Pajama Time edition


does pillows count?

requesting more prostitute samus

i prefer nightgowns myself

sure thing

Already did a mercy earlier so here ya go

You already got that big request delivered

I want to pull an all nighter.. but I know I shouldn't...

Nice my friend, thanks

Show us your tits


Requesting this girl being swallowed whole, alive, and head-first by a giant snake. Then to the side, show a cutaway of the girl entirely in the snake's stomach. Bonus if you show the snake slithering away with a bulging belly


yo, mind if I get you to draw some of your favorite cartoon characters?


Not yet

Hey, how are you doing?
What's your draw name friend?

sorry, only thursday. friday is another week out of grasp

Will never come.

I got you fam

Thank you famalam. Take your time.


Pussy but nipple tease. That's an interesting compromise. I'll take it, very nice.

I might be a terrible person, but the facial expression and looking down and away is really sexy.

me in the ass

requesting someone draw a gorilla with big big muscles who is flexing constantly and cant stop please thanks

do you ever think yoshi sniffs his eggs

this typing proper. hmmmmmm, cant determine.... but she can be a super tease if need be.

you're a prostitute

dawn best pokegirl

fuck that. cynthia is best pokegirl.

fuck that. nurse joy is the best pokegirl.

my name?.. hmm

feels like it dunnit?

It's easier for me to type properly. My mother would take away my computer for the day if I used poor grammar on the Internet when I was first using AOL at seven years old. Maybe it's harsh, but I ended up being an early reader and made a living writing.

If you're the artist, can I see her bent over with cheeks spread? That is a sexy demon.

How does Friday or Weekend sound for a name?

Pleasure to meet you hmmm. How are you doing?

It truly does friend... it truly does...

Good early morning everyone. How are we today?

wow my friend that is an excellent idea i cant wait to see any of these talented artists draw this magnificent picture. im sure everyone would be heartbroken if this was not drawn. please dont let this man down. draw this.

cynthia is ass and overrated, nurse joy is okay

Doing alright man. How are you doing?

i'll do this for you my friend. you're one of the first user-kuns to directly like this style
>>good feels

So, the night squad is woke?

thank you for agreeing.

Feeling really uninspired today user, but this is my favorite



No worries, but I must ask of you what is their name/series.
I'm not sure I've seen the character

Dub dub trips. Nice roll.

Yall that is Mercy from overwatch. Can put some more time on her if you want

here ya go. the body linework and roadhog himself is half assed, but I might go over it again later.

Envy? Is that you?

Well, I'm awake at this ungodly hour, but I feel fine.

I might take a request or two.

Oh! Duh, I haven't been concerned with overmeme for quite a bit now.
I won't push it if you won't, friend.
Honestly I would like to see some doodles of some other characters you like as well

Oh no I was thanking for the Mercy, good job on this piece too. I wasn't the OR for the hog

OR here, love it, thanks!

anal gape

Sup sidhe. I got a request for you. windrunner lewd if you want to

where are you?

>Ungodly hour
>I know that feel
Requesting some spicy ramen. Or just two people sitting down and playing chess

Yes yes, how late is the clock?

What can i say? Its my best roll tonight

I can be that envy for you , but only for tonight

>Where are you
I'm here. Just wanted to make some light conversation

Sidhe! What troubles your sleep to this point?

>down here

Alright, friend! I'll be more than happy to draw more charcters I like. ( sorry for spelling )

How late?
4:30 in the morning my friend

Step on me

Spelling is not my concern, knowing more about the draw people is mine

haha :)
what is windrunner? and i usually don't do porn
it could be a lot of things, but it's probably just the overwhelming apathy that's throttling my life

you guys are in here having fun but some people just come by for the cartoon assholes

I do hope that we can find something to rekindle your passion, friend.

Foot fetishist?

Wew, 1:45 in the morning, i dont know if its late or early

I forgot you mostly do badass stuff. well, draw whatever you like in its stead if you dont want to do it, im happy just seeing you on a thread after coming back again. if you want something SFW soldier76 is my man.

From last thread.

>Foot fetish
Just felt like I needed to be stepped on
I'm not a masochist either
I just feel like I deserve it
I don't derive pleasure from it

It makes me more than happy to hear that! heres another one. Can you guess his game?

Awesome work!


Very nice

That's my main man, heavy weapons guy

that ain't me fam


Heh it gets hard around 3:00 am for me

>can you guess his game?
is TF2 that dead? already?

Thanks! Still taking reqs?

Thanks man, saved

Yeh, buddy.

Thank you again, friend.
He is man of medicine, my revoked licensed doctor
How is the morning flowing for you, by the by?

Medic best class

Can I get some cuddles?

hey, can i request some helmets ?
i've been trying to draw this kind but it looks weird

Take a look at the community

Only maybe?
You've gotta have confidence in it, Sidhe.
How else will you walk down the darkened staircase of life?

How about this koopa girl getting groped in the butt?

do you do futa?

The matches are cut in half. it went from 32 players in each server to 13-17
Who needs a license?
And the morning is alright. My body hurts thats all.
I love his personality

Its been a while since i did a woke marathon, but i wont bother doing now, is it cold for ya?

Interesting and how does that make you feel

>Is it cold?
No it's not actually.
Kinda warm actually

tf2 has a lot of personality in the classes and what used to be players, really sad to see the community becoming smaller each year

With the skills available, I'd pay double to see him over a licensed doctor
Any particular origin to the pain, event wise and bodily? It is truly sad to see that game begin to perish.

>How does it make you feel
Heh 'feel'
At this point I don't really want to do anything besides persue my burning passion. But in the face of infinity. I feel like theres no point. Especially with the adversity I've had to endure in recent time