How did you lose your virginity?

Leo Stewart
Leo Stewart

How did you lose your virginity?

Bonus points for >greentext

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Julian White
Julian White

I didnt

Liam Flores
Liam Flores

got girlfriend
put my penis inside of her vagina
no longer virgin

Brody Allen
Brody Allen

be me
17 years old, in high school
only dated one grill previously (Muslim grill, don't know why she dated me since I made 9/11 joke in her face and got promptly slapped a month before we dated)
anyways dating qt3.14 black girl
dating for a week in senior year
is also virgin
afraid to hug or hold hands
attempting to do so makes her excited and usually run away
month in
ask her if she wouldn't mind sending nudes
" I don't know user, I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet"
brainstorm so hard it kills everyone in my mental equivalent of New Orleans
remember newest pokemon games releasing in fall
both of us enjoy the pocket monsters
suggest that we make a bet for whoever wins battle gets what they want, in my case being nudes
"O-ok user, then I'll do your makeup"
shake hands on agreement
think this is it, but I didn't know better


Lincoln Powell
Lincoln Powell

proceed to kiss
ask her if she wants to go fuck
go fuck

she was wasted too, we got interrupted half way through (by the guy whos bed we were using)

alienated/astranged by her forever since after

eventually get gf cumbucket of 4 years after who takes the pill like a champ
all holes

Austin Martinez
Austin Martinez

more Sup Forumsratha

Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez

I haven't

Colton Torres
Colton Torres
i learned

Levi Lopez
Levi Lopez

More user

Brody Powell
Brody Powell

be 13
hang out with ex gf (14) as friends regularly
ex says the want to lose virginity to me
didn't want to waste it on their current bf
in their basement
their friend in about 10ft away in a rocking chair keeping watch
on a mattress on the floor with no sheets just a blanket
cabin fever playing on the tv
go for it with no lube
she's obviously in pain
whisper to her something that still makes me cringe into orbit to this day
"sorry, I know I'm big"
cum in 3 pumps
get scolded upstairs by her parents because she has hickeys
hickeys are from their boyfriend but take the heat anyway

Grayson Peterson
Grayson Peterson

fat chick raped me I was 10

Isaiah Ramirez
Isaiah Ramirez


Easton Powell
Easton Powell


Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas

Dated a Jehovah witness girl
Slowly her hormons took over
fucked her on the couch in the living room

Ian Green
Ian Green

a another month goes by
month had been filled with teasing and shit talking
sitting at lunch
see gf walk proudly and sit down in front of me, the confidence and arrogance in her movement not lost on me
chat starts casual but then devolved into shit talking about the bet
" Oh user, you're going to have to wear this makeup after I win and make you my bitch"
not really concerned at this point as I'm pretty decent at the games
begin thinking of ways to take advantage of her new round arrogance
i want it all
suggests we raise our stakes
"Alright fine. You're going to lose anyways, what do you want"
tell her I want to fuck her ass
" W-w-what?? Why w-would you want to fuck my ass?"
say because I don't want to get her pregnant
really because I have a fetish for anal sex
"F-fine, but if I win I'm going to strapon your ass"
asshole tightens
but the prize on the other side is glorious
shake hands and agree to new covenant

Continued in next post

Evan Sullivan
Evan Sullivan

Was dating this cheerleader for almost a year & she was way too good. Did love to give/receive oral & her parents were cool but I was 15 & wanted sex. I broke up with her & went home to hang with friends. My little league coach's daughter came over & told me she had a crush on me and was waiting for me to break up with my gf. We went up to my bedroom, started fucking around and that's when I lost my virginity. Dated her for a couple weeks but she was kinda crazy & I was beginning to look back at the cheer & dance squad girls. The first girl was 1/2 Mexican but actually really hot.

Henry Anderson
Henry Anderson

So you lose your anal virginity then because fucking a girls ass ain't the same

William Morris
William Morris

i haven't

Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez

Got a prostitute when I was 20 to avoid the road down to wizardry

Justin Long
Justin Long

HA HA HA the joke's on you, I'm still virgin!!

