Voting Qualifications

Who should be able to vote and why Sup Forums?

I'm going to vote for her because she's the only sensible answer. Trump is a naive maverick, he would bring the country to the brink of ruin. I'm not voting for Sanders because I'm an adult. Johnson doesn't stand a chance. #ImWithHer

Anyone who is a legal American citizen.

>you should have a fair under standing of your candidate's policies.
>no voting based on muh feels

>being this blue-pilled

Fuck off shill

95+ IQ and some minimum level of property.

The IQ level because it allows for above average Blacks and Hispanics (Who are more likely to vote right) and slightly below average whites to vote while completely excluding subhuman trash who sneak into the US.

The minimum Property so that you have skin in the game, no matter who smart you are if there are no immediate negative consequences to your choices then you are less likely to care. Just look at Academia for a whole culture of no accountability.

Not good enough. Blacks and Hispanics have contempt for white America and know full well the democrats do as well.

A nation cannot survive with competing ethnic and cultural interests. Therefore, only white people should be allowed to vote.

>not having pride for your nation and vote trump

You should have to pass a test on the candidates and issues

You have to pass a test to drive, why not require a test to vote, and have children

Driving is a privilege. Voting is a right. That's why.

Must pay taxes and be a man. Women are more likely to vote for muh feels and if you don't pay taxes than you don't have a say

>Implying Hitler wasn't voted in

All rights are subject to some form of exception and voting is one

I disagree with driving and children. Some people may not be physically able to do either, or not want either. They may still know to vote for our God emperor, and every vote for him is a good one.

You don't think people should have to pass a test to drive?

>100 IQ+
>No women
>21 years old+
>Pay taxes
>Served at least 1 year national service/military service
>Not be on the National Cuckold List

Fair enough, but such exemptions should have very good reason.
>They'll vote for a Democrat! They're dumb! They're black!
Neither of those are THAT good tbqh. I'm not shilling I swear. It's just that not allowing someone to help decide their country's future is not a matter to be taken lightly.

tfw when trump supports Transgender bathroom rights

Broad who comitted multiple counts of graft off her charity.
Broad who used charity to sell uranium to russians
Anti gay marriage until 6 years ago
Used personal email to store and send top secret state intel...gets hacked...shrugs shoulders like retard.
Denied air support to joes; semi recreates blac hawk down
Supported segregation during civil rights movement.
People who have dirt on her found conveniently dead of "suicide", the latest of which who was going to testify against her was found with a shotgun round in his back. the most sensible choice...engage in self-terminative procedures retard.

A necessary play to help mitigate leftist slander, and snag a few more independents. We'll see how he reacts if an assault hits the big media. Perhaps he'll lean more towards a restriction, perhaps he'll double down. We just don't know.

Taxes are the best indicator of people who contribute. You shouldn't vote if you make more off the government than you give. Most people who do vote democrat so in a way there is always going to be a bias

my bad, I went full retard and thought you meant people needed those things to be able to vote.

White male land owners only.

Native-born American citizens with a minimum 2 years military experience.

No skin in the game, no right to influence policy. Also, that means a voting age of ~20 years old.

This also defeats progressive liberals, since their retarded and nonsensical policies literally require braindead retards, children, and welfare recipients to propagate.

Land Owner & 2 years military service.

That's honestly somewhat reasonable. Maybe I'm a faggot, but I think IQ requirements are unfair. That shit fluctuates a fair amount depending on the kind of test and where it is being given.


Natural citizens with legal immigrant parents so that they are more likely to only have loyalties to our country. Not only should you be 18 but you should also be required to have your high school degree.

As long as you arent at the end of the bell curve

Working taxpayers.

Taxpayers / Home-owners , and able to answer who is your states senator, questions relating to the bill of rights, etc.

Landowning men over 21 and they have to make at least $30,000 a year

Im voting Hillary because it is her turn. We need a woman President and she has the experience.

And possibly raising the voting age to 24

>over 21
Why though? I'm 20 and there, why can't I give Trump my vote?


Women and men over 25, must be married, have children, literate and up to date with taxes.

you are the type of person who should not be allowed to vote. Never vote for a president based off who they are, vote based off their policies.

yeah nah

Only those with highschool diplomas, and only those that do not receive welfare, disability, aid, food stamps etc.

Poll tests user, you need to be able to state a minimum amount of policies of each candidate running.

Can't you tell its bait

it's hard to tell sometimes. You never know when someone is actually a retard on the Internet. Like me.

How about this:
Each person has a balance sheet.
Taxes paid are positive.
Welfare collected is negative.

You only get a vote if you currently have paid more tax than you have collected in welfare.

What if you're a wheelchair fag? That's completely unfair. Welfare may also be a temporary thing, if the head of household is out of work. I totally agree with the diploma however.

Land owners, bussiness owners, married upstanding families, military/police/other emergency personal.

But what if all the people who own land, constantly vote to keep other people from owning land?

My girlfriend had a stroke, and was disabled because of it. Shes all there mentally, but still recovering physically and it will still be close to a year until she can walk without a walker, and then maybe another year until she can work again. In the meantime, I'll be damned if someone wants to take away our voting rights (or any other rights)

thats racist though

Can't vote to remove the right to buy land from the Constitution.

if you put a property law into effect nearly every stormcuck would be unable to vote, it would be unfair to many wealthy people who happen to live in areas where it is impossible to own land and benefit fat dumbfucks in Idaho or Montana

Definitely not women. Once women got the vote things went downhill from there. Women are too easy to manipulate. They base their judgement from muh feels instead of logic. This is an scientific fact and being as they are designed to be caretakers for children and the elderly. Men are the natural protectors of the family unit and the national identity.

Any tax paying american citizen not currently receiving welfare, food stamps, or any other form government assistance.

Anyone with IQ under 100.

Minimum income of 35k, maximum of 200k

No felony convictions.

No misdemeanor convictions within the last 5 years.

Must have a HS Diploma or GED

At least 18 and a legal US citizen, any other restrictions is unamerican and anti-freedom.

Restrictions on who votes is a part of American tradition. We should go back to those days.

Only property-owning whites

>A necessary play to help mitigate leftist slander

Nice try but no. He already dropped the deportation and Muslim ban bombs, hell being against trannies is a hell of a lot less controversial than those other two things. All we can do is assume he meant it.

anybody who isn't a leech to society. welfare, neets, felons, etc. shouldn't have a vote.