Disdain for Plebs

Anyone else getting real sick of this annoying NEET shitting up the alt-right?

I get that he has good reach but after following his fb page for a little over a year you can see that he can't handle any semblance of criticism.


He runs a hugely popular fb politics page.

He's an autistic faggot.

There's no way he has a job. I don't know how he can complain about anything when he almost surely lives with his mom

>FB politics
Oh okay

You didn't answer the question of "Who is he?" You answered the question of "What does he do?" Answer the question retard.

Jeez Fucking chill sperg

Dunno what his actual name is but he runs a very successful that functions under the name "Disdain for Plebs" on fb. Shares good content every now and then but thinks that he walks on water and handles criticism like a screaming baby

Imagine if Michael savage was unemployed and 19

He doesn't. He also has no education. A literal NEET.

The alt-right is mostly NEET virgins. I can't imagine any other way so many people would spend that much time on the internet fussing about antiquated fringe politics.

>the alt-right eating up itself already

lol, white pee-ople.

Good ol' alt right Facebook pages are tip top notch, if only to trigger the looney masses

He's literally naming himself a leader with zero qualifications. It's like it Pedro the lawn guy became head of la raza



What is this "alt-right" people keep talking about? Please explain.

He's good at drawing, none can't deny that.


Most of that pages followers are 16-21 and are edgy racist authoritarians.

So it's pretty much Sup Forums

>some fucking nobody is messing up my bullshit political movement
stop it with this faggot alt-right shit it's fucking embarassing


what is this

Right wingers who reject neoconservatives.
Usually pro free speech, race realists, and have an admiration for fascism.

The alt-right is, I think, an extremely diverse group held together by their common disdain for the other parts of the political spectrum
Asking for any concrete political definition of it is pretty much pointless..

Get off kikebook faggots. Jesus christ.

>willingly giving your information to the metatag jew

Fucking kill yourself.

>politics page

Isn't it just memes? I mean, I went there to be amused.

God save our Gracious Memes is the only good alt-right page on facebook. Makes good alt-right memes, and doesn't bother with shitty arguments.

Donald Trump thinks you waifu is shit is also excellent.

>race realists
That's one hell of a euphemism you have there.

Lets just call them racists and be done with it. If they really believe there isn't anything wrong with their thoughts they should embrace the term.

No wonder, that motherfucker has also been drooling over Vaporwave. Either way, you can always just stop caring about such petty shit, how about that?

It looks to be right wingers that reject the religious influence that's so present and also wants nothing to do with the "we have to pander to minorities so they vote Republican" thing

That's my take but I haven't looked into it too much since I'm sick of seeing the word cuck being legitimately used. Listening to Gavin McInnes and his guest talking about how he "cucked Seth Rogan on twitter" gave me douchechills.

He's a whiny little shit that's giving the alt-right a bad name.

People generally not like calling themselves by known buzzwords even if it's true.
Like Godless or Sodomite.


DfP is embarrassing.


This thread is gay

>not being in love with vaporware

who are you faggots even talking about
anyone surprised that someone famous for their opinion is up themselves

Just use Separatist

His page got shirt when he started thinking that Facebook stats matter. He used to post a few times a day with interesting content and commentary, now he posts 5+ times every hour and mostly just tried to get as many clicks and likes as possible. He also steals comics and other content and claims that he made it, or shares satire and claims that he thinks it's serious.

He's also a major bad wagoner. Early in the campaign season he kept posting Ted Cruz videos saying he's "based"

I stopped following when he sperged out ranting about how "there is ten thousand of us and we can't be stopped"

plus the whole page just comes across as pretentious, faggoty and just generally shit.

>fb politics page
Why aren't you swinging from your ceiling fan right now?

For all those who say he is bad at taking criticism, he isn't Tom Preston tier?