Gavin Richardson
Gavin Richardson

You could have been Gandalf

Robert Young
Robert Young

be me
be age 12
have a mentally challenged 15 year old kinda girlfriend
she and her sister babysit me and my cousin
start to kiss and play with 15 year old girlfriend
accidentally penetrate
be confused about what just happened
Go watch south park marathon and never speak about it again
later in life cousins all brag about losing their virginities
realize you beat them in age
feels good man

Leo Turner
Leo Turner

Yeah, I know they're different, but as far as popping my cherry this is how it went. Pic related.

spend next month meticulously planning so shit doesn't get literally pushed in
im good but not willing to risk it
at the same time, gf finds out im not complete shit at the game
begins trying to get out of bet, also worried about getting shit pushed in
" W-well I never signed anything! So I don't have to do it!"
trying to think what do
my sixth grade level brain comes up with plan
sitting in calc
place signature on a line
ask her to see hers so I can see how cute it is
stares at paper for what seems like eternity
finally, pen meets paper
fill in details of a bullshit contract above our signatures
show her later
physically see her psyche shatter at this bullshit agreement that wouldn't stand up anywhere
gives in to the bet
soon after word gets around school
talking to other students I didn't even know existed asking me what the fuck the "battle bet" is
use this to my advantage
she becomes aware that everyone knows now
tell her everyone will remember her as the girl who got assfucked over a Pokémon battle
eyes widen in realization that this was to be her legacy if she lost
the date looming ahead approaches

Continued in next post

Jaxson Torres
Jaxson Torres


Henry Adams
Henry Adams

Be hanging out with friend's gf alot
Been picking up signals but half-ignoring them.
One night we go to a mutual friend's house for drinks and smokes.
Get a little drunk.
Mutual friend goes to sleep leaving the two of us awake.
I claim the larger couch cause I'm taller and stuff.
She wanted that one and ends up just lying on top of me.
We talk and drink for a while longer, sexual tension building.
Made out for a bit.
She says she's really horny.
Me too, but morals!
Eventually, I give up holding back and tell her the decision is hers.
Proceed to leave the room and fuck in the next room for a long time.
I didn't cum but she did twice.

We ended up fucking maybe once a week or once every two weeks for the next 2 months. She eventually felt guilty and told my friend, her bf, about it all. She and I are still friends with a posibility of romantic involvement though.

Charles Ramirez
Charles Ramirez

be me
Ex gf at time lied to me and broke it off for some chick
Super depressed
Try tinder
Match with 7/10
Go on dates
She says she only sex on third date
I'm cool with this, I'm honest and depressed so I'm pretty laid back
Actually show her a good time on date
Car doesn't start and she calls an Uber to take us to her car
We hold hands in her back seat during a thunderstorm
I try my luck and kiss
She even kisses back harder
Move my open hand to her pussy
"Lean back user"
I lay back and she unzips my pants
Oh shit, second bj ever, but not cumming because I have high stamina from jerking off so often.
She starts to move over my cock
She puts me in her, in the back seat of her Buick.
Holy shit this feels good
Start to thrust
Her moans fill the car and it gets sweaty and the windows fog up.
She tells me, "cum for me Daddy"
Is autistic at the moment and asks "I thought you had a date rule?"
She said I'm not like other guys
Turn her on her back and slam into her, face drenched in sweat.
Tell her I'm cumming
She takes it all inside
Panic, but she says she's on the pill.
Watch more of the forgotten storm
Run by a friend's place and borrow jumper cables
Head back to car and start it
She wants to fuck again Thursday.
Still depressed, but much happier now.
This was on Friday so I'm still getting over the liar and this chick is pretty fucking sweet.

Nicholas Turner
Nicholas Turner


Robert Evans
Robert Evans

Was the friend watching the whole thing?

