How many women browse Sup Forums?

How many women browse Sup Forums?

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Ipso facto none

A few of us do.

why would a women ever come here, you are literally more likely to meet 4 trannies before you meet one real girl here

this is very true and I don't like it

How is it like to be a woman browsing pol?

And I mean real women too, not feminine penis women.

>tfw no qt Sup Forums gf to dress up in skirts and qt outfits

Trannies pls go

>thinking you can be a real woman without a penis
get a load of this goy

yeoja here :) you guys have a lot of interesting opinions and I'm glad we can all converse without being censored

get nuked, discount japan
youre worst korea


>4 trannies to 1 female

I like those odds

>and I don't like it

Korean ladyboy please

Real female from NC.

I don't think they are women but some redditfags think so. I said feminine penis for laughs

>american president laughing in the dark

evalion posted and lurked here, why couldn't there be more like her?

Wait I though you said with a penis.

Women with penises are not women.

Because you are entertaining and it makes me laugh :)

No, that is you, my white friend.

Well, it's a bit hard to attract women here when all the fat neckbeards do is release their anger from sexual deprivation in their posts. I mean there are a lot of women who are far right but they all stop when it comes to equality. Believe me, no one wants to stay at home all day waiting for Jamal to break in and rape while the man works or fights. If you were more accepting to that, more women would come

Evalion was a whore

your country is literally the world's cum dumpster. tons of single mothers and half breed children with absent foreign fathers.

she's more of a true Sup Forumsack than you'll ever be degenerate. don't you have a bernie thread to shill?


There are ;3


>attention whore that goes on cam with shorts and without a bra to jiggle her tits
>not a degenerate

give me a conservative cutsey feminine girl or give me death

>being a true "Sup Forumsack"
>having meaning in your life
pick one

>I'm here to protect m'lady!

in my country kids do blackface during historical plays at school to represent the niggers we had during the times of the colony (who were later exterminated)

in america you get lynched if you do blackface


I got a set of the same martini glasses. Nice.

>in america you get lynched if you do blackface
Got a source?

real woman here^^

>e-excuse m-me, a-user?
>I h-heard you l-liked T-Trump
>w-want to go to the r-rally with me?

How's it like browsing as a man?

It's an anonymous image board so really no fucking different.

I come here occasionally just to see political trends and some funny shit. Some of the threads here remind me of old pre 2009 Sup Forums so I guess it's a bit of nastolgia.

How can we tell if you are a woman underneath that burka?

I think that there are quite a few women here but we are not usually attention whores so that's why you don't notice

Does your 5 brothers, uncles and father knows you post here Khadija ?
Isn't it haram to interact with all these autistic neckbeard kaffirs ?

Not any different except I know if I show my conservative political views outside of here I will lower my chances of getting a girlfriend.

>fighting degeneracy
>spreading the red pill to the blue pilled herds
>waking people up to the shilling of liberals in mainstream media
>not having meaning in your life.

Son, you might want to rethink your statement.

I'll agree that her choice of clothing in that shot could have been better, but otherwise her philosophy is on point. I will also concede that I would rather have a conservative cutsey feminine girl than what passes for the modern 'woman' anyday.

I was going to reply to this, but then I looked at your flag. even so here's your (you)

Girl here, pls don't hit on me u silly boys. Both my boyfriend and I browse Sup Forums.

And I get berated by my friends for being "more conservative" then them so talking about politics sucks in a different way.

A few do, my ex is probably on here right now.

Kat, come get your fucking lizard. It isn't my job to take care of your pets.

Dog, is that you?

It can get annoying to see the clear frustration outlet, but I'm here. I recognize that equality is a myth.

Jason stfu you asshole

le epic troll face

I know that feel. Alot of my friends are liberal. Plus because most of my friends are female, if I ever dare to bring my politics out I would be eaten alive because as I speak, some of my friends are starting to become man haters due to liberalism. God bless you femanon. May you find a husband that is as based as you are. That's implying if you aren't already married.

>believing anyhting you see on the internet >ESPECIALLY Sup Forums

Jamal I told yall ass dat lizard is your now

>nice post redditor gotta screencap that so I can talk shit about Sup Forums on r/Sup Forums!

Already luckily married to an actual man. Previously I would be called incredibly liberal and him not at all but we've evened out over the years. It's possible to somewhat convert them if you are willing to in some regards so good luck in your hunting! I know they are becoming increasingly harder to find nowadays. I genuinely worry for the single sane minded males of today.

It always amazes me that pol idolizes sluts like these while also bitching about how all women are sluts. Stop thinking slutty clothes are qt clothes and maybe you'll finally be able to spot a true conservative woman.

>jumping to the reddit meme
k den

>conservative colorful clothes


>regurgitating the 'Sup Forums isn't real, it's satire. no one is really like this' meme.

>zoophilia pic

yeap back to plebbit with you.

People seem to forget Tila Tequila. Pretty sure Lauren Southern has been here before

The skirt looks like it barely goes past her ass cheeks, the tights are transparent and only serve to hug and highlight her legs anyways, and the turtle neck / red corduroy coat are dead Tumblr slut giveaways.

let's just pretend Tila Tequila doesn't browse here

hi there. I don't really like pol but I come here sometimes cause I love cheap thrills

>I love cheap thrills

how much?

