Political Parties

If you could make your own political party, that has the chance to one day hold office, what would you call it? What would its logo be? What policies would it have?

Perfect logo for a good Traditionalist Christian Party

What policies would you advocate?

Death to all infidels


We are full. Fuck off.

Social Nationalism party

Sounds leftist

What about economics

Leftists aren't nationalist, they're globalist

We are full. Fuck off.

The Space Party/Science Party

Basically the opposite of the Greens. As long as human beings exist on Earth we'll fuck the environment into oblivion, the only difference we can make is how long it takes. Better off looking forward and spending those green subsidies on space exploration and new technologies.


My party would be the Freedom and Progression Party. Economically (neo)liberal - investment in technology and science, low welfare but targeted welfare and low taxes. Socially, controlled and selective immigration, socially liberal, freedom of speech, religion and conscience. No logo as of yet.

the Pakis Out Party

Pakis Out


>implying 95% of Sup Forums knows anything about economics

I'd vote for you famiglia. Post your address so I can tell my gyppo cousins which house not to rob when you're at the store buying fags

>Just Pakis
>Not literally fucking everyone who is not native

Shit party. Will not vote for.

Indians are bro tier

It's something I'm trying to help solve, user. Get them thinking about realistic economics to get proper ideological foundations.

And then once we join the intergalactic political sphere, we will be known as destroyers and murderers, or will be ignored/shunned much the way we are now.

Honestly you left-brainers cant see more then a few turns ahead in this chess game that is life.

Scientific pursuits and spaceflight can be achieved without purposefully destroying the environment.

What is a native population user

meant for

>Indians are bro tier

lol fuck off m8

Born here = Native, as far as I care.

>Hungary goes full on NSDAP
>chimps out as Nazis ought to do
>every neighbor you have reacts by invading you since they only needed a reason
>you lose even more clay

I'd advice against it.

t. disgusting Rohun halfbreed

2 year mandatory civil service for anyone between the ages of 18 and 40.This could be anything from working with local firies, surf life savers, st johns or anything that supports the community/people in need.

>dirty muslims whose entire family aren't born in the UK but they are = native quintessential brits

cuckservative globalist detected

You didn't invade shit in WW2, gypsy.

>Not realizing I'm being practical
>Not realizing I'm implying a policy that would not suffer mass butthurt, yet solve the problem

>Not realizing we're a 90% white country, and the muslims (in their current numbers) are no threat, and would be bred out in a few generations

Smarten up lad. Stopping the horde coming in is more important than kicking out ones born here, who grew up here, and may even like our way of life (however unlikely)


Sure not

And you wonder why nobody likes you

I bet you live in the countryside somewhere. Live in a city for a while and tell me that getting rid of the ones who are already here isn't an important issue.


Learn some history, gyppo.


>Live in a city for a while and tell me that getting rid of the ones who are already here isn't an important issue.

Lad, first we stop the horde.
THEN we kick the ones who live here out.

Just sorting out the bigger problem first, feel me?

Can you be quiet now?

If you only get one day, then you only have time for one policy. That of the rope

British Imperial Party

>Gyppos bringing vodka to Russian forces and cleaning their shoes during siege of Budapest
>muh we invaded Budapest

According to this logic Hungary invaded Bucharest in WW1

Ban everything I don't like.

I almost forgot I'm on Sup Forums

>British Imperial Party

Australian National Capitalist Aryan Party (ANCAP)
Our motto: Make Australia Great Again
Our policies:
1. A Jewish, Muslim and African immigration ban
2. Reinstate the White Australia Policy
3. End all affirmative action policies
4. Develop a multilateral strategy with other countries who want to defeat ISIS (although they are of course a Jew/neocon created movement)
5. Ban of all abortions except for life of the mother circumstances
6. Reinstate the death penalty
7. Reinstate gun ownership for law-abiding citizens
8. Repeal the Fringe Benefits Tax and work out strategies to reduce personal and corporate income tax rates
9. Limit foreign investment further to ensure Australian farmers get a fair go unlike now
10. Ban all Gender Studies classes in Universities and install high taxes on hipster and SJW apparel- such as glasses, nosering services, tattoos, deodorant for armpit hair etc.
11. Ban all GMOs and Big Pharma approved vaccines.
12. Continue the Direct Action climate change policy, a constitutional monarchy, our Western and white cultural heritage (though, other ethnicities can be allowed to visit- immigration must be restricted for non-whites in order to ensure the culture is safe)

You're proud of being a soviet lackey? just kys you fucking communist piece of worthless degenerate trash

In that case, yes. Didn't mean to get on yer case about it.

However, I think you're wrong that they'll be bred out. They breed at a rate that's more than double native whites, and nobody will ever ever ever ever ever deport even one of them at this stage, so we will be brown within 100 years whether we like it or not.

I'd rather build a parliament without political parties.

>Didn't mean to get on yer case about it.

Don't be daft. We need to make sure our countrymen are not being idiots, you did the right thing.

and mate, lets say that of the 10% not white in country, lets say they double our birth rate, you're not taking into account how much they murder each other, fuck off to other countries, and other factors.

Don't believe Sup Forums memes, we're a VERY white country, and will be unless we don't close borders in next 10 years.

The environment will be destroyed regardless, that's the point. I live in the South West of the UK.

There's a national park here called Dartmoor, it's purposefully kept 'natural' and green. It's windswept moorland with rocky tors that jut out of the hills. It's quite beautiful. What people don't often realise is that the entire place is manmade. Before humans arrived it was lush forest. We destroyed the ecosystem, drove animals out of the area for good and we did it with primitive tools. Even if we abandon all technology and become super luddites, as long as there are humans on the Earth we will drive species extinct and destroy nature.

If we want to preserve species and habitats, the best way is to expand out so that they're under less pressure. It's not to become inward looking in a cycle of ecological diminishing returns.

Laissez-nous faire

In favour of classical economic policy, low taxes and little government intervention in the lives of the people.

It is not a socially liberal party though. New age redundancies such as affirmative action/diversity quotas and language policing of people's feelings being hurt would be done away with.

Americans First

Political leaning

>Abolition of the Federal Reserve and nationalization of the banking industry
>An end to usury
>Institution of public works programs to rebuild our faltering infrastructure
>Curb union powers
>Marriage incentives, child benefits
>Staunch opposition to women and revocation of work visas
>Mandatory skilled trades for high school students
>Grants to arts and sciences
>Bans on excessively violent and pornographic media that corrupts the mind
>Increase taxes on wealthy to 60-80% of total income to prevent hoarding
>Safety net for disadvantaged to at least survive, but heavily encourage work if there is any and it fits the individual's capabilities (i.e. cripples can be placed in administrative and office positions/below average individuals could do menial or general labor)
>Reignite a national pride, deport corrupting influences (i.e. Muslims, Zionists, Feminists)
>Treat addiction as a medical issue, end private prison slavery
>Beef up boarder defense
>Legalize and tax cannabis as it is mostly harmless, establish zoning of coffee shops and bars
>Promote environmental protections
>Crack down on big pharmaceutical companies, stop the mass drugging of our children
>Provide interest free loans to anyone wanting to start a business
>Re-industrialize and promote automation

Et cetera

For a similar reasoning that people argue for mandatory military service, but with this it allows greater variety in areas that people can work in, so the population has a larger range of skills rather then just being a military grunt. It also allows for people that aren't as fit or people that have disabilities to work, you don't need to have a high level of fitness to be a first aider at a community event.

Centrist Party

Policies: none

>Federalist Party

>Socially Conservative
>Fiscally Centrist
>Centralized Government
>Deportation of illegals
>Challenging of Jus soli
>America First Foreign Policy
>Anti-Free Trade




>putting people out of work and subverting wages by providing free mandatory labour because of muh contribution to society
>Paying to train the unwilling in first aid and expecting them to do a good job when you could just pay someone already trained
Conscription of any kind is shit. Volunteers are better workers as well as better soldiers.

The Cuck Party

>unrestricted immigration
>automatic citizenship to any PoC
>absolute removal of any civil right for the masses, the elites can do anything they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, opposing them or retaliating is illegal
>anyone that is wither than a turk is gifted to a PoC as a slave
>right wing parties, speech and thoughts are forbidden
>just fuck my shit up fampalam

>Massively increase Government spending in all sectors except military. Massive increases in pensions and welfare.
>Free money for all
>Military to be reduced to a single sign, reading 'NATO PLZ HALP"
>Cease collecting taxes
>Borrow money from Germany
>Print trillions of counterfeit euros
Party time