Wyatt Turner
Wyatt Turner


Jaxon Ramirez
Jaxon Ramirez

Cool story bro

Ryder Hill
Ryder Hill

We were both young and in love the relationship ended up lasting for years. Started out pretty innocently with a kiss then making out. Over about two weeks i think it escalated into me fingering her. I didn't really rub her clit because i dont know what the fuck i'm doing. It's really hard to get privacy since everytime we're at each others place we have to keep the door open. Moms come up with every excuse to stop by and ask how we're doing. We start regularly going to school after hours for heavy petting make out sessions. Get caught a few times in compromising positions by janitorial staff they know what's going on but give us a pass. Then she packs a backpack full of blankets and we go up on a second floor balcony at the school. It's a cove in such a way as you can hear people coming. Lay out the blanket pop condom on and start going at it. I remember how much I couldn't feel my own dick compared to fapping. She was in a lot of pain said her sides hurt a lot. I lasted for a long time and we just ended up stopping after awhile. We eventually got really good at sex but the first time was pretty unremarkable in terms of enjoyment for us both.

Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson

fuck off poetic cunt

Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson

I had the same experience when it came to sex after fapping for years. Is this common?

Luis Nguyen
Luis Nguyen

Hurry up faggot

Jaxson Butler
Jaxson Butler

games are acquired
beat it in three days for maximum team prep time, only condition being we have to use what we beat the league with
she takes one month
during that time, she gathers support as the underdog
tfw im Ivan Drago and she's Rocky
everyone wants me to lose so I get my ass ruined
lunch time around December
eyes lock
friend group notices and gathers
it's on
we setup and connect and pick our teams
the battle itself isn't worth mentioning
she got btfo
silence befalls her support as the person they knew now becomes a person marked for dick
stand up
tell her we can work out the details of how I fuck her ass later
bell rings
everyone leaves for class and she is still silent
after school we begin discussing over text>
give her a month to prep her ass
she starts with fingers and moves up in size
she begins to find pleasure in being embarrassed about it
still doesn't want to admit she's into it now
Valentines Day rolls around

Continued in final post

Sebastian Hill
Sebastian Hill

Sometimes depends.
Fappening can sometimes make you last longer fampai.

Colton Smith
Colton Smith

wtf how am i poetic lol

Probably comes from fapping too much. For years and multiple different relationships I had trouble having satisfying sex using condoms. No condom no problem though.

Nathan Young
Nathan Young

14 years old
At a campsite
Drinking with older bros friends
Had more beers than I was years old
Bitch was more than twice my age
Bitch was more than thrice my size
Bitch was the only bitch there
Tryna crash in a tent because drunk
She crawls the fuck in
*Can substitute "crawls" for "thunders"
"Grab my tits, user" as her shirt slides up
Grabbed em. They was ugly as hell.
She took her pants off.
First time smelling pussy. Shit was rank
Humped this fat bitch raw and busted a nut inside her after like 90 seconds.
"I'm on the pill."
Exit the tent.
Bro and his friends are laughing their asses off.
Bros friend climbs in the tent and sloppy seconds her

Never saw her again, only reason she was there was because she was old enough to buy us beer

Gavin Howard
Gavin Howard

I didn't lose it. I left it up someone's vagina.

Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas

go someplace with gf
decide to buy condoms
go home
benis in vagoo
both lose virginity

Kayden Martinez
Kayden Martinez

Bump for story

Eli Bennett
Eli Bennett


Anthony Price
Anthony Price

No need to be jealous user

Christian Brooks
Christian Brooks

after picking up various gifts, got to her house for Valentine's Day
greets me at door
can see it in her eyes shes ready
invited in
mom asks if I want anything to eat
say no, don't wanna be distracted from my prize
sit down on living room couch, her family is upstairs
we watch netflix for a bit
Hot Fuzz? not really important
grab her thigh to my left and ask her if she's ready
she nods
we start making out and I'm rubbing her tits under her shirt
she let's out these quiet, high pitched moans and gasps
say she's a slut
"N-no that's not me!!"
ask her what she's doing then
we move from the couch to the floor
while making out she attempts to undo my pants with her virgin hands
do it for her because she's taking forever
begins to mouth my cock
wet and warm
feels good
suddenly pain
tell her to try and use less teeth
"Oh I'm s-sorry user!"
rest is servicable
on to main course
no lube so grab hand lotion from bathroom
lube up my cock
she sees and pulls down her pants and waits for me bent over on the foot stool
begin lubing her ass up she tenses up then relaxes
she starts getting into it when I finger her ass
ask her if she likes it
"I mean it's okay I guess..."
you what bitch
finger deeper so she gasps and moans harder
"Fine! I want it! Give it to me!"
so I press my cock against her lubed up hole

