Get into work today before anyone else. (7 AM)

Get into work today before anyone else. (7 AM).

Finish a special project for the manager.

Manager comes in at 11 with his squash gear still on.

Project was due for 9 AM.

I emailed it to him at 8:30, texted him that it's done and put the hardcopy in his in tray outside of his office door.

He calls me into his office and wants an explanation as to why it's late. I explain the above and that it isn't late.

He asks why I have this self entitled issue and why all millennials are so reliant on technology. As I'm leaving his office he says I wouldn't survive a day in the 1980s corporate world...

Wtf is wrong with baby boomers??

Does your cunt have retarded baby boomers!?

Fucking reeee

wage cuck

You basically told your manager that he's wrong. Worst move one can make.

What are you then?

But he was fucking wrong! Reeeee. Hate that Jewish piece of shit.

proud NEET

I honestly think wage cuck is a step above neet. But that's just me.

That's what you get for being a leaf

call your union and sue him?

good goy

We are all leafs
I might have to go to HR. But anytime anyone has ever gone to HR to complain about this guy they have gotten fired.

I've been with this company for 5 years now and I'm easily their best financial analyst. I've done so many 60 hour weeks for this jew that's it's crazy.

How will you ever afford to buy stuff?

Record his temper, timestamp pictures and the office clock and date, keep doing this for a month or two. Collect evidence.

people being dicks? sounds like an average workplace for me

Yeah my old man recommended the same thing. I'll try.

And make sure the person you're about to send the complains and evidence to are not his friends as well. All the best!

>But he was fucking wrong!
welcome to the worst thing about wagecucking. Just be subservient to his face and laugh behind his back if you have to. Or better yet, do your best (which you've already been doing to a certain extent), have a cheesily over the top buoyant attitude and get promoted.

when you work better than your boss, expect to be belittled and dragged down, you are a candidate for his position

What's your profession? Sounds like a horrible place to work my man.

I'm a financial analyst at a top consulting company. My job pays very well. My team is pretty cool. But upper management is cancerous.

Last year I was on vacation in Europe and constantly got harassed by my manager to get shit done for him. I didn't even have a laptop with me. So fucked. He doesn't give a fuck either. Has been divorced 3 times. Is definitely fucking his secretary who is about 30...He's 60. Talks about going to clubs on weekends and dropping thousands on blow and hookers. Dude is fucked.

HR complaint.. do it

>little leaf gets raked

He sounds like a narcisstic asshole with a distorted view of reality, who uses people and throws them away like trash once they're not of use to him anymore.

Watch out for him. If you're trying to bring him down, device a proper, well thought out, plan.

Fuck I hate him so much.

Lemme guess, his favorite movie is Wolf of Wall Street and he drives either a Merc E-class or a Land Rover

im guessing G mercedes

Oh yeah, G-class but never off-roads and consistently drives in low gear to show off the revs whenever he's parking in front of the office

Just get promoted and replace him or something equivalent
That's how he probably did too.

He drives a G63 and an M3

Just dont be like him when you get older and waste your life.

Your manager probably also has a tiny prick, just collect evidence like others have said and fuck him.
Take consolation in him being an old dipshit who has wasted his life.

That makes complete sense, the guy must still think he's 23 and a wild animal
Turn signals must be less used than the condoms in his wallet

Wrong leaf bud

Yeah he does. He was just last week telling people how he went to PerĂº and did the ayahuasca retreat in Peru then went and did Macchu picchu and did some sand boarding and shit. Dude is fucked.

Well he sounds like a massive douche, but the only advice I can give you is to make friends with your boss's boss, that way if any conflict arises, you won't just get dismissed. You don't even have to be friends, just prove to his boss that you're trustworthy and a good worker, and just seem like a decent guy. Don't let your boss find out though, because then he'll see it as a power grab and crack down on your ass.

I'll see what I can do man. I'm already looking for other jobs. Thing is this is a great company and I do this job extremely well. But oh well.

Thanks all!