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Maddox got so cucked, he rage quit his podcast.

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A cuck is a sexual orientation now, you fucking bigot. Get with the fucking times...

That video made me laugh pretty hard.
Really makes you think, huh?

I haven't listened to the whole last episode yet but did they mention why Dick wasn't there?


Because he's not a cuck.

Where did he rage quit? I just listened to the end of his shit cuckcast and he ended it like normal.

Maddox used to be a legend. Now he is a complete ass bucket

what a dumb guy

For you

>he actually got triggered because people call him a cuck

what a whiney cuck, good thing dick parted from him

I'm sad. Hopefully Dick writes another book or does a podcast with someone else.

I'm hoping you're interested in my wife big guy.

>ass bucket

Morons not understanding that he's expanding and not quitting.

I was pretty sad when I listened to todays ep.

then I realized its because Dick ducked out, good for him, he's too alpha and puts up with too much underhanded shit from Maddox.

Yeah but he didn't mention dick at all. That's the problem.

>some youtube hasbeen got flustered about black cock in white pussy.

I thought dick might have quit the podcast. Figures why Maddox didn't mention him at all, but how can you not acknowledge him yet everyone else that had to do with the podcast. Even thanked Bono et al.

Maddox went from legend to ultra cuck.

>xmission hasbeen


it's basically because Maddof is a huge bitch and can't have into fun.

Reminder that Dick was the best part of the podcast and I hope that new "podcast network" shit will just burn down.

>It's no big deal when we watch people in porn

yes it is degenerate

I thought Maddox was the shit and funny in the early 2000s, but he should've quit ages ago. Kind of broke my immersion about him when he turned out to be nothing more than a balding cuck

Dick mentioned that he'll likely do a new podcast. Hopefully he brings Sean too. Asterios and Maddox die.


It will with numaddox

Is he called this because he's a numale or because he's full of hot air?

sauce on this?

Do you think that Maddox realizes how much he fucked up with his cuck rant?

~*i cyant fyigyure out whyat it meeeeeens*~

Aside from these high-level nasal theatrics:

What does it say about the Sjews that after months of us using it, they still can't figure out how cuck is supposed to be an insult?

Like they literally, literally can't figure out how letting a niggergene fuck and impregnate your wife is supposed to be a bad thing

Is there something the Juden hates even more than the white man? Is it... himself?

Yes, he can't even continue. No date for his new podcast or book.

I didn't think Maddox had been relevant since knowing HTML was the cheapest way to make your own website.

>sexual orientation

Isn't it funny how every "sexual orientation" except normal human sexuality is a complete genetic dead end?

knowing html is still the cheapest way to make your website, because you don't pay the hidden cost of cucking to the Platform Jew


And a few of his replies on his last Facebook post:

Dick Masterson I don't know anything about the network. A new podcast sounds fun though.
Luiz Azathoth Bizzarro Shit dude, where were you on that last episode? You’re the only reason I started listening to fucking Cuckkox >:’(
Are you gonna be on another podcast?…
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Dick Masterson I'll figure something out. I like the sound of my own voice too much to go without it.

Homosexuality is eventually going to turn out to be a literal disease.

Trannyism is going to be understood as a demented sexual fetish

Lesbianism is going to be seen as a cry for help by women abandoned by a broken society

Ah so it makes sense. Dick and Maddox had a falling out because Maddox doesn't want to MAGA.

You know I went into this podcast thinking Maddox was a fairly intelligent and entertaining fellow, but the more I listened, the more I realized that is he definitely on the austimso spectrum and is in fact a complete idiot in many regards as a result.

Example: He thought "small government" (in his attempt to criticize liberarianism) meant a small amount of people within the governing body of a community relative to the amount of people within that community, rather than how invasive a governing body's legislation is in regards to the day to day lives of those they govern.


Yes.. He is that fucking stupid.

And now, he defends cuckolding?

No wonder Dick had enough.


Abu Hajar3 weeks ago
Can I fuck your wife Maddox?

