Find a flaw

Find a flaw

>t. chink

Hahaha, that's hilarious!

asian is such a misleading word.

NE Asian girls > SEA Niggers


If OC then er good job, OP.

>t. Zhang Li

ehh not a bad assessment OP, pretty good. The only one i can bitch about is chaotic neutral. Maybe True Neutral but a lot of southern spics usually adapt / conform to other cultures. I also wanna say Slavs are lawful neutral.

chaotic good. you do know that the indians were savage there are many mass graves because indian tribes massacered eachother

Chaotic evil spotted


Not too shabby, Leaf Laughed harder at LG than was warranted, but eh.

while true everyone fucking massacered each other at one point, doesn't even matter. Most natives did have a druid-like respect for the land, especially towards the end of their fall. Or at least most tribes did

Only japanese and souther korean people are lawful good, chinese people are ultra-lawful evil

I think chaotic neutral should be russians

I am pure white and swing between chaotic evil and chaotic neutral.

>said no one ever

Asian females can be fucking brutal.
There's bullying to the point of suicide reported a lot in Japan by their females and I remember some video of a jap girl saying "I hate couples. Seeing people in love makes me want to cause them harm" or some shit.

vidya related

Where are the abos?

Animals don't have alignments

Swap jews with muslims. Also where are the slavs? Sup Forums has brainwashed me that we aren't white.

Slavs are white.
Jews and Muslims are fine as is. Neutral Evil implies brutal self-interest even at the cost others lives/livelihood with no second thought. Lawful Evil operates within at least a dubious code of ethics, e.i. the quran.

injus are not chaotic good, they are shit
gypsies are probably worse than niggers

>chaotic neutral should be russians
This. Gypsies are basically niggers.

Nah, its good. Apart from some of the text.
> the rubbing one is cringe
> The Mexican one is talking about something that doesn't express the quality. It would be more along the lines of: meh, I'm up for doing whatever.

Well, you are white, just the chronically alcoholic, oppressed and agressive version.

>meh, I'm up for doing whatever.


implying celts are any better than slavs



One of the betters one i have seen, good job.

Found the jealous nigger.

Whites should definitely be in the Lawful column, either Good or Neutral. The legal systems of most non-European nations are built on European foundations. Also, notions of honesty and keeping to the rules are heavily present in European cultures. White people have also been mostly responsible for the development of reason in philosophy and evidence-based scientific method.