yourselves that's most important. Sorry to get all sappy on Sup Forums.

I haven't been cucked and I don't have any desire to. Why does it always have to turn to that here?

you shouldn't have let her fuck him if you weren't getting to fuck the other chick. your dick is fine. it's not a monster but it is in no way small. I wouldn't bring it up with your gf. if she wants more chode manbaby dick fuck her off and get a new one.

I think it's that I found out so late I wasn't that awesome that's getting to me. I'm not joking when I say 95% of my sexual experiences have been really positive.

If I can't subdue the doubt then where does that leave me?

I mean she has to know and has to know what I'm thinking I just am afraid to say it aloud. There's no turning back from there.

AAABHAHAHABAHAH Stupid op lost his girl because he wasn't satisfied enough wth just regular sex not tiny dick he has will never satisfy the girl

Your girlfriend will 100% leave you
Or she'll go behind your back and fuck that guy again

No matter of what you are fucked good job fucking your relationship up you dumb cunt

I had already finished. We fucked together for a long while at least 30 minutes. These girls were screaming by the time I came.

Is this whole post some kind of parody? This macho shit is so overdone, get engaged to someone so you decide to let her take someone's cock while still trying to act like a tough guy? And all you fucking talk abouT is sex like some kind of 15 year old. Military guys are dumb as bricks so I shouldn't be surprised, you're a cuck and an idiot op. Sorry no ones told you there's more to life then watching your fiancé get fucked in front of you.

Stories like these make me wonder why penis extender sheaths aren't more common. I understand a lot of guys would feel emasculated from "wearing" a larger penis, but if that is the only complaint your ladyfriend has about you, then what's the issue? I guess if she demanded it every time that would be sad.

I'm not aware of anything a girl can use to make her vagina tighter, which oddly enough doesn't seem to come up as often as penis size.

I ordered a super girthy one (my penis is long but not super thick) without telling my girlfriend. We tried it a couple times but she wasn't super into it. Kinda neat

And if you don't say it it'll eat you up inside. If you know that she knows, what difference does it make?

To be fair, the point of no return has already happened with the attempted foursome, nowit's just dealing with the consequences.

Should I just cut her loose and let her find what she needs?

Most time I ever invested in a girl. Shit is gonna be tough.

>Trips don't lie

I'm gonna do it. Shits a sign.

I pitty you here's my advice
If I were you op I would talk to her express your complaints put everything on the table and if she's a bitch or anything of that nature clearly she isn't the one

But you can subdue the doubt once you bring it up to her and get real. Once you two get into the conversation, you'll have an opportunity to get answers to all of your doubts, just make sure you ask in a way that doesn't directly open up your insecurity. Just make sure you have a plans for a weekend get away or some kind of awesome date that you two can bond over. Once you guys truly bond over an activity that isn't sex, all of your doubt will go away, that's why I mentioned in a previous post to bring drugs. You want to bond with your girl, do some cocaine together.

>long and skinny

Just like me. It can't be comfortable physically and is probably way too emasculating for me. I'm a fucking man outside of my pencil dick.

She didn't like how it felt?

Bait or a really delusional narcissistic faggot. Kys either way.

See I know she won't be a bitch. I know she will say all the right things. She loves me a lot, stuck with me through a lot of bad shit. We fuck constantly and it's great.

I just want her to look at me like she did when she though I was a god. I don't feel that way anymore. Maybe it's in my head but that's what's real to me.

Not bait. Not a narcissist. I don't think a narcissistic could admit any of these doubts.

Corkhill lad!

I wouldn't look particularly at their sexual personality and at this point in your life look for what you want most in a relationship. If it is the sex then go with that but maybe its something else.

We do a t shirt or two together every month. She like stay up and talk and suck my cock for hours zooted to hell.

We do bond tightly like that you're absolutely right.

It's the truth maybe I'm afraid of most. Like what if I hate what she says. I have to leave a girl because I have a small cock?

Shits hard.

I want her. That's all. I just want her to want me.

Your dick is above average and the only reason you feel so bad right now is because someone was better than you for once. How is it not a narcissism?

You niggas gonna be fine.

she will forget about this dick and things will go back to normal.

If it was easy you wouldn't be here. You know what needs to be done.

Good luck friend, I hope you feel better by the end and that things turn out well

It's not that he was better really it's the feeling that I'm just not enough. I'm not mad at that dude he didn't do anything other than be born with a big dick.

It's not a self centered thing at all in the sense that I want her to be happy with me and if she's not I want to know but I don't want to know because I want to keep her.