The D.S.S Pajeet Pooloo will be setting sail in 10 minutes, please present your bording pass to the guard at the ramp

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Ok ill ask the question...where will they shit?

On the flight deck of course

Ah poop deck joke time

A fucking ramp

on the poopdeck

designated shitting quarters

Fuck off gypsy. Fucking ruining the fun.

top queq


Looks like they're gunna... Poo in the Blue!

Designated shitting catapult to dispense Indian culture on enemy battleships and land targets.

I wonder how much behind schedule that thing will be.

>on a carrier

It doesn't matter, what matter is that we are making it on our own without any foreign help.
For our current needs, we prefer buying weapons.

This article reads like it was written by an excited schoolboy.

This isn't politics. Fuck off Bernie sliders.

>without any foreign help
well, minus all the foreign education of course



They already do.

You know that foreign education will be useless without our number system and you can't write 01 code language without a fucking 0.

You know that Indian sanitation will be useless without our toilet system and you can't just poo without a fucking loo

Where won't they ?

KEK Nice try, Sadick

We invented indoor plumbing back in 2600 BCE

Eat your poop, Ranjee.

So why don't you use it sometimes?

lel sadick btfo

Manchester United suck

You drink cow piss, eat cow shit and work in a call centre.

I win.

Indians are disgusting, no wonder they have to rape good looking women

We do, the sub humans don't.

actually sadick it's zoroastrians who drink cow urine



All Indians are subhuman.


you lie I saw bottled cow urine in supermarkets in Pondycherry and Mahé and some weird shit in Changdernagor

Easy there Carol, we are who made you the great britain.
And don't be poor enough to eat street food = problem solved!


Lmao americunts have pizzas that are bugger than that

educate yourself you swine

Die for the Raj, Panjeet.

More like saving your ass in both the world wars.

So when are you posting something to prove that Hindus don't drink cow piss?

>Westest Pakistan berating others

Atleast we have a ship that isn't full of refugees

You have a ship that's full of dotheads and human faeces.

In fact, you have a country that's full of dotheads and human faeces. I'm not seeing how you come out ahead in this one, Gunjeet.

Looks like they got that helicopter from Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Is that you on the left

Flightdeck is painted to resemble a street

Is that you on the right?

You didn't mind boarding them when we recently rescued you cucks from Yemen. When your cuck country requested us to save your asses again.
Pic related.

You were doing what you've always done: serving your white master.

Indians exist for two reason: to poo in the street and to die for the Raj.

Thanks for helping me get my Windows 98 running again.

France has military bases in Djibouti what is this

India latest satellite which is still under development is called ScatSat-1.

If saying that makes you feel a little less of a cuck than you and your nation already is then whatever.

Operation Rahat, goodle if you are too ignorant to acknowledge that we helped you.

You're an Indian. I'm not.

I win.

Yeah, but you are a Brit, so you loose like you lost the Empire.

We ruled you for over 200 years. Once more, I win. You lose.

You always lose, Ranjeet. Because you're Indian.

You were kicked out of a country where you had 200 years to strong your position there, how is that a win. kek.

We didn't get kicked out. We left because we were overwhelmed by the smell.

Learn to wash, Gupjeet.

>Operation Rahat, goodle if you are too ignorant to acknowledge that we helped you.

It's not about being ignorant, the article states that France doesn't have the operational capabilities to extract civilians but we have done so countless times, we have a military base with helicopters, planes and boats there.

All this Indian self hatred.

Why don't you go back to India and make it great again, Apoo?

You were pretty much kicked out that's why you came up with partition.
You don't try to make things worse for a place you are already leaving, you make things worse for a place you intend to live but is kicked out of it.

Some nations didn't, some nations find it much better and feasible to accommodate them in Indian rescue mission. May be your nation thought it will be better than launching a separate rescue mission.
Also Most of the port around yemen were under direct attack and no military aircraft were allowed in the nearby countries. We rescued them from the nearest available port and then airlifted them in Civilian aircraft. Also some of our military carriers were also allowed due to our good relationship with Arab countries.