Continued in next post, thought this would be final but going on long

Jaxson Morgan
Jaxson Morgan

Fapping makes you last longer, wut

Wyatt Jackson
Wyatt Jackson

Prolonged wanking can mean the sensitivity isnt as great meaning you last longer

Aiden Gomez
Aiden Gomez

Shit I thought regular Fapping would have made you worse since the amount of stimulus your exposed to

Julian Young
Julian Young

said her sides hurt a lot

Because she was laughing at your wee wee

Nathan Rogers
Nathan Rogers


slowly slide cock in her bhole
"Ohhhhhhhh fuck"
after I get it balls deep in her ass, I start working it while she tightly grips the stool her front half is rested on
"Oh shit user mmmmmmmmm just fuck my ass"
ask her if she's my butt slut
" Fuck yeah I'm your fuckin butt slut"
dick is diamonds
begin pounding that ass so it makes that really satisfying skin clapping sound
hands around hips feed her ass my cock watching each individual ripple travel across her thick blacks as cheeks with every thrust I make
" Oh shit baby I think I'm gonna a cum"
accuse her of being a slut who actually enjoys cock in her bitch ass
" Yeah I fucking love it!!!"
lean over tops of her back while I fuck her doggystyle so can nibble this bitches earlobe like Mike Tyson
ask her is she's a little bitch who's gonna cum from being fucked in the ass
" Mhm I'm a little bitch who loves a thick cock in her ass!! Oh shit!!!"
then she started to moan as her pussy started to have a flash flood around her legs
the rest of sex is more of this and I didn't cum in her until sex at a later date
when she's finally done taking my pole in her shit box we both get back on the couch and cuddle as she tells me it was her best Valentine's Day gift

For the user who mentioned losing my virginity in her vagoo, that happened not too long after in the back of my car in a park and go. Both still dating each other after three years and now she's into call me daddy with race play and shit.

Hunter Roberts
Hunter Roberts

She was older and so easy it made me think all girls got easy at a point.

Zachary Rodriguez
Zachary Rodriguez

Yeah... when I become sexually active again, I'm going to go no-fap for this reason. It sucked not being able to cum. I always felt bad thinking that the girl thought she wasn't pleasuring me.

John Rogers
John Rogers

Exactly as user above said decreased sensitivity ensures no cumming early

Thus last longer.

Brandon Russell
Brandon Russell

be me
Have best friend named Carl
He was shorter than me, but 3 years older
On his older bros computer
We find gay porn
We laugh at it
Make jokes like "Your brother's gay are you gay too?"
He calls me gay for watching it.
We had a convo I can't for the life of me remeber
about deep shit, I cried.
He told me I was the little brother he never had
vice versa
one thing led to another and we where fucking each others ass.

Kinda fucked me up bad, anons.

Bentley Campbell
Bentley Campbell

Sounds like he fucked you up bad user

Jacob Ward
Jacob Ward

8 years old, sister's 12. Ended up fucking her for nearly 4 years. Damned lucky she didn't end up pregnant. I did get pretty good at eating out pussy, though. Still tastes like an armpit.

Sebastian Russell
Sebastian Russell

back then i thought it was a mistake but now i just dont care

Angel Roberts
Angel Roberts

Do you guys ever bring it up?

Levi Baker
Levi Baker

And did they?

Lincoln Reed
Lincoln Reed

Once, a few years ago. Mostly just cried and hugged each other. She's got three kids and a husband now, didn't end up nearly as fucked up as I did. I was just a kid who didn't know what to do with my dick, though I was getting boners way too early. I've spent most of my adult life fucking along, seeking redemption and acceptance. Now I'm single and too introverted to have a normal relationship.

Jace Bennett
Jace Bennett

be me
16 years old
fat ugly gf for a few months. hey, handjobs are quality
finally agrees to fuck
on parents couch, no parents home
makes me wear 2 condoms & doesn't let me cum

later breakup & I get with a 15 yr old slut with huge tits & we fuck like rabbits all summer long.

