Tories shaking in their boots edition

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>"My 'policy on the North'? I'll make William the Conqueror look like fucking Gandhi, that's my policy"

Based Tezza



The leaf is still furious.

do Canadians get embarrassed by their countrymens posts regularly? I would

/youngtories/ out in force

Wouldnt mind a cheeky shag with 'resa tbqh

made it to and from the 'let or the bog with my bits and bobs fully intact and puzzled out the mechanisms necessary to salvage the wine bag from the wine box and pour the glass full into the glass to drink
wahey bottoms up lol

*blocks your beer's path*

this triggers the leaf

hows /16yogf2017/ going

Mate's dad uses widgets as floats for fishing. Man's a genius.

hey that's me! haha

>there exists no pictures on the internet of men in fedoras enjoying a pint

Blatant cover up

Need to find how deep this rabbithole goes

Literally never use a glass for beer. Not even in my own house. What's the point. i can understand using a glass for drinks you intend not finish in one sitting. But a beer, why? There is no practical reason, just inane nonsense about appearing respectable. Could understand if you were at your gfs parents or something, but at a party, or in your own house? Senseless labour.

there was a leaf some time ago now who tried to make "i bring a pint glass to parties" a gimmick

careful not to unwittingly play into leaves hands lads you dont want them to think theyre smarter than you do you

>salvage the wine bag from the wine box and pour the glass full
I've done this on multiple occasions. Boxed wine is a right laugh.


bet he's a virgin haha

>roaches are become self-aware

heh...this might be fun....

Didn't know they had goonbags in little Britain.

>tfw no Karl bf

Bought the little uni student bruv a two pint beer stein for Crimbo once. He was chuffed about it.

>north american gimmicks

>Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales creates news service Wikitribune to combat fake news

ah yes, i'm sure this won't be staffed by far left progressives who were silent for the past 8 years under GodKing Obama.

Alexa, start my 'browsing the 'chon' playlist

is that a standard aussie uniform? its how they were dressed in summer heights high

/brit/ on the right

Clearly a virgin

was an impulse buy and i havent regertted it one bit
like having a wee keggy weggy woo woo but full of wuvly wine instead of bertie beerkins


i'll do things for you if you were born in the 80s
the 80s

they're usually longer than that but slags will hem them up

bit gay

Only messing chap. Good on ya.

make us a cuppa, cheers.

Average British poster at a house party

always thought the pint glass at a party was just a meme

need a virgin pussy in me gob

yeah but im asking if that one piece dress is standard in australia

here girls wear kilts

got a bloke cleaning my gutter

Poor lad. I bet he's a top bloke as well.

You reckon he wants people to be open about it and ask questions and that, or pretend they don't notice? I'd ask questions.

i model much of my posting style on 90s stephen fry actually

just gave you a banter hand

looks like hes got more friends than you

got a bloke cleaning my shitpipe

know for a fact that there are two posters called Jack and Matt


Alexa what does a twat feel like
Alexa add plastic gloves and a sponge to my shopping list

yes that was the innuendo i was going for. well done.

why does steam update itself every day

>Wow this party sure is packed
>Better find the host so I can put my drink in an appropriate receptacle

yeah, nah.

mate i've got 11 pint glasses to my name i don't need friends

to annoy you

In your endo


I am the one called Matt. What flag does Jack have?

>here's how bernie can still win

i knew a couple of jacks and matts
very common name down our way (england way)
jack is common as fuck actually
everyone i knew was called jack
the jackson 60 million thats what we were known as

disclaimer: i cant remember what the populationof the uk is

>tfw 6.5/10 borderline autistic gf

I'm punching well below my weight but she's just adorable

>yes that was the innuendo i was going for. well done.

