Is Richard Dawkins slowly becoming more redpilled? 15 years ago he was just a degenerate fedorafag...

Is Richard Dawkins slowly becoming more redpilled? 15 years ago he was just a degenerate fedorafag, but now I've noticed he speaks up more on feminism, islamism, sjws. I predict within 10 years he'll be a fully redeemed follower of Christ.

within 10 years he'll be long dead

he's looking worse and worse in every interview

Hes a realist, but he will never turn to Christ and if he does it's because his brain has deteriorated to the point he has become completely delusional

>I predict within 10 years he'll be a fully redeemed follower of Christ.
You mean a Muslim cock in each hand and his mouth?

how do you know?

maybe his meekness will turn him to Allach

He's on the path to vascular dementia, dude had a stroke, we're going to lose him within 5-6 years.

>within 10 years he'll be a fully redeemed follower of Christ

He would rip his balls of and eat them raw, rather than believing in some ridiculous made up shit like Christ.

He sees what destruction he has wrought. It was fun being an edgy atheist in a white Britain. Now he sees the Moslems flexing their muscles and the identityless whites either turn a blind eye to or cuck themselves for them.

He knows he has played a big roll in the islamification of the west and I hope it haunts him until the last moments on his deathbed.

Dawkins didn't somehow 'start' to speak up against islam. His deep distain to this religion was always present in his writings. He focused on christianity becouse he assumed that most people in the west already understand how destructive islam is. Realisation how wrong he was is what is making him more and more miserable.


He could have done more good if he had kept his cool.

He alienated all his "followers" that aren't "redpilled". He might as well be circlejerking. He's the right wing Russel Brand, now.

How exactly do you make the leap from social justice to Christianity?
The two aren't remotely related.

Have you read the new testament?

Social justice is just secular christianity. Christianity without God if you will.

To be fair, Christfags were getting a little too much influence during the Bush years. Now I wish I hadn't fought them so much.

The dude was always red pilled. He just got shit on cause he fedora'd.

>hurr dur how can an atheist hate islamism
kys kike worshiper

also look at those fucking nappy ass nails

the dicknose believes in evolution but isnt evolved enough to trim his nails once a week?

He's not. He's very consistent. He was a flat-out atheist 15 years ago, and he is today. But as the left embraced islamism he remained the same.

he also has nothing but disdain for you neckbeards

>I predict within 10 years he'll be a fully redeemed follower of Christ.

if only. but I doubt because he's an autistic no-good fucking asshole. a robot without a soul. a gaping cold black hole inside the shell of what still somehow resembles a man.

fedoras are degenerate Nazgul tier who just want our collective doom. radical rationalism is the paveway to hell and he betrayed based christianity to weaken our own ranks and now he sees his error about how much worse Islam is while still not being fully ashamed about how much he damaged christianity which is the only redpilled counteract against Islam.

If you spent time with Hitchens it's impossible not to be red pilled.

ITT religious people

Shut up, Ahmed.

Christianity is nothing but a parasite leeching life from the western civilisation. Fact that islam is even worse doesn't make christianity ok.

Fucking hell.

I got shivers.

This fag Dwakins has surely never worked a day in his life. How the fuck does he type? He must dictate his books.

I'm expecting so many "good riddance" posts on Sup Forums when he dies.

>Christianity is nothing but a parasite leeching life from the western civilisation.

it literally is what built western civilization, you deranged lunatic.

never trims those disgusting eyebrows either.

idk OP, the way I see Dawkins he is in a state of serious denial. Ben Stein already BTFO'd the guy into admitting there has to be a Creator, but that his real issue is that he doesn't want it to be the Christian God. He'd have to seriously get over himself in order to get to that point.

You have to remember with guys like him his entire career, notoriety, and credibility comes from his fedora-level atheism. It would a flood of humiliation the size of biblical properties to for him to admit he'd seen the light and changed his mind.

still pray for him tho


>it literally is what built western civilization, you deranged lunatic.
germanics lived in mudhuts before adopting christianity so they delusionally assumed they got evolved because of Christianity and not the people that brought it to them


>unironically believing in g*d
I thought Sup Forums was smart...

Every single fucker who believes in something like god, is a degenerate motherfucker.
Religion and money are the top 2 causes for mental cancer.

there have been other religions that evolved into today's christianity and there never has been a successful society without religion, without offering spiritual guidance in the first place. what you wrote is a gross oversimplification of what happened.

Of course i believe in gud. What else i would need to git?

here's your (you)

The Realism art movement did the most to bring about modern society in spite of Christianity.

Fags trying to draw the perfect human form, and get perspective perfect to please god started doing science.

Also, Plato and Hermetic magic and all the Northern European paganism that Christianity became mixed with, helped.

holy fuck


thank you, I have to go to bed now.

Everything that christianity bring to the world is what it took from romans. Just look on that giant pile of nothing that centuries of judaism gave israelites. You could replace Christ with Mithras or Apollonius of Tyana and nothing would change.

its not oversimplification, it is a known phenomenon. Arabians used to be living in mudhuts too before adopting Islam so they assumed they evolved because they adopted it, even though it was just because they got in contact with an already evolved civilizations like Persians

wew I imagine, wishing death upon someone though, eeehhh..
don't be like them Αυστρία.

>Not hover handing.

Missed an important detail.

Speaking out against SJW logic isn't being redpilled. It's called being a normal fucking human being with common sense.

He always was against insanity.
It just happens that, at this moment, islam acceptance and social "justice" is the latest insanity.
Make no mistake, he didn't stopped thinking christfags are retarded faggots.

we are not liberal progressives.

We don't say "good riddance" when someone dies. We may not like their political views but they are human beings created in the image and likeness of God. Thus we want that person to eventually come around and see things in a better light.

So no there will not be a lot of "good riddance" posts when he moves on. At least not from our side.