Colton Moore
Colton Moore

15 at the time
best friend lives next door
his mother, about 40, is considered a "tramp"
his father died when he was young and mom stays out many nights
dresses slutty
his mom and mine grew up in that neighborhood and belonged to the same gang when they were young, so close
my mother is more of a mother to him
I get him to school every day
go over to his house one night to hang and he's not home
friend's mother is home, having a drink
leather miniskirt, knee-high boots, almost see-through blouse, blond hair, nice body
she starts telling me how much she appreciates what I do for her son and how he's be a disaster without me and my mother taking care of him
she starts asking personal questions like do I have a girlfriend, do I like girls, etc...
takes my hand and brings me into the bedroom and tells me to lay on her bed
opens my pants and starts blowing me
I'm too shocked to say anything. virgin so never had anyone touch my cock before and it feels great
she gets me hard and climbs up on me, pulls her panties to the side and slides my cock into her
rides me for about 30 seconds until I blow my load inside her
she tells me to never tell my mother since my mother would probably stab her

tl;dr - lost my virginity to my best friend's slutty mother

Dominic Walker
Dominic Walker

want to be a wizard
I didn't lose my virginity

Austin Richardson
Austin Richardson

If true, I have nothing but admiration for you sir.

Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark


Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson

it took a year to gauge the effort meter

Nicholas Ross
Nicholas Ross

be 16
work at vans store in mall
think I'm extra cool
get discounts on tickets to warped tour
go to warped tour, deck in all my freshness
go to smoke weed in handicapped Porta potty
random girl invites herself, she's easily 19-20
while smoking I awkward try to flirt
she says I came in here alone with you stop trying to fuck me, just fuck me
pull my dick out, she sucks till its hard enough
pushes me onto the toilet seat
reverse cowgirl me, tell he I'm gonna cum
she just rides harder
fucking creampie oozing all over my Black shorts.
she pulls up her panties and just walks out
run into my friends later, laugh at me that there are jizz stains on my shorts

Tyler Sanchez
Tyler Sanchez

Absolutely true. Never told my friend either.

Sad though that he grew up really with only me and my mother taking care of him. Dinners, homework, guidance, friendship. It's the least his mother could do.

Camden Nelson
Camden Nelson

be teen
meet girl
she doesnt think im a virgin (got good at pretending i wasnt one)
after a few dates start making out
put my hand into her pants and finger her
she removes her panties, seems surreal I'm about to lose virginity
insert cock
feel nothing because of nerves
fuck for like an hour because i cant feel anything
finally finish from a bj
probably made her believe i wasnt a virgin because it took me forever to cum however i was probably noob as

I'm glad I can feel sex now though

Hudson Gutierrez
Hudson Gutierrez

had sex

Lucas Myers
Lucas Myers

no way user

Jason Jones
Jason Jones

used to be a lardass neckbeard
conservative Christian family
lost a ton of weight my junior year of high school
first girl ever talks to me after the weight loss
chubby freshman covered in piercings and an arm tattoo
already had like 8 previous sexual partners
decide to ask her out
we hook up not sex, but the other stuff
the time is now. Time to lose that vCard
plan a really elaborate date
Valentine's day
call out of work
reservations at a nice Italian restaurant
show up at her house with flowers and candy
go see some romantic comedy
makeout the whole time
dinner, sit on the same side of the table
makeout the whole time
on our way back from dinner I pull off in some abandoned parking lot right near the highway
she's really into exhibitionism/pda
start making out
user, I have to tell you something. I'm on my period
Keep making out
user was have to stop. I'm already too horny and i don't want to have sex while I'm on my period
making out continues
Alright fuck it
she pulls her panties off under her skirt
opens my car door and rips her tampon out
I'm like hold on I think I have some sheets in the trunk
lay the sheets down on the seat
look down to see blood slowly oozing from her snatch
severely blood makes me pass out
can't even get an erection all I can think about is the blood
go in floppy
have 32.3333...seconds of mind blowing sexual intercourse in the missionary position
nut inside
pull out and look at my blood covered genitalia
filled with disgust and shame
Don't worry user you'll get better at it

