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Literally seeing a nation commit suicide in real time.

Its pretty unsettling to be honest, like when you find out a childhood friend committed suicide

Literally all fat besides the guy in the middle who has a decently hot body but a terrible fucking hairline.

I kinda understand why Swedish women choose Arabs and nogs now.

A hurr durr what are refugees

Are they counting rapefugees?

Or just the natives?

Also I thought penises were outlawed in Sweden?

there are no refugees in sweden, only swedes that returned from their ancestral somalian land.

sweden are cosmopolitans.

kek fat americuck calling anyone fat

>Butthurt Sweden

Sweden even plans to house all those rapists right next to schools. They can get them while they're young.



I like how they had to depict all white men in that picture, instead of squalid, roving bands of shitskins hanging out at a train station.

Who benefits from this?

Now, pussy value in Sweden is on high. It's part of the plan.

*triggered by colors*

USA is literally 13% niggers and 20% Mexicans with major iconic cities that look like war zones.

It takes much more to kill a nation ...

USA president and half your government is darker than those shitskins.

Just read that immigration to Norway is at its lowest points since the 90s. Only 1350 immigrants have come to Norway so far this year.

I've read you're deporting Somalis and paying other immigrants to leave. Is it true?

I wonder what will happen if you split a country like that to male and female only regions that are left to self govern with some oversight (preventing experiment going awry).
Will the male side remain cucked?
Will it be like that reality show on the island or will women achieve utopia as predicted by numerous feminist writings?

It will obviously be the same as the reality show. It's cool to have more qualifications than men and to cry sexism when you are denied a senior position in a large company but when you're trying to bring a society together you need people who will produce/build things, not service industry parasites. Problem is that women only work in the service industry and want the most comfortable jobs on top of that. So the woman nation will be a nation of starving CEO's (we broke the glass cieling girls!) while the male nation won't be paradise on earth but at least everyone will have decent conditions of life.

That would be troublesome were it not for the fact that modern day swedes are massive homos.

America has had a turbulent racial relations since its birth.

It's not ideal but it acts like a vaccine.

Sweden are several steps away from even recognising the problem, let alone dealing with it.

This is an exponential problem. It will grow larger and larger by the year.

USA's exponential demographic issue is Mexicans coming in illegally. That is going to be addressed.

Sweden has no vaccine.

What a time to really be made to think

We're trying a lot of different things, but it's a slow process. We have a conservative government right now, but the left is doing everything in their power to slow down or prevent deportations. Every time there's a hint of trouble or controversy, they strart screaming about humane treatment.
On a positive note, our immigration minister, who's the most hardline anti-immigration minister we've ever had, has a lot of public support. About 50% of the population supports her, while about 35% disagrees with her. 15% were undecided.
Those are pretty good numbers, all things considered.

Having a surfeit of men (lack of women) especially in the 16-45 age range is dangerous to society.

It's even better than that. White, Conservative women have a birthrate of 2.7. White liberals have a birthrate of 1.1

That means that all white people will be (in a few generations)

Fully armed
Very Conservative
Very anti-Immigration
Racially AWARE

P.S. I love Nigel.

Not if one group is bunch of sexually aggressive primitives and the other betas.
I think that's what these governments count on. An unironic nationally sanctioned cuckoldry.

>vote for liberal parties all my life
>migrate to the United States after liberals run Sweden into the ground
I can't wait to naturalize and vote for the Democrats in a few years.

Good choice on the wording there. I like it.

This type of subversion triggers me more than any kind of humiliation an open enemy could do.
It's like those that spread aids intentionally.

>White liberals have a birthrate of 1.1
and an abortion rate 10x of that

>about 35% disagrees
Should be deported to sweden "no way" zones.


A traitor to his own country.

The only thing worse than a kike.

But that shows that it's not united. If California fell into the ocean tomorrow I wouldn't care and that's a terrible thing for the health of a nation.

too bad they will be competing with imported Mexican voters 8-10 0f which vote democrat