How does Sup Forums feel about tradesmen?

TRADES THREAD. Do you work in a trade? Electrician/HVAC/welding/carpentry etc etc etc (Be sure to mock me for neglecting your trade lads.)

I just recently graduated from an HVACR 8 month program and I am universally EPA certified. However it has come to my attention that the U.S. Government literally wants to pay me to continue going to school.

With that being said, do any of you bros know what course I could supplement my HVACR with to get into controls? A networking program perhaps? I would greatly appreciate any information that someone with experience in the field could share with me.

I know I could start working in controls if I got some type of associates/bachelors degree but honestly fuck that noise I can't do that. But is there some kind of 8 month of less program I could take to get accredited in networking/computer systems etc, that in conjunction with my HVACR certificate and EPA certification could land me a controls job?

Also trades are GOAT and normie SJW degreefags should be ashamed of their life.

I'm an electrical apprentice

How do you like it man? How far along are you? What is the pay and hours like?

Do you feel like you've learned a lot?

I'm first year I get shit 14.50 bucks an hour. I like it just don't like what I'm doing I'm pretty much a slave most of the time grabbing coffee, material or whatever for the pros

Also I've learned a ton there is so much to electrical work

While it is respectable work, it's the death of the white race. White people waste their talents going into trades while minorities go into university and get jobs in higher social standing.

did you have to take a drug test?

Keep it up it gets better. In 5 years you'll be a journeymen and have your own apprentices to give shit. Don't shy away from any education offered and work. After a while you'll be able to laugh at your peers all the way to the bank.

Is it true you guys don't have a salary? How do you get healthcare, benefits, etc. like salaried people do?

They pay

Not true user. Minorities go into university via affirmative action quotas and get worthless degrees (I'd wager to say that 30% of minority degree holders today graduate with a degree in "muh feelings" "women's rights" "whites was slave masters" these days).

Whites find their way into high ranking positions through a lifetime of hard work and augmentation through certificates and accreditation.

Source: My mother makes 110k a year as a home health therapist manager. She has an associates degree, and that position requires a masters minimum to obtain.

My father makes 80k a year working as a U.S. Army base fixing software. He has a high school diploma and his job requires a bachelors degree minimum.

I prefer tradesmen over the university educated. Tradesmen do jobs that are actually important for society.

Do you get worse deals because you are buying that stuff individually?

I think they're great and I'm a liberal arts major who leans far right. Feels interesting man

>any type of non-blue collar government work


I'm in the Air Force but my job involves fixing HVAC and power generation systems for nuclear silos. Before I enlisted I did home repair and remodeling for a company in San Fransisco so I know a fair bit of carpentry, electrical and plumbing.

I think it is much more worthwhile to collect these skills because I'm set up for multiple careers instead of muh liberal arts and feelings degrees. People go to college for a decade to not be able to get work while I will always be able to find work.


>IT lol

Trades built this country. Part of restructuring education should be setting up people in trades. We have probably the highest ratio of non skilled workers than ever.

Building a wall would be a major opportunity for Americans to gain work experience and trades knowledge in construction, welding, masonry, ect. It would be hugely beneficial and young Americans could look back and revel in the fact that they made something great.

The socialist nightmare, taking over by organizations and activists and cartel government rather than by revolutionary cell violence, the socialist nightmare, minority layabouts sponsored by hard-working and high-achieving breadwinners, the socialist nightmare that is modern divorce -- all depend on you making as much money as you can.
Make enough to be comfortable but starve the beast, while acquiring robot-proof skills.

In what way is our government going to be paying you ?

I've really been considering either HVAC or Network security, my buddy is the heir to an established ac company and I've been trying to push him into it but he's a bit flaky and uncertain. Can you step into HVAC training with no prior mechanical experience and do well if you're driven and motivated?

I employ tradesmen in my business, does that count?

Death of the white race is maxing out at 3 children and cucks pushing for childlessness.
Trades are great if they're used to support a family. Send your kids to college with that money.
Good luck becoming an elected official with your polsci degree. That's not sarcasm, it's actually quite feasible to get into local government.
IT's overrated. Doctors are mostly overrated but they do serve a good purpose.
Engineers are fine, they're mostly more educated tradesmen.

Did you know a starting salary of a CPA with no experience is $75,000?

Go study accounting

Wish I could work as an electrician or plumber. However I am colorblind so they don't even want to accept me in state subsidized training sessions.
I don't want to go into construction because it's loaded to the brim with sandniggers and I cannot stand to work with them even for a minute.

I'm looking into HVAC training myself. Work as security in a data center and the guys make like 25 an hour. Twice what I make

I'm not sure were that meme comes from, but I have a few CPA's on staff and none of them make that much. All have at least 3 years experience.

CNC Machinist here AMA