Is the Dalai Lama our guy now?

Is the Dalai Lama our guy now?

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Praise be the Enlightened One.

Even neutrals hatethe eternal scorge

Well his country has experienced the forced cultural enrichment first hand. In his case though China enriching his shithole was better for the people living there than being under that pathetic excuse for a man.


>tfw leader of Christianity is cucked but the leader of Bhuddism is based

might have to become Bhuddist desu

>when dalilama is more based then the pope will ever be

It's this easy. It's this easy to get a straight forward message across, yet the Pope makes no serious attempt at telling the media to go fuