NFL General: your mock draft sucks edition

FA:49ers release CB Tramaine Brock after arrest
SF:Tramaine Brock arrested in Santa Clara
LAR:Rams land ex-Bill Nickell Robey-Coleman
PIT:Not done yet: Roethlisberger to play in 2017
CLG:Bills GM 'in love' with Deshaun Watson?
SEA:Report: Sherman initially asked to be traded
CLG:Texans to target quarterback at pick No. 25?
NYJ:Jets may still move Eric Decker before season
NYJ:Jets still likely to deal Sheldon Richardson?
SEA:Trevone Boykin arrested again on Thursday
CIN:Marvin Lewis not expecting contract extension
FA:Greg Hardy taking part in 'spring league'

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Corey davis to eagles. Book it. Unstoppable offense.

Go Hawks.

Browns will do something.

yfw the $(ers take him at #2

Aaron Rodgers~

>CIN:Marvin Lewis not expecting contract extension


Vegas Dynasty

Marvin Lewis is the best coach the Bengals had in the past 20 years.

yall niggas better relax


We comin for 6 and 7 bitch you can't beat us. Go Pats.

thats a nice outfit
clearly gay

>defense's pick sixes carried him to his only owl
>the only man to lead a 15 win team to a one and done
>cried when Brett Favre made fun of him in the locker room
>run out of the play offs twice by Colin Kaepernick
>throws 2 INTs and loses after being gifted 5 turn overs by his defense against Seattle
>needed a hail mary play to beat the former 0-16 Detroit Lions
>lost the division to the Vikings led by a man with no knees
>lost in the divisional round to the team with the current longest championship drought in sports team history
>btfo by Matty "blow a 25 point lead" Ice
>zero SB appearances since 2011

is he finished?



as soon as they sign serviceable CB's, ILB's, and RG+LG I will

Whatever happened to Lake and Dynasty? Did they commit suicide after the Owl?

Rodgers made the smart move in dumping Munn with her surgery addiction

Not hard when your only competition is Bruce Coslet and Dick LeBeau

True. Anyone is better than them. Except Rod Marinelli.

That's like saying I'm the best son my mother has had in the last 20 years
and my brother was just convicted for possession of cocaine so

If you were to combine both LA teams you would have one team probably go 10-22.

>yfw you realize munn was the cancer not his family
>broke up somewhere around the run the table stretch, waited until the offseason to go public
>godgers unlocked last season, throwing 22 tds without an int, went 9-0 against 5 playoff teams
>fucking pissed about the nfccg, learned he can only trust himself
we're gonna see another 15-1 regular season boys

>Dreaming packers fan can't wake up

>I'm dreaming the packers are the most consistent team in the NFC
oh wait that isn't a dream :)
Have fun worrying about your playoff spot friend

Yeah, consistently choking in the playoffs.

look on the bright side, we always have the regular season to look forward to, friend

>Consistently beating up an awful division entitles you an arrogant attitude
B4 Detroit this year there was no competition.

just finished watching the owl again
those catches on both sides were just fucking clutch. that gloom and dread when the comeback was forming.
who do we blame for the patriots turning the AFC into their punching bag?
bill and brady or the AFCE? shouldn't the AFCE take a lot of the blame?

Teams that have home games in London should have a choice for where they want their bye week. At least give those teams that literally give up a home game every year some sort of compensation for doing so

this much choking is a statistical anomaly seeing that they aren't just guaranteed a spot by being decent. All other three NFCN teams have been to the playoffs since 2010, and the packers have been to 3 NFCCGs since then too. Rodgers has another 6 years to play. That could be 2 more SB appearances if they can get a core team (which they almost have)


the packers beat the more playoff teams going into the playoffs than anybody else did last year
what's the problem?

I literally don't know why people think he's so good

only P*ts sack riders and faggots think that

Wow he had a pass knocked down by a probable HoF player what a shit QB

I really hope that the iggles dont draft any offensive players with their first pick, unless fournette somehow drops to 14, I don't think davis/cook/mccaffrey are worth it.

