He romanticizes the 50s

>he romanticizes the 50s
>he literally believes his baby boomer mother didn't get wasted nightly and swallow dozens of loads before his father inseminated her
>he honestly thinks that his father didn't pump and dump multiple bar floozies by the time he was his age
>he doesn't understand why his father thinks he's a faggot

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I romanticise the 1850's desu lad

You expect pre sexual revolution women to act like post sexual revolution women? Seriously?

Baby boomers were like 10 years old in the 50's you fucking dipshit.

shh dont point that out it will trigger him

>he believes the peasants gave a fuck about victorian era morality
>he literally believes his great-great-great-grandfather wasn't spending his 20s plowing tavern wenches in a roach infested alley

Who cares if people were fucking. The 50s were the closest thing to Paradise America's ever experienced.

t. Autist

That's Frank Sinatra's daughter

This. They were always a few whores, but you're delusional if you think it was most women.

It's a bad of honour nowadays, check out how liberated my vagina, disregard the statistical impossibility of having a successful marriage, disregard how meaningless the creation of life has become for me.

The time for pity is over, all we have left for them is disappointment.

My mom was born in 1990 though

>he thinks that for millennia humans were fucking each other because they were actively considering marriage and "the creation of life"

Joke's on you. I romanticize Bronze Age Palestine.

Some people on Sup Forums are true virgins.

>not believing your great-great-great-grandmother didn't catch syphilis from your grandfather who was too beta to admit he was fucking whores, and didn't want to have sex with his wife.

>he doesn't know that I romanticise the 1750s

Indirectly admitting underaged leaf
> banned?

You're like Rainman without the aptitude or charisma

how are you even on this board

>tfw your dad was a total chad and spent all his time doing manly things and fucking bitches

Trolled u

Hello my son. Come back to momma. I'm done fucking Chads and nignogs and am back to raise you right!

Will you forgive me?

How do you think the Catholic church preached about sex? How about even early with priestesses of Venus and Aphrodite? Isis rituals?

What postmodernism did to women is disappointing, to them history began when the SCUMM manifesto was released.

Aptitude maybe, but I have charisma, just none of the will to use it. The failings of your culture are not my responsibility.

FYI I've never seen rainman.

Shit, you mean people had sex in the 50's? Fuck man that's definitely enough of a reason for me to think 2016 is better, societally.

who dat

Goodnight my mad king ;_;

>I have charisma, but none of the will to use it

-tips fedora-

Your Daily Reminder: Whores are absolute cancer.

Anybody who believes that shit is a fool.

The actual important difference between then and now is that back then it was a private thing and you would be shamed if those actions came to light, now it's publicly known and often encouraged behavior.

>People have always been filthy degenerates like me, they were just too oppressed by the patriarchy so they pretended to care about marriage and having families

I'm saying that as long as civilization has been in place there have been clergy in the elite demonizing sexuality while the vast majority of the population have been behaving as depraved as ever. Multiple generations of women in your lineage have taken loads to the face from men they didn't marry and you're delusional if you can't accept that.

Also record a vocaroo so we can hear your charisma

>I'm saying that as long as civilization has been in place there have been clergy in the elite demonizing sexuality

There's a good reason for that too.

nancy sinatra lad


Urban centers have always been a hotbed for degeneracy but at least back then it was kept hidden from the public eye.

The generation OP is referring to would be the "Silent Generation" or the ones who in between the "greatest generation" and the "boomers". My mother is among this generation (I'm adopted its a long story)

Anyway she grew up in rural Texas and by her account whores were rare (or rarely heard of) because being a slut cost one all their social capital and they would ousted and branded by the community.

This means none of the other girls would associate with them. People wouldn't talk to or sit near them at church, and none of the boys would ever consider dating much less marrying them. More often then not they would eventually get pregnant and following a shotgun wedding (if they were lucky) would move away to avoid the stigma they had earned in that community.

Meanwhile, men would usually get drafted and would often marry before doing so. They would send most of their money back to their wives who would work and live with their parents.

This is all subjective of course but things were truly different prior to the sexual revolution, communities would solve problems by openly shunning and stigmatizing people that displayed behaviors considered unfavorable to producing a successful family.

Ebin maymay

Do you think it was demonized? Or rather sanctified?

I love how Sup Forums continually tries to give me an identity, when it's time you'll know who I am. Am I really that important? You want my face, my voice and my ideas? I'll give you the latter, but you need to wait for the former.


Born in he 50s. Lost his virginity to a hooker when he was 18 because his friends set him up with one. She "taught him" everything he needed to know. Was a Chad. Banged a ton of Jewish Rich qts when he was in college/early adult life (almost got with one of those bitches who is worth about 100 million now)

Met my mom when he was 26. She sucked him off on like their second date. They would get together on and off again, play mind games with each other. Married her, still married 30+ years later.


Born in the 60s. Catholic school girl slut. Lost her virginity to a hippy disc jokey bro fucker that was a decade older than her. Possibly sucked off a Poo in the loo who was in America practicing to be a doctor (he worshiped her and wanted to take her back to his country to marry her, but she didn't want that shit). Blew my dad, love at first sight and fucked him at 16 (keep in mind, he was like fucking 26 when they met).

They married had me a couple of years later and have been married ever since.

