Why is Japan so racist?

>Be half white half flip

>Grow up here, fluent in English and Japanese

>I'm mostly Japanese in how I think

>If I leave this country for over a year I'll lose my permanent residence status

>People will never accept me as Japanese

>I'm too Asian looking for Japanese gaijin hunters

Why Japan so mean ;(

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post a picture of your eye

4 Chan doesn't allow had pics so I had to screenshot my pic lol

>permanent residence
>halfu but male
You're definitely not Japanese.
Now you have several options:
Shina chiku
Kuso gaijin
Great! Enjoy your life in Japan!

>I'm mostly Japanese in how I think
Sorry for you, probably in another live

If I ever went to a country that wasn't mine and they were like "hey, you should leave" I'd be like

man that sucks but it's your country so bye

But this IS my home!

I'm literally more Japanese than some Japanese who grew up overseas.

should probably cut that open a little bit

embrace Flip heritage. revenge for Bataan. assassinate Japanese politicians. let your Maharlika blood flow through your veins.

>half flip
Found your problem.

at least you look jomon compared to 99.999% of japs

Then you're a cuck.

I'm not gonna listen to some fucking smuck on the street, I paid money to go there and I'm gonna finish my business, whether that's living there or visiting.


Are you this picture's guy?

>Be half white half flip
>Grow up here, fluent in English and Japanese
>I'm mostly Japanese in how I think

No, you are a just gaijin.
Japanese means that people who have citizenship of Japan.

I'm zainichi Korean and I can say Japs are nothing but a mass rapist of comfort woman war criminal. I hate jap monkey until the last day of my life.
And jap must stop invade dokdo. Its Korean land.
And East Sea is not named as sea of japan. Never.

because you're a disgusting hapa the result of some white beta cuck who had to last resort to some 3rd world jungle gook women to get his load off.

it hurts to read

this is beautiful, ive never been so proud as a father. Australia, you make me proud.

i dont get it: you grew up there, you speak the language and are presumably an adult with a job and independence so why not get citizenship? You clearly dont think of yourself as japanese which you probably broadcast so others also dont see you as japanese

It's not the matter of racisim. Take the citizenship of japan and complete your responsibility as citizen of nippon. Then you are 100% Japanese.
Without obtain of citizenship then offcouse you have less rights.
Rule is rule.

Conflicting between Japan and Korean peninsula makes no benefit for the both, and it's benefit for China, America and Russia.
You need to have big-picture thinking.

Stop invade dokdo and accept your war criminals of comfort woman.
You racist.

as a white briton, if i live in japan for 5 years while employed and then becime a citizen, renounce my british citizenship and take a japanese name will i become japanese? There is more to it than this.

A halfu of the most powerful race can probably pass though.



This. OP why don't you have Nip citizenship yet?

so, you have perma residence, what's your current citizenship, op?

No need to make jspanese name or such. If you get Japanese citizenship then you have rights as Japanese already.
No one can abuse that rights. even if whatever he thinks in side.
Japan needs professional working immigrants wherever he is from.


same faggot


そりゃ戦争犯罪も犯すわ。 キチガイジャップ。


Get Japanese citizenship then. I am white/jap, grew up overseas and have citizenship. In the eyes of the government, I am Japanese, you are not.

何がや アホンダラが。俺は日本人を嫌うのは俺の自由やろが。



yamero yo omaera!


fighting with delusion

i said id take a name since, if i recall correctly, you have to when you take citizenship as a foreigner. I could be mistaken, though.

Jap Abe is extremely racist as war criminal rapist of comfort woman.

We couldn't care less about your shit, really.

Maybe, my jap passport has my english first name but uses my mothers maiden name as my surname

I don't think so wwww name is name.
Any name can be Japanese citizen.
I have friend who had citizen and name is complitely russian.

im probably getting confused with other countries.

>conversations between Korean Japs in Japanese.

Abe is central-right, not far-right, sometimes liberal.

googled it, seems complicated

>If I leave this country for over a year I'll lose my permanent residence status
All you need is to apply for the reentry permit.

You are not usual Japanese at least.
Because usual Japanese never says "jap".

no im not usual, i grew up over seas and cant be fucked to type Japanese all the time

To get jpn citizenship needs Japanese sounded name?
Would be real that Such stupid things?

But yeah, you can just spell out the former foreign name in katakana




Ahh like tom-トム? I thought they have to make new japanese name like tom turn to be Tomu tarou san, to obtain Japanese citizenship.

えー、やべえな それw 意味不明だなあ。

毎日ネットで反日活動 → 年間3人ほどの外国人が反日化

毎年2000万人以上の外国人が訪日 → 毎年2000万人以上の外国人が親日化

I believe so as my first name is just written in katakana


May be that would happned. But I think it's not needed too.
I guess most of Japanese can't read name which is written by English spells propary. So they have to write own name by katakana? Anyway it is a bit strange, may be.





Because ur a half breed mongrel, harakiri urself pls



なにこのネトウヨ。 マジでキチガイじゃん、、、。 本当にどうしょうもないクズだな。

Λοοολ τι λετε ρε μαγkες σοβαρα;;;;;

where did you grow up?


There are lots of advantages being gaijin in Japan.
Stop complaining and use those advantages to the fullest.

訪日した人が全員親日になるとか、ネトウヨはどこまで頭がいかれたキチガイ猿なんだ? 放射能で脳がいかれたか?

>For those who don't know what is going on here
>these guys above are typical Korean
>if you went to 2ch and read certain threads, you could see guys like above using "netouyo".
>they are most likely Korean
>I swear

Abe is liberal nowadays

きっしょ。 いい加減にしろやらキチガイネトウヨ猿。 ボケナス。

>probably this guy doesn't understand native Japanese, cuz it seems like he don't know the meaning of

This is typical racist the jap. He is not Crazy mad jap right wing.



There are approximately half a million Koreans living in Japan and there are more people who are willing to apply for Korean citizenship if Japan recognises dual citizenship. We have territorial and other disputes with Koreas and cannot afford to act those dual citizens to be part of Japan's policy making. It would be unfair if Japan allows dual citizenship with the other friendly countries but Koreas.