There is a cylinder filled with 20000 Liter of liquid

there is a cylinder filled with 20000 Liter of liquid,
40% per weight of that liquid is ammonium chloride,

someone remove 1000 Liter from that cylinder,
what is the final concentration (%) of that liquid.

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Look like you will too.

at least we are not playing with moles.

1000 of 20000 (5%)

40 - 5% = 38

Removing a certain amount of liquid will not change the concentration

40%, but how was it added, removed, and moxed?

oh i forgoted to say the liquid is replaced with water, fuck sorry.


And they want the answer in percent by weight NH4Cl? Or in Molarity?

by weight

Also you say 40% is NH4Cl. Can we assume the rest is water?


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Doing this would not change the concentration, regardless of how much you remove.

Ammonium chloride and water react to yield ammoniumhydroxide and hydrochloric acid. Ammonium chloride is called an acid salt, as it is the combination of strong acid and a weak base. The hydrolysis of an acidic salt, such asammonium chloride, is an endothermic reaction.
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Hmm I'm having some trouble here. They don't tell you how much the 20000 liters weigh?

Can you post the question verbatim please. I can understand wtf you're asking?

Chem engineering major here.

no because it was not writen anywhere,
, was trying to figure out in the show breaking bad
about how much dilution its would have done.
and if yes its could pass as a china manufacturer who cheaped it.

We can't find a mass out of a volume without some sort of molarity, density, what the liquid is, or a mass of the liquid.

Actually I figured out how to do it. Give me a min.

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Answer is 38.27%

So is right somehow... Damn

I would explain how I did it but too lazy to type it. My phone takes pictures that have to much data to upload.

Actually here you go. You can try to make sense of these.


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This was a fun way to procrastinate studying for my chem final

Ohh btw I forgot to add the water back in. That percentage is for the 19000 Liters. To get the right answer add 1000 to the Liters of water to make it 15,233.69. Substitute that into the bottom equation then divide 5766.31(1530) by the answer you get on the right side of the equation.

All these chemfags can't do simple algebra. I was doing these in middle school.

40% NH4Cl
60% H2O
Means .4(19000) NH4Cl and .6(19000) H2O.

Add back the 1000L of water but no more H2O.
Ratio is now .4(19000)/20000 = 38%.

Wait nvm previous answer was right. I did put the correct amount of water.

I'm glad I went into industrial design, this stuff is way over my head