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yawn fake gay

woah shit what the fuck

whered you find this?

im not saying you're wrong but how on earth is this fake? its him screaming and closing a clear door of a child being burned by hot water

also jesus christ why is it being recorded?

>Being this retarded.
You've been on Sup Forums a little too long, son. Close your eyes and rest. Forever.

delete this thread now. i'm not fucking around here.


Nice find OP

He's serious. He is the assassin hired to kill Seth Rich by the Clinton Foundation using money donated by Saudi Arabia.

LOL ITS JOHN POSTING, you're found out son, rest in fucking peace

or in prison, somebody should make a to have this guy arrested under the heaps of evidence. he wont survive prison

you don't know who you're dealing with. i suggest you leave this thread and forget you ever found it.

Old ass news folks... This whole thing is months old, maybe longer

you don't think we've been watching you and every board 24/7 since the primaries? we know who you are.

Is this a rp thread now?

LOOL why would you want him to delete the thread... unless you were john himself

this entire thread is being monitored and archived as evidence for treason against the United States.


Let me post memes then.

if this were any US officials they wouldnt shitpost in the thread. they'd just get it removed.

nice bait tho guys

I am petrified

johns time is coming

the fuck is this

those are screams of torment and pain. the video appears to be real.

there arent many ways to fake that other than hiring a very fluent child actor and somehow getting a guy that sounds exactly like john podesta to possibly incriminate himself while saying horrible things

I'm 30 and this tramuatized me

im 12 and dont like hot water


John Podesta was one of my professors in law school at Georgetown.

Unrelated, but just thought I'd throw that out there.

I hate this world. Where's the fucking justice? Just sitting here with my jimmies rustled and this dude probably comfy in his house

that is definitely johns voice.

the question is how did this video make its way to the surface web?

Did you get a good grade at least?

I remember seeing it as some sort of ARG, worldcorp IIRC. That's why I'm skeptical about this as I've seen it before without this theory applied to it and thought it was just fake and gay ARG bullshit.

Well this was a bit much for me..

the incriminating part of the video is the voice, it sounds EXACTLY like john

Not how I found it, but this sums it up pretty well

Yes, we should all incriminate people based on the sound of their voice, that makes perfect sense, you are the purveyor of justice

Keep this thread alive. I have new UFO footage to post in a few minutes. Oh, and this great pic of bigfoot.

guh. what a fucking hideous video

ya know i thought ive seen some shit but i cant listen to a child scream in pain that much. poor fucking thing. i hope his fragile skin wasnt burned....

Fuck off pedo
John's going down and ya'll going with him

the child called him 'skippy'

skippy is confirmed to be podestas alter ego

plz just watch the video video and listen to the audio comparisons between clips of him on camera and the incriminating video


You fucking losers go to pol with your made up crazy bullshit. Even potatoes are more intelligent than you

This is actually pretty cute

id be willing to bet good $$$ that john is in this threat right now doing damage control

despite all of this & the video op posted

has anybody seen those awkward ass videos of him hugging children against his crotch and shit?

i mean even without seeing the video you can pretty much tell hes a pedo just by his weird ass behavior. wouldnt let him around my kids thats for sure


>this entire thread is being monitored and archived as evidence for treason against the United States

>tfw posting in ebic gubbmint dred

podesta or not the video is horrifying

all cameras/video equipment should have bioscanners or fingerprinting glass so we can finally know who the fuck films these things

every fucking thread is archived you numb nuts.

look at your fucking post number. every post is archived. fuck im so irritated

.....I really wish there was more evidence than a dude that sounds like podesta and a screaming child that appears to be forced to take a scalding shower. I just want to be a fly on the wall and get a good look at the guys face. While the evidence is thin I can tell you one thing, those child's screams sound real as fuck. You can't fake that shit

Aaah god. that audio clip is haunting

They should do the same to podesta. Except in a cauldron

Boiled alive, just like you burned that poor child

inb4 the vid gets taken down

If you think that was the worst thing they experienced that day, I have bad news for you.

yeah i realize he probably stuck his stinky old penis in his rectum & raped him because hes a piece of shit pedo

but what the fuck is with the mental torment? singing a childrens show tune while he burns in an inescapable room? making him call him daddy? what is up with this dudes mind?

honestly im wondering what happened to podesta as a child to make him want to do things like this. he may be the worst man walking the earth

omfg. the audio. i cant watch the entire thing

>Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
u wot, m8

You can always tell when a person is a pedophile by his face. John Podesta and Time Kaine have the most pedophiley faces known to man.

john is 68, if we dont catch him soon he will die before he ever pays for his actions.

You are right. I have no idea what the fuck this is but since you seem to know more than us, can you please inform us on what the fuck this is. To me it sounds like legitimate child abuse and the person or persons behind this should, the very least, be held accountable for their actions.

what's the problem?

you were a child once, you know what the problem is.


lucifer in the flesh huh?

sounds about right

lets all band together and hulk smash this faggot

Where's this funny guy live? In new York we dont even let mothers like this leave their house