Bentley Evans
Bentley Evans

clean up with my lucky Spider-Man underwear
toss them in the back seat
throw the sheet covered in blood in some bushes behind where we were parked
begin to disembark
Um wtf is wrong with your car
oh fuck
flat tire
Do you have a spare?
don't even have a car jack
call my mom
she calls my dad
he shows up
his spare doesn't fit
mom shows up
she calls my grandparents who just so happen to be in the area
they show up
their spare doesn't fit
dad calls my uncle
he shows up
starts to rain
car jack starts sinking into the mud
there are now 5 cars in this abandoned lot which is also private property
starting to get dark
introduce Christian family to my periced girlfriend? that I just fornicated with
they try to hide their disgust
police show up
spotlight on everything
surrounding area
family's cars
my car
What's going on here?
try to explain the flat and that were leaving
finally get the tire changed
Next time find another place to park
cop leaves
family leaves
well that could have been worse
Just take me home user
as I go to pull out I notice something had blown out of the bushes and entangled itself in the fence behind where I was parked
sheet covered in blood
bloody Spider-Man underwear still sitting in the back seat

Benjamin Ward
Benjamin Ward

yeah, but lost virginity so all OK, right?

Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett

This must be the peak of how embarrassed you can get.

William Watson
William Watson

We ended up dating for like 6 months. Great sex in retrospect. Really kinky. I broke up with her after she tries convincing me to impregnate her, and i caught her trying to smear a used condom on her snatch.

Gabriel Powell
Gabriel Powell

Pretty much. Still gets brought up at family functions to prolong the shame.

Justin Myers
Justin Myers

A couple weeks ago my friend told me to talk to this girl so I did and a few days later we fucked in my friends basement

William Lewis
William Lewis

I fucked a warm kiwi fruit, creampied it, and ate it

Ian Parker
Ian Parker

WIth pic related when i was 15 (23 now).

Drove out of state for me because we met on myspace. Did the deed and hung out for a week. I came in like 2 mins but continued to smash cause I had a condom on. We were both drunk

Connor Miller
Connor Miller

I lost it at an Illuminati chateau.

Adrian Clark
Adrian Clark

Not so special but as a teen, its something to brag and make you proud..

Be me, 14, went on a night swimming in a public pool/water park. tagged along with my sister's officemates, dont know anybody, went to explore the place by myself, met a girl about mid 20's, said hi/hello then moved along coz im autist. About an hour i went on the top of the water slide,dimmed light but nice view, she is there sitting by her self abit drunk, told mo to sit beside her, exchanged few conversation then started kissing, fingering then im inside her, 10 seconds later im done, she freaked out that i came inside her but then she smiled and left, im a bit embarrased but felt proud at the same time. I didnt even asked her name.

Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson

Anal virginity story? I let some fat guy fuck me even though I didn't want it.
19, sophomore in college
roommate has friend over, extremely flamboyant faggot
makes moves on me and roommate the whole day
I know the guy is into me, but I want none of it so I beg my friend to stay in the room once it gets late.
lol no, I can go fuck myself
night comes, roommate gives faggot friend his bed and goes to sleep with his girlfriend
alone with this guy, he starts immediately feeling me up, trying to kiss me, looks through my shit and finds my dildo
I passively try to resist it all, buckle my belt every time he tries to take it off, move my face away when he leans in for a kiss
puts his cock next to my face, I ignore it
eventually he gets me naked and dresses me up in rainbow stockings and panties
he sucks my dick, says he doesn't have a condom
neither do I
who cares about AIDS I guess, get on my bed and he fucks me in the ass
doggy, missionary, what have you
hurts at first even though I've stretched myself out
I'm on my back and he's pounding away, I see his man tits hanging down
absolutely disgusting
end up telling him to cum inside while I jerk myself off on my chest
little brown when he pulls out, fuck.
wash sheets, shower, go to sleep.
The end. I was still in the closet at this point and asked him not to tell anyone, of cours e he fucking did. Haven't spoken to him since.

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