>a virgin? why yes, I certainly am for I must preserve myself only for the fairest of maidens

this leaf's gimmick was DOA

bless him for chugging along with it though

If you had wine you'd have a glass
If you have a can obviously you'd drink from that but often people pour out their beer into a pint glass. Why not

thailad confirm bruces claims

yank I reckon

got a man penalising my anus

you'll see ones like that often but the girls at my private school also had a shirt and skirt option

To distract you from microsoft compatibility

refuse to drink beer if its not in a pint glass

i've got too much class to be drinking out a can or bottle

punishing some aussie cunts anus right now

fuck meant for

Tbf if it's a big party then probably looking at a plastic cup for spirits

hmm does the thinking face do i go radical and call him a billionaire for goijgn to private school, risking a foy for not calling it public school, or ahh yes do i play it safe and just saying oooo private school is it and nothing else happens

bruce was right

t. thaiboy

there's no way to be sure as it's not exactly open source.

Stallman would NOT approve but I've never heard of anything dodgy. They just want to keep you playing games and spending money, not sell your private data or anything so I wouldn't worry.


he didn't say what it was in the show but after some googling i found

>"He was born perfect," says Jenny Clifford, 58. "Then, 12 hours later, he started getting a little blister on his bottom." This blemish spread to the size of an egg yolk; another appeared on the opposite cheek. After three days he was put in isolation; the medical staff were mystified at what was happening to his skin. The doctor who'd delivered Dean visited two days later and gave Jenny some bad news: he suspected epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a condition he'd only seen once before, when training in England. That child had lived for 10 days.

>Children with EB are colloquially known as "cotton wool babies" because of the need to wrap their bodies in bandages lest the slightest pressure or contact tear off layers of skin. Dr Dedee Murrell, professor of dermatology at the University of NSW's Faculty of Medicine, describes EB as "a genetic condition where some of the glue holding your skin together is missing". There are at least 18 variations of the condition. Dean's type, junctional EB, is severe and rare - only an estimated 1000 Australians live with the condition today - and life expectancies are short. With junctional EB, most patients die of infection before they're a year old, says Murrell. How, then, did this boy survive? "He got very good care," she replies.

shut up you bumboy

>They just want to keep you playing games and spending money,
how come, as per the contract, the user doesnt actually own the vidya but leases it? thats pretty dodgy imo
christ alive
its bloody hot, girls rolled the kilts but they never got that short

steam? yeah i use that shite, for playing a game once in a while, and so what? is that a crime? is it a crime to play skyrim?

bloody should be if you ask me

oi whats that

said it bloody should be

ohhh yewww muckaaaaaa its a buggy game to be sure but tis no piece of fucking shit like er whats the thing ah yes wordsthatfollow bollocks

Good time for /brit/ posting, this. Decent quality of posts, nice atmosphere. My theory is that it's the hardcore /brit/posters who post at this time, those of us who do it full time. We're better at it because we've had more practice.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the hard work that other lot put in IRL, but they're not one of us.

user gis us a quid for the johnny machine

don't wish to be associated with you

poor cunts

Underrated. Not great, but underrated.

That's just legal loop holes to protect themselves from this or that. Realistically speaking I can still play every game I've bought on steam since I was a teenager. I certainly can't say the same for the CD based games I've bought.

its just the serious political posters aren't awake yet

*examines you*

ah yes....

*files you in the "virgin" bin*

our user, which art on Sup Forums
hallowed be thy name
thy *chans come:
thy will be done,
on das internets as it is on Sup Forums.
give us this day our daily meme,
and forgive us our trolling,
as we forgive those who troll against us.
and lead us not into cp;
but deliver us from newfaggotry.
for thine is thy Sup Forums,
the irony, and the stupidity,
for ever and ever.

#Sup Forums#Sup Forums#chan#anonymous#ed
by Hawaiian Dicking July 09, 2009

enjoy your spyware

Tough titty. Don't wish to be broke and fat but life's shit, innit.

hate the internet politics runts

saddest bunch of cunts on planet

yes the gfs got some tough titties alright but will she let me near em nooo the stupid bint

fuck off

Is it that time of the month already? I'm making a period joke, because your post is so feminine. I'm explaining the joke because most women are stupid.

muslims??? ....muslims???

sorry i just gooogled user and that was what came up
im ever so sorry

simple as

absolute mess of a post

sort it out