Japanese envy for Whites

Why do the Japs envy us so much?

Their whole lives and culture are wrapped around Anime and yet , they make those anime characters look like white people. More specifically, white Americans.

Does this obsession have any connection to them being nuked by us?

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Probably he same reason why we obsess over Japanese culture

Totally white bro

The better question is why are you watching anime instead of bettering yourself and reading books? Really makes you think huh?

Wow, nice response. It really made me think...

>this small percentage of all anime/Jap vidya characters that look asian is totally proof that your general rule is horseshit
Nice try

White people have eyes larger than their hands and single pixel noses.

And blue hair.

And the women look like children even as adults.

I only watch one anime show and that's Naruto.

Rest of the time I'm at school or the gym.

White people have the best aesthetics

Japanese characters are always soft and round while actual white characters have well defined features.

All anime is considered degenerate in Japan except for family movies like Ghibli's or supermainstream anime like Dragonball and Naruto. You are a cuck.

The Japanese and Whites should just merge together and create real life anime characters.

Whites are always depicted as having different features from your typical anime characters as said, you casual newcuck.

Best trolling post ever...

Who would be considered white in the show Naruto ?

Also Japs can't have blonde hair!

They dont completely.

They think of us as insane barbarians.

Aisans do respect whites for their beauty, strength, ingenuity, and ambition.

They don't view us as uncivilized outsiders, just like any other non-asian race. But while they hate nogs and mudshits, they respect us.

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The exaggeration of features apparent in most anime stems from an ability to convey emotion through those features. The technique was borrowed by Osamu Tezuka from Disney, which used large eyes for that exact purpose. This is why eyes in anime tend to appear less Oriental.

The use of multicolored hair and eyes is simply to make the characters easier to identify at a glance. You can cherry pick blonde hair and blue eyes, but hair and eye color in anime ranges through the entire rainbow. Furthermore, as pointed out, actually Western characters tend to have much more defined features. Some anime does feature pretty blatantly Japanese characters too, with hair colors ranging from black to reddish-browns, and brown or black eyes.

>Their whole lives and culture are wrapped around Anime and yet

This is patently false and I don't even understand where you would being to get that assumption from.

They just give them colorful hair styles and eye colors for character differentiation purposes

That's why some characters are black and brown, some are fucking blue, others have pink hair. It's just nonsensical cartoonish styling white people project onto. You don't need Chinese people watching Simpsons and saying "ooooohh da gwilo want to rook rike us!"

is this what white people tell themselves when they arent tall enough to think "all women love tall guys" or they arent rich enough to think "all women love rich guys",

so they settle for the "japanese love white men" meme only to find out that the japanese have no interest in white men unless they are both tall and rich at which point why arent you just marrying another white woman?

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No user, that's a cartoon

lmfao i'm not even asian and i don't care even if you take all the irish women from us.

that being said when you keep setting the bar so low to derive pleasure out of the alleged attractiveness of your race without regards to where you fall on the scale, well thats just the definition of pathetic.

keep thinking that the japanese want white dick though, ur in for a rood awakening



The Japs admire us whites. Of course they do; why wouldn't they? And we admire them too. Not so much in terms of looks, but in every other way they're clearly our equals.

Nose is 100% white eyes are cartoonish they don't look asian.