I lost it forever

>Sup Forums is so edgy they managed to troll and turn THE Edgelord of the early 2000s into a butthurt, whiny little bitch who defends his wife's lover's

Maddox cancelled it because he got buttblasted that Episode 77 (the one with just him and that unfunny hack kuckinos) was not only the worst received episode in the podcasts lifespan, but also emails and calls were literally nothing else but people asking where Dick was.

Maddox got rekt when Dick became the unexpected star of his own show.

I listened to episode 1 for maddox, I listened to episode 2 - 107 for Dick, hope he does more stuff independent of that cuck and his yes men.

Maddox fell for the podcast version of "don't post a picture more interesting than your topic". Dick and Sean were both way funnier than him, and people even liked Tim Changz more, so he got butthurt, took his ball and went home

>he definitely on the austimso spectrum and is in fact a complete idiot in many regards as a result.
No he is just literally a old fuck who hates new things because they're new


Its the most genius and humane way to do what is necessary--that is, to reduce the human population to less than 500 million people.

I get paid to be a fucking hypocrite. I'm working as an administrative assistant in the diversity department of a normal-tier American university.

I'm in my late 20s. It was less than 10 years ago that I was bumming around a college campus, getting shitfaced, taking exams, etc.

It was not that goddamn long ago, and yet these kids, what they consider to be most important, above all other things, is the illusion of identity and uniqueness. My generation suffered from being told we were special snowflakes, these little shits ARE all special snowflakes.

Every fucking other word out of their mouths is something about diversity, or how their identity is not being properly fostered and coddled by the university, or how "unsafe" they feel because they look weird as hell and people look at them like they're weird as hell.

The only thing that gets me through my day, which mostly involves collecting information, taking surveys, data entry and analysis, is that about 10% of the student body is completely sick of this shit and the comments they make are hilarious.

But the occasional annoyed comment or sarcastic remark does nothing to drown out the constant mess of people complaining.

I've had the job for 2 years now and every semester it seems like there is a rise in people who do not identify as straight. Every semester I get more responses from frustrated straight white males who feel they not very high on the university's priority list--and they're correct, because they are the only demographic whose success isn't directly linked to mo money fo dem programs

I got to listen to one of my superiors berate a tenured math professor for 30 minutes the other day because said professor had the nerve to tell a student to "get the hell off your phone or get the hell out of my classroom"

I should do an AMA sometime.

Agreed. Maddox got progressively less funny as the show went on too and started running longer and longer with his problems so that after the guest had gone Dick had 30 seconds to cram a 'bit' problem in. Not to mention interrupting and being a general bitch

God Bless you OP I was hoping there was a thread about this.

There isn't a mention of Dick anywhere on the last podcast page, so I'm not going to listen to it. Fuck Maddox. He probably thinks he's going to be hot shit with his new "Podcast Network" (lel) and Dick didn't want to come along for the ride, or something.

I hope Dick has something else interesting coming up, he was the only good part about that fucking show.

his problems stopped being funny too. After female genital mutilation topped the list, he just kept bringing in genuinely terrible things as problems and then playing it straight to try and get more votes, while Dick kept bringing in funny problems and getting overshadowed by Maddof controlling everything

Thanks weedman

cucks never learn

Maddox became such an irritating faggot I used to automatically downvote his problems and upvote Dick's just because he's a sore loser.

no you should fuck off and start a blog faggot

Aparently one of the problems was that Maddox would edit the episodes to make him sound smarter.

Wasn't there an argument just a few episodes ago about editing? Maddox saw it as necessary and Dick was against it, and being very coy about the subject.

Also, apparently Maddox straight banned the Titanic bit. Go on the website and upvote Maddox as a problem.

why did this show have to end.

I really enjoyed the show though ;_;

I listened every tuesday for 2 years, Dick was the best.

No free podcast downloads for you, Maddox. Video is full of fallacies.

What is that from senpai?

Clone High.

Fucking 10/10 show, it got canned because Ghandi or Muslims, I forget.