>You were pretty much kicked out that's why you came up with partition

Serious question pajeet, would you ask for forgivnes and beg the British to go back and rule you again, this time to build you a sewer system.


You should be happy and supportive that no matter how poor or third world we are, we are at least trying to build things ourselves instead of killing each other like the mudslides in middle east.

We invest money in solar power, trying to build our own space program, trying to build indigenous ships etc. Would you rather prefer we become Libya, South Africa or Iraq?

stop forcing which doesn't rhyme kike. Don't you have few shekels to collect

The letters are spelled individually not together
How can anyone link DRDO to POOPOO? kek
Well whatever, thanks for saving our ass back in 99' though

Nah, we will get our shit together on our own. Britain is itself on a path to become a 3rd world country, we would have done it in 60-90s but not now.
Seriously? We are one of your greatest ally in the mudslim region, remember we are building Barak-8?

Don't mind him, he is just trying to seem important without adding to any discussion.

yeah i suppose

I thought Barak 8 was already built, bhai

Jews are no ones allies or friends. Remember why they were kicked out of so many countries.

6 gorillion bazillion.riverofcries.shekels.png

>Talking shit about the Sikh's
Fuck lad I'm not even British but Sikh's are based af, they were willing to die for us m8, don't be a stupid cunt.

I know. But sadly, we need each other.

Fucking disgusting. Indians are almost as disgusting as African niggers, and without a doubt both smell like decaying death

>>Talking shit about the Sikh's

Sikhs are good but like everywhere there are also shitty ones. I suppose you haven't come across the latest info. where terror Sikh groups are alleging with ISIS in Canada?

There are terrorists faction in every religious group in India, Sikhs are bro-tier dude. If they wanted to separate, they would have done that a long time ago.

Don't care m8, there are extremists in every religion, there just happens to be a ridiculous amount in Islam. Sikh's are based desu. All the ones here are based af


I know they are, I visit Gurudwara every weekend even though I'm Hindu. I have great friends there and I also donate there. But there are definitely few shitty people I have come across - specially the ones that wants to divide India and make Khalistan. Seriously fuck them.

Again not saying all Sikhs are bad or all Hindus are good..there are bad people on every side.

Israel are the worst at banter I swear

Fuck forgot pic.

Sorry, we are not as trained as Austria and china in making memes, we have a continent to collapse, remember?

Agree with you. I have nothing but respect for Sikhs, Buddhists and Christian - we assimilate together but Muslims - hell no they create their own fucking zones. Infact there are few areas in my city where Muslims will not allow a car pass if it's playing music and i live in capital of India.

I have made mistake of trusting and being friends with few muslims in my life but they have done nothing but shown their true colors.

o.0 what you talking about?
Thanks to Sanjay Gandhi, he drove all the mudslims of Delhi to its most poor areas in 70s. Upgrade your locality brother.

I actually live in one of the best locality in Delhi (South) - Maharani Bagh in a closed gated community. It's the best place in South Delhi. However, there are few Muslim zones here for example. Jamia (behind New Friends colony) - the complete area is a shithole. Try going there with your windows down and music playing, those shit niggers will surround you. They drive without following any traffic rules, you cannot let your women go near their areas. The entire area needs purging.

Jamia, inderlok etc are the most under-developed and most unhygienic places in the Delhi. Can't argue with that.
I live in Punjabi Bagh, mfw no designated mudslim zone nearby.

Look like a load of crap. Where is the control tower.;wap2

I'll just leave this here

It's the one under-construction. Here's the new one we recently incorporated in service.

>Jamia, inderlok etc are the most under-developed and most unhygienic places in the Delhi.

Both these areas are also mudslime dominated area.

Been to Punjabi Bagh numerous times, nice place.

All good Indiabro, I just hate stupid cunts lumping in Sikh's with Muzzrats, I'm a white Australian saying this. Sikh's are great

I have a theory.
All Indian men are rapists.
Prove me wrong.
"but gandhi didn't rape anyone"