It's my birthday today, say something nice

It's my birthday today, say something nice

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your life has no meaning, you will be dead soon and within three generations no one will remember your name

HB. Don't pull your beads out too quickly.

happy birthday user.
how old are you today?

I mean not wrong..
Happy birthday anyways user

>within three generations
that's quite a long time. are you sure you've factored in all the controls?

Thanks! I'm 31 today.

i really hope you are not just hanging out here today,
and at least go out and have a drink.
which country?

I just woke up, decided to shitpost
my wife and I are going out to lunch later

>which country?

Happy Birthday! Be kind to yourself and others.

...and dubs give their blessing.

have a great day user from texas.

good, enough niceness for today,
heading back to Sup Forums.

Have a great day user, may the heavens bless you with their greatest light.

OP is a fagot

Something nice

Happy Birthday OP!
I hope you have a good 31st revolution around the sun.
I got you a gift, it's this .gif

It's the year number 31 after your survived abortion, Happy day!!!!!! :)

There are a countless number of people worse off than you. You can be super pleased with your situation. Damn. You're doing just great buddy.

Hope you have an awesome BD, based Texas user! Enjoy lunch with your wife! Where will you be eating?

Enjoy the only day people feel obligated to give a shit about you, user.

I'm not sure yet, any recommendations?

Depends... where are you? DFW area?

Happy birthday bro.

Yeah, DFW. i live 5 minutes from the airport

Oh, then definitely Tom's Burgers on north Cooper St. They have lots more than burgers. Their chicken-fried steak is fucking awesome! I go there every time I have a layover at DFW!