I was quoting the new Sia song

Everytime I get proven right. Most good women are already married.

I've had one girl in mind, I she is conservative and likes anime. We have tons in common. Been best friends for a while but I want to ask her out, she has gone through some awful shit with realationships and I can't stand see her go through another one. I love her, I truely do, she is such a wonderful woman it would be a catastrophic mistake if I didn't at least try to ask her out.

>likes anime
>have tons in common

McKill yourself

Dude, go for it! You really should ask her out. You'll know real love when you fall in love with your best friend.

That's cute and sounds similar to me of years ago. You should go for it user! I forced my relationship despite our differences and it worked out. The only hobby we don't share is anime unfortunately but he got me into a few things and I'm slowly trying to get him into anime. Sharing hobbies with a spouse is amazing, he's really the only friend I need so hopefully it goes that way for you to.

Sup Forums is 65% female

Thank you, I think she likes me too. I always see about happy marriages starting by marrying their best friend.
Both her parents like me, and trust me. They would approve of her dating me.

I browse Sup Forums because it often gives me different perspectives on issues, whether I agree with them or not. It's also nice to see what other countries think about American politics in general, and how detrimentally politically correct many in the US are.

It's interesting to see the dichotomy between men I see in real life that want to chase tail and fuck around all the time, and what they crave in their hearts when anonymous. Most want what women want as well: stability, happiness and children that look like them.

Overall, I wish that both men and women in this country held onto more conservative values. This would make everyone happier and healthier in the long run.

My husband and I were friends in high school, we used to talk on the bus ride home every day. I had the hugest crush on him for a year, even before we'd met, but I was too nervous to ask him if he wanted to hang out sometime. Little did I know that he liked me too. We wasted so much time waiting. Finally he asks if I want to take a walk with him one evening and two weeks later we officially began dating. You never know if she already has a crush on you too!

Me. But I'm fat and ugly so I'm not really seen as a woman. If I was attractive I would never be in this hellhole

It's a personality thing not looks. You'd still be in this place regardless if you were hot.

Yeah, I will hang out with her more often, she has been busy with dual enrollment and getting her life started. I think I will ask her out in person after a while hanging out. Both me and her had only bad experiences with dating thus far and it's time for both me and her to have a great experience with dating. Nothing is better than being the reason why she smiles.

Awwww I wish there were some way to know how this turns out

this is Sup Forums,not a weird porn fiction fantasy website
tits or gtfo

She's told me she has been suffering anexity last time I talked to her and I can tell it's the reason besides being busy that she hasn't contacted me much as of late. Your story reminds me much about me and her. Except it was math class. I asked her out, that's how the friendship started because we started hanging out more since she couldn't date yet, I wrote her a letter asking her out and she never gave me an answer to it, we been in friend limbo for 2 years and to this day she still has that necklace I gave her so I think she has a crush on me too.

my wife lurks, never posts

and we loved every second of it.

I wish too. It probably will go well, and if not, oh well I at least tried. Nothing to worry about

No one cares...

Explain why austrian women voted van 60/40 and why austrian men voted hofer 60/40

Explain why you use your vote to attack your people every fucking time. If you can't go fuck yourself.

Explain why I should wife my girl when she is a liberal whore.

why shouldn't I fuck her sister my co worker Explain

Really? I've never met a pretty girl that was the politically incorrect type.


Who am I voting for retard? And why don't you raise your standards?

what standards?

You don't meet any historical standard why should I.

why shouldn't I fuck my GF sister. give me one reason.

Am girl, here for the conversation enders

Well if I were you, I would just open up to her and tell her how you feel ASAP. Worst case scenario she doesn't like you like that and you can waste less time, but best case scenario (to me this sounds likely) she'll tell you she likes you back.

You retarded nigger, raise your dating standards. If you don't like your girlfriend enough to stay faithful, don't date her. If you don't like liberal women don't date a liberal woman.

Who am I voting for again?

I don't know what you consider pretty or politically incorrect but I'm thin and most would say I'm at least decently attractive.

For views I think wage gap is a lie, true equality is never attainable, men are treated like shit and women held on a pedestal thus also being treated like shit but in a way different way. Society in America is totally fucked and I personally think at least 20% of the american population are going to be "transgendered" within 10 years.

Who knows if that's correct or not but fuck it. I guess if it matters I like trump better to.

Will do it as soon as possible, thanks for the advice.

My GF is with me for the same reason her sister wants my cock.

Give me one reason I shouldn't fuck her sister...Because she was first?

You know if a tranny is fake if they aren't suicidal


Kinsey does for sure.

I personally don't care about those fucks just like the gays. Whatever there's weird/suicidal straight people to. Just get your bullshit out of the media, no one is bullying you or gives a shit what you do or are. They can already get married and have equal rights so what the fuck do they want? I write them off the same way I do vegans or anyone else who bitches about fake issues.

and you are an american that cant get a job in the US and had to fly across the world for people who want to learn English cheaply.