Its all about cloned super important historical figures in high school.

Was fucking AMAZING.

Seriously look at JFK.

Main characters are Abe Lincoln, Ghandi, and Joan of Arc.

JFK and Cleopatra are major side characters.


Made by the people who made all the good seasons of Scrubs.

>Getting ass mas by 50 guys and maybe 2 girls who are single, childless, and masturbate to anime opinions
Why can't the world leave us alone and let us have our fun, Sup Forums hasn't gone to concerts and shot unarmed civilians, Sup Forums hasn't gone and raped women on New Years Eve let alone leave their basements...


Also one of the best openings to any show.


Was literally the last amazing cartoon from MTV.

Thanks senpai torrenting it now

Holy shit that was the most based thing Dick ever said

good shit, anyone should love it. Best episode is Ghandi getting ADHD.

Its an older show so realize the ADHD episode came out when ADD and ADHD was big in USA.

Its pretty redpilled but doesnt delve much into it, really tries to stay comedic.

Are you weird MM?




>what if you have an ADHD attack and can't remember your dance moves?

What a cuck

Seriously, do an anonymous blog. It would gain plenty of readers.

>put into massive chained camp because of ADHD
>Tom Green flaps his albatross wings.

Maddox gets off to his girlfriend getting pounded by brownos, confirmed

I can't wait for Dick to make his own podcast without Cuckox. Dick was the only reason I listened to it anyways. I really hope he makes one. I will be really depressed if he doesn't.

>Homosexuality is eventually going to turn out to be a literal disease.
probably, lol.

>Trannyism is going to be understood as a demented sexual fetish
There are distinct neurological structures kinda-associated with it, so its probably a developmental disorder.

>Lesbianism is going to be seen as a cry for help by women abandoned by a broken society
It makes enough evolutionary sense to not really require an explanation.

Whoa. He goes beyond defending being a cuck.

He actually dances with the notion that there's something wrong with you if you'd rather watch someone you don't love have sex (i.e. a female pornstar) than watch someone you do love have sex (i.e. your wife).


I'm not familiar with this podcosts—is there a chance he's trolling us?

I still think of the scene where JFK is teaching ghandi how to get girls and Ghandi almost gets the talk right "Whats your hurry throw some errs and arrs in there"

I didn't even know this faggot was still alive.

>I'm not familiar with this podcosts—is there a chance he's trolling us?
that's what he said, but he was genuinely mad as fuck


Just listen to the first few minutes of this.

Here's a reply to make up for the fact no one in your life values you.

I never signed anything saying I couldn't do that, it could be an interesting experiment. Its been pretty eye-opening. I think I'll wait until I've moved to another industry though. I knew from the time I applied I would not like this job, but I had no idea how dogmatic and double-speaky it would actually be.

Wait.. he think that everyone who has ever called him gay actually believes that he's had sex with men?

Even I'm not THAT autistic.

Didn't expect him to respond to me

As big of a cuck madeoff is I'm definitely going to miss listening to this every week

Dick was definitely the funniest out of the two

It sounds like he going to do his own thing. He's already working on a his own podcast.

But seriously Dick was what made the show so great. If it was just Maddox being a cuck the whole show people wouldn't like it because it would be a hugbox.

Maddox was a good foil to Dick, but he started taking it way too fucking seriously, and it seems like he's genuinely buttblasted about it irl. Hopefully Dick does do his own thing with a co-host who's less of a cuck

>Kind of broke my immersion about him when he turned out to be nothing more than a balding cuck

Let's be real here, 99% of internet video personalities don't belong on video.

I don't know why Yahtzee Crosshaw is the single solitary one who understands how to do an internet vidoe

- Use simple pictographic cartoon characters because nobody wants to see your fucking face

- Talk fast because people don't have all day to wait for you to make a fucking point

- Fake a British accent because the overenunciation makes it easier to understand the fast-talking

It's that fucking simple, I don't know why everyone doesn't imitate him

based dick.

Same, his voice really kills it for me


I enjoyed your phone calls