Foster slipping down to 14 would be my pipe dream, but I would love Barnett otherwise.

whats with bill simmon rights picking the most useless and irrelevant details and assigning them a big number that is said to make or break a player

*blocks your path*

Yes. That year was an anomaly.

Dubs decides which teams QB has a season ending injury and gets replaced by Tony Romo who leads them to a Superbowl win

but that year was an "off" year for the packers?
what's the problem??

Will the Jaguars finally turn the corner this year?

Now that Rodgers has broken up with Munn im not sure we can continue saying that its "probable" that Araon Rodgers likes women. I feel some doubt creeping in.







He stays retired


>implying either LA team will win more than four games

it's the fucking packers isn't it

>tfw 1 off

Is Earl a top 5 defensive player?
The Seahawks looked so fucking dogshit after he went on IR

Undeniable proof packer fans are cucks.

Is he dressed as a leaf undercover shopping in a Target?

The white babies clearly have psychic abilities judging by their enhanced cranial structure

Aaron Rodgers is a homosexual and a fraud.

>all these missed digits
it's clearly the fucking Viqueens

What do you think the cost for Sherman will be? And will you stop watching football if the Pats somehow get him?

ya'll already know it's the browns

the pats giving up a first rounder would be to much for him desu

Good luck on the Browns, Tony!

Have they finally attempted to contact Justin Blackmon? If not, then no because they are still dysfunctional as fuck. BET YOU FUCKERS WISH YOU HADN'T CANNED JACK DEL RIO NOW HUH?

Operator? Get me repeating digits

jesus can you be any fucking worse

Your phone is dead.

Sorry lads

this is how you get digits you pathetic fucking idiot

ok Sup Forums go fuckyourself that could have been a moment

You ready for Tony to tell funny stories about having gay sex with Witten and wiping his boogers on Coach Garrett?

>wiping boogers on other members of your franchise

Who does this?

>followed by another 1 and dun

There's literally no way to be mad at that

How does /nfl/ feel about Jeff Garcia?


I feel like Jeff Garcia and Aaron Rodgers would get along swimmingly

Okay so how about as a former player

Solid. Unshakably solid. Stodgy too.

Kevin King will be gone by 32

Is there anywhere to actually watch the spring league games? I wanna watch K2 ball out


>Calvin Johnson unretires
>joins pats

bill is waiting to pull the rug on the league :^)

>OWL 51

I watch that shit almost weekly. Just to see this dancing, talk shit owner nigga cry instead of dance.

Just to hear the announcers call Tom Brady "best eva" when he tied it.

Just to see Matt Ryan pacing non stop on the sideline like a dog about to be neutered, while pretending he aint worry.

Just to hear the announcer yell "they have completed the GREATEST comeback in superbowl

Just to see GOAT Brady turn GOAT by being clutch like 20 times in many miracle 3rd downs and 2 point conversions.

Just to see Giselle lose her shit for her GOAT man, and then look into his eyes lovingly, admiringly, and nurturing.

>linebacker when we have 3 solid and young linebackers
u wot m8

Charles Harris or TJ Watt if you're using a 4-3 Seahawks system?

TJ seems like he can play DE-OLB better than any of top edge rushers going in the first round and can be a Bennett type of player with more athleticism.

Harris is more athletic, better hands, and a better strong side pass rusher that draws double teams and will be an immediate starter.

>defensive player makes a tackle


Eagles will draft some new players and there is nothing you can do about it

Holy fucking shit, Puckers fans are literally this delusional


Which player are you?

>tfw Pats fan living in Atlanta

I will fucking NEVER get tired of the salt



Sorry to bother you, Jimmy

I too, have been a Patriots fan since march

>tfw Chargers fan living in North Florida
I wanna go back to being teamless again.


A pretty good QB whose career was sabotaged by Jed York.