We ever find who/where she is?

We ever find who/where she is?

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how fuckin lonely are you, son?

Stop this shit, seriously. Yesterday, we found only a girl who slightly looks like her (no tits) and her FB page was bombarded.

It's not worth it.

SUPER lonely. Also I want to see a rape video with her in it. I figure if we did find her, there'd be some foreign nutter who would go through with it

Then we didn't try hard enough. I've seen Sup Forums do more with less.

Matherfucking bump

I also want to see more of supertits.


she already looks like she's running away from somebody

She is in Spain (I know it cause the license plates)
The overpass on the beyond reminds me somewhere in Madrid...

I'd hate to know her. She must complain about back problems related to her milk melons all damn day.

Shes clearly apart of The Beatles idiot

We will find her one day

She's in catalonia. Look at the sign: "Ampliacio" "Llerats"

super edgy bro

oh true
so... If this van is a taxi, shes in Barcelona

(PS. catalonia is in Spain dude...)

Pic is from Barcelona, near Santa Eularia metro station

She's a ten in my book.
Huge tits, nice face but not too pretty to the point she's boring and that slightly annoyed face expression.. uhh..

As summer reigns, the use of "edgy" rises. Disaffected teens come to Sup Forums, taking a break from yelling "NIGGER!" into their headsets during counterstrike matches.

I cannot wait for school to get back into session.

nah it was just awkward as fuck and you're trying to fit in, enjoy the (you)

I know, and it will remain there. But I said cause it remembered somewhere in Madrid to you. The country was right, the city wasn't.

>fit in

Yep. Summerfag detected. Fuck off to summerschool kid.

yeah, my mistake


A woman with big fake tits.

eh it's more the use of edge. People come here, say outrageous things. Sorta the defacto norm.

School lets out and the kids come on during the day and every 3rd post is "2edgy bro". Because they're super above it all and anyone who posts something mean, distasteful, bizzare or generally goes against the common popular opinion is edgy.

They're the cunts who get on teamspeak and talk with zero energy in a monotone like they've downed a handful of xanax.

They're the cunts that grow up to be hipsters.

That post
Your head

you're a dumb fuck

Did we not found her ysterday?


You're a filthy jew.

when DOES school go back in session? End of August?

changing the subject wont make you look less retarded

Looks like this girl I know who is addicted to Xanax. But with much bigger tits

What was the subject again? I thought we were arguing about you calling me edgy and me calling you a stupid millennial tryhard fuckhead in highschool.

my first post in this thread was that pic where moot said traffic during summer is just the same.

keep posting, just making yourself look more retarded with each post.

ahh. that. moot was wrong. he was measuring traffic in terms of usage. oldfags are measuring it in terms of high school fuckheads coming in. The tradeoff is that the adults who normally got on here have to stop because they have to deal with their shithead kids being home.

So when do you go back to school?

post pic

>so buttmad he has to pull such massive shits out of his ass
go on, post some proof of your claim that oldfags leave over summer and newfags rush in. i'll wait.

hi op. im from spain.
in this forum talk about it

You have stage-4, terminal autism.



Dear OP,

I write this as your mother continues to suck the shit off my dick. As I have just completed anal sex on her. I told her to flush out her poop suite. But she was unable to due to the fact. That you are a worthless son who spends hours on end. Inside the bathroom just masturbating to homosexual porn.

It doesn’t take 2 hours just to take a shower you know.

I and your mother have been talking and we feel that it is time. That you move out of the basement, find a real job (delivering news papers once a week does not count) and seek a psychologist help.

Your mother said that she is tired of cooking for you. Cleaning up the basement and finding your dildos, nipple clamps, and what I had to explain to her, what a butt plug was.

Aren’t you tired of being a loser yet?

Go Fuck Yourself!

Love, user

go on?

You're in High School. That's all that needs to be said.

more likely that the butthurt faggot that got told and is acting like a crybaby and cant prove his point is the little highschooler (that means you).

Not hearing a denial.

What's your favorite subject Junior? Do you like home ec? Or are you more of a Glee Club Kid?

This is the way forward. Need the assistance of people who actually live in Barcelona if ever gonna find her

This thread is fucking retarded

Grown fucking adults can be just as big as a loser as a highschool student

>user doesn't want mommy's milkies

user, this is cringy af coming from an oldfag such as yourself. It is time for you to move on to another site where you can spread your cringe.

Attention whore #546

Fuk off faggit. That shit happens. Some have to get breast reductions to avoid being a hunch back in their old age

She's in Spain, at least she was when the photo was taken

faggest faggot to ever fag

Accusing people of being retarded without explaining way makes you look even more retarded.

I want to torture her......


itt we change subject every to replies

Fake tits aren't my thang.

OP is a faggot

You've ruined the thread you ducking dope.

HEY Sup Forums!! This piece of shit just ruined an entire thread with his autistic retardation.

Close your laptop, turn off your phone and throw that sorry excuse for a PC out the window because you have just been permabanned from the internet, guy.

It's time to buck up and look at yourself in the mirror. If you think you can become a master then think again buddy. Your life is about to get waay more difficult because I am on my way to find you and teach you a lesson. When I get to you I will release the skills that I've honed for the past 3 and a half years. I've become a black belt in 27 different martial arts. Some that haven't even been discovered by modern science yet. That's right I've ascended past the normal level of power that regular humans can achieve. And now it's time to put it to use. Watch your back buddy because you won't have it for much longer.

The place of the photo: