Should Poles racemix with German women?

Should Poles racemix with German women?

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It's an honest question.

According to a 2010 study Poles and Germans are the least race-mixed peoples in Europe.
Just leaving this info here.

Majority of the German women are so ugly that most of the Poles would be simply not interested. Some of them are ok, but we've got better here, so why bother.

i've seen some good looking german women

Better than letting them mix with kebab

They're all prussian to me,
Better than a sandnigger


Why would you want to mix with 'Aishe'?

german women would mix with caterpillars if tgeir dick were big enough



you misspelled black

i do.
t. pole

all banter aside. the hottest polish woman moved all to germany.



>Hot Polish women

Are those like the Mexican Intellectuals I hear so much about?

and then started to work as prostitute.
seriously, a couple of years ago almost all whores in the whorehouse i jused to go where polish, now the most are romanian woman

Polish men and German women? Its the other way around, Marek. Everyone i know had sex with the polish girl from the neighborhood here. Its kind of a thing its part of growing up. I dated a polish qt for 3 years. Her polish momma got divorced from her polish daddy and she started banging German dudes left and right and is now married to one. German men marry polish women more than any other women apart from German women. Not to mention that according to government statistics there are somewhere between 50.000 and 100.000 polish prostitutes working in Germany on any given day.

Also i've literally never me a German women who dated a polish guy. No joke.

oink oink danish pig.


Racemixing = wrong. I thought Sup Forums agreed on that the day this board came into being?

Most German women don't look good anyway so you shouldn't be too tempted in the first place. Don't be a degenerate.



Haha, KYS!

As I worked in Germany all my friends had a German girlfriend

beacuse to germany for work emigrate mostly men
That's how it works Ozkan

you can tell these fairytales to non-german pol users if you like. But i grew up in an area with quite alot of poles. And as i said NONE of the polish males dates german women unlike the polish girls who either date Germans, Turks or other poles. Also most migration from poland is female as they get married to German men. Or families whos daughters eventually get their cherry popped by Hans and Murat. Not to mention the legions of hookers.

Post as much as you like to feel better about yourself but just be aware that Germans know whats going on and polish men are not in any way, shape or form considered a threat of any sort. Least of which sexually.

You can still fugg this prostitutes

but still each year emigrate to germany young poles 18-25 mostly men cuz they want new flat or car etc

inb4 poles slavshit, ugly
meme aside

I have no idea where you life, but I see poles (or rather slavs in general) date German woman all the time, just as much as slavish woman date German men. My two best friends are a pole and a russkie, both are married to German woman. One has a sister and she dates a german guy.

>race mix

I'm like 90% polish and my girlfriend is 100% German so yeah I'm for it

> german '''''''women''''

Please take them all

Absolutely not, Poles are descended from Khazar Jews.

>Poles are descended from Khazar Jews.
Actually Poles are Vandals in denial.

nice try, Petr. I'm sure you can find some who do but i have literally NEVER EVER met a german woman in my personal life that dated a polish guy as far as i remember. While polish women dating german men is pretty much so standard that im surprised if they tell me that their bf/husband is not German.

Pls do

It doesn't exist since the 45's.

This, they remind me of British women

>dat flag

>whites breeding with whites

nigga wat

Nope, average german is a lot of uglier.
Respect your nation...

some are, some not

whites with whites can't race mix, they're the same race, shlomo.

unless you mean the 'new' german women.

>Breeding between white people

poles are untermenschen according to prussian/german politics

>some are, some not
Because of Red Army liberators :^)

they were mostly asian

Well, I see them(westerners) as untermenschen too, they are too meak, but that doesn't mean anything. I think it's their economical prowess that made them weak, or maybe they are just fucked in the head, who knows.

perhaps, but nobody gives a shit about opinions of cucks


The old Germany is long gone. Now anyone can rock up and be considered German in the glorious liberal FRG. Prussia was dissolved decades ago.

That's bullshit. He liked us from 34 to 38.

After "deal" with France and UK he felt betrayed and wanted to wipe us all out.

Nah, german women are mostly ugly as fuck, manjaws, broad shoulders, brutish. The average is not as pretty as the average in slavlands. Frenchies are on average prettier. Britons are on average uglier. And skandis, on average they are ugly as fuck, I don't know what the fuck is everybody on about, their women look malformed.

But poles and Germans are both white. That's not race mixing.

>tfw had a polish math teacher in high school
>tfw she was literally the most beautiful person I've ever seen and she didn't even wear any make-up
>tfw she got KRAUT'D by some East German subhuman
>tfw their children will inherit the typical ugly German characteristics (cube head, autism)


pls kill yourself, Polish diaspora.



That's what my great grandparents did, so sure why not?

Kill yourself divide and conquer kike shill.

yeah. I love Asian qts

>kalmykia and kazakhstan
>east asian but not south asian

Why is pooland immune to mixing? Is poland the master race?

are you going to convert to islam first?

How can you look at Polish criminal statistics in Denmark and with a straight face still call them white?

Besides, slavs housed all the kikes before they got enough shekels to eventually move west.

Slavs are not white and you're clearly not a Dane.

>poles migrate to Germany
>lol wtf why are there so many polish women in Germany and not the other way around

implying anyone would want your women anyway, kraut

hahahahahahaha no sorry slavs are not whte

If we're not white now we'll be in couple generations, now, enjoy your shitskins :^)

>literally a meltingpot
>implying you're white

Really Poland?

>linguistic group is not white

I can give you sources literally saying that Piast dynasty and Poles were Vandals that stayed in Silesia and Greater Poland and possibly mixed with other germanic tribes and maybe some Iranian ones like Sarmatians.

Man, I cringed when I saw this thread. You won't get your clay back, but at least I'll apologize for this thread.

>a Mongol calling others not white
my sides

Do Poles and Hungarians racemix often?

Serious question I've been wondering.

Hungarians have a lot of Polish blood, quite literally since we used to send them a lot of blood for transplantation or whatever you call it during their struggle with communism I think. We donated a lot for them and they helped us too.
>Denmark’s genetic history has never been studied in detail. In this work, we analysed genetic and anthropometrical data from ~800 Danish students as part of an outreach activity promoting genomic literacy in secondary education. DNA analysis revealed remarkable homogeneity of the Danish population after discounting contributions from recent immigration. This homogeneity was reflected in PCA and AMOVA, but also in more sophisticated LD-based methods for estimating admixture. Notwithstanding Denmark’s homogeneity, we observed a clear signal of Polish admixture in the East of the country, coinciding with historical Polish settlements in the region before the Middle Ages. In addition, Denmark has a substantially smaller effective population size compared to Sweden and Norway, possibly reflecting further lack of strong population structure. None of these three Scandinavian countries seems to have suffered a depression due to the Black Death in the Middle Ages. Finally, we used the students’ genetic data to predict their adult height after training a novel prediction algorithm on public summary statistics from large GWAS. We validated our prediction using the students’ self-reported height and found that we could predict height with a remarkable ~64% accuracy.


It's kinda gay to fuck your bro, bro.

Don't a lot of german men order polish mail order brides?

you might as well, everybody else is.



Not sure if JIDF or not.

Sup Forums is never going to get tired of this pic

>the hottest polish woman moved all to germany.
you meant the most pathological ones

you just take the slutty ones who want to grab on anyone who's income is more than 700 euro/month catch them with baby and then fuck niggers on side.
Srls I've been working in Nederland, Belgie and England and polish woman abroad are something maybe above english slags, but still fucking scum. Real classy woman stay in Poland because they don't need to emigrate

My kraut grandfather married Pole.

Pretty common in the Midwest.