Sup Forums is satire

Sup Forums is satire
prove me wrong

if it was satire it would just be the same joke over and over again

(it's not satire)

Lewd image. Keep this shit in /d/

OP is a faggot
prove me wrong

I cried when they finished fayes arc
>Do your best! Don't lose me! Let's go, don't lose, don't lose me! Do your best! Do your best! Me, me, me!

>no such thing as satire anymore
>we are already in the post satire world
>just try to satirize SJWs and feminazis it's impossible they are a self-satire
>rise of Trump as ultimate signal - satire is dead. memes are real. anime will be real in less than a year

>toilet paper
>not the three seashells
>not a phaser that disintegrates the poo off your butt
>not a lightsaber that lasers the poo away
where do they get paper there are no trees in space

My id is Faye
Its a miracle


holy shit

If you say it's satire, you're a newfag or a shill.




Ur face is satire

Don't have to. Burden of proof is on you to explain why it is satire

mods will prune this shit. prove me wrong.

absolute madness, post faye pics


Of course it's satire, we do say mean things but only in jest.

Sup Forums is truly a board of peace.

I'd really REALLY like if I could see her pooping.

What a narcissistic cunt

Peace through war.

Jews exist

Your animeposting and demanding nature prove that at least for you it isn't