Pretty sure my dad cheated on her twice. I remember I was like 6 with my little bro and she found out and was trying to get a divorce but couldn't list all of his shit and assets because he had so much stuff. She gave up because of us (didn't want her kids to experience a divorce and the whole annulment/Catholicism/church stuff). My dad ended up becoming impotent and couldn't get it up after my youngest sibling was born and so she kind of got her revenge.

Still happily married ever since.

>I love how Sup Forums continually tries to give me an identity, when it's time you'll know who I am. Am I really that important? You want my face, my voice and my ideas? I'll give you the latter, but you need to wait for the former.

w8 am I trying to have a conversation with a schizophrenic

What the fuck is this nonsense

>Multiple generations of women in your lineage have taken loads to the face from men they didn't marry and you're delusional if you can't accept that.

sex isn't pornography but i get your point

Yeah, they only had immoral sexual relationships AFTER getting married.

How old are you that your parents were adults in the 50s?

I thought I was one of the older folks here and my parents were born in 47 and 54 respectively, so they'd have been doing their drinking and whoring in the 60s and 70s, they didn't start spawning children until the 80s.

Either way, the 50s were objectively a better time.

I'm like 95% sure my mother is a lesbian.

>>he literally believes his baby boomer mother
My mother was born in 1977.

>>he honestly thinks that his father didn't pump and dump multiple bar floozies by the time he was his age
My parents met when they were mid-teens, had me at 16 and 17, another 4 children after that and got married while I was still a baby.

So unless they were sleeping and drinking around when they were around 14 years old (which I have not heard anything about, in comparison to other family members who did) it makes it highly unlikely.

How did you hear about this blowjob

Just being a decent person on Sup Forums has left people asking for my non existent tits (because only women are decent, apparently), asking for a picture of my face, asking for the sound of my voice and asking where I live. I know it wasn't you those other times, but it really is quite cute that Sup Forums is intent on deanonymising someone who just wants to preach virtue and logic to the void.

You'll know me when it's time. You'll see my charisma, you'll see that I'm more attractive than that malik guy. It's not time. I need more social insurance in my life.

>being a public figure as a NEET
Yeah, because that's totally working out for peach bailie who's begging for monies please please fund my loserhood.

>he is over 20 and hasn't fuck himself into boredom

is this why liberals never mature and want to start a family of their own? they don't get enough pussy?

This is worth keeping in mind. Of course people fucked around a lot back then and of course you hear these stories of debauch shit that these blue-blood elites did, but the primary difference was that it was before "sexual liberation", which meant people had a better understanding of discretion. Not many people were gassing on about how overwhelmingly okay it is to walk into other men's arses and "experiement" as long as you're "two consenting adults :)"

I'd imagine rampant, niche fetishism wasn't anywhere near as widespread due to the lack of easy access to sex and sexual imagery, as well. I mean how many working class men do you reckon had a thing for prolapsed anuses in 1954? Not that I'm saying this particular fetish is even common today, but it's more common NOW than it was then, which I still see as a problem.

My father wasn't old enough to be pumping and dumping in the 50's. I think you're thinking of the 70's and 80's, which was the hippie age and the coke fiend exec age, neither of which overly thrills me.

She actually acknowledged that, it still happened but she says it was still rare compared to now and mostly restricted to the men until around the 1970s. Thus,those of us who grew up with the archaic ideals of chivalry tend to think that it is the men who are slaves to their passions and women who are instead able to moderate and control them.

Even if infidelity occurred, it was kept secret and rarely led to the dissolution of a marriage, as divorce carried its own stigma as well.

I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about but pls consider speaking to a psychiatrist before you shoot up your school or whatever


is that worth watching? I love 18th century setpiece movies

My dad said when he first heard of homosexuality (some time in high school) he kept thinking that it was a made up joke. He remained in disbelief until sometime in his 20s

My dad. It was during a Rocky/Alien double feature at a drive in or something.

My grandma (mom's mom) was always meming how my mom was married a virgin, and my dad cracked jokes about that shit. My mom has never told us lies about what she did when she was younger. In fact, me and my whole family are pretty honest with each other.

My grandma and grandpa also threatened my mom about statutory rape against the first dude she was with and my dad since she was 16 and they were a decade apart.

Different times. I couldn't get away with any of the shit my dad pulled during those days. Dude was a freak. Despite sucking off and fucking a couple of dudes (including my dad) and a random rich, poo in the loo, my mom was pretty pure. I'd say she raised us well.

>post reads like Elliot Rodgers about to shoot up a school
>post ends in 666

I'm clearly not a violent person, but at the same time I don't trust the impartiality of the employers I've sent applications to. If I'm too easy to find and too easy to associate to the "alt right" I might not be able to get a job.

I'd never advocate violence, preach violence or commit violence. I'm also that guy who believes violence has become unnecessary in our society.

And yeah, I get a lot of 666 posts for some reason, you think the powers that be are trying to tell us something?

You sound like Elliot Rodger m8

You have some crippling confirmation bias m8

boomers aren't that old you dumbass.
the boomer generation came after 50s
my dad born '52 and mom '57 are boomers so they grew up in that era and then raised my brother and I with those remaining western values

kids born after '00 or to parents who are millennials are absolutely fucked. there is no hope for them

The oldest you could be would be 13 assuming you're mom was pregnant at 12.

You are taking shit weirdly personally and responding with intimate details that aren't relevant at all along with cryptic shit that nobody else is able to interpret. Literally consider some form of therapy because there seems to be some sort of latent issues with you

I know that this is bait but it is honestly terrifying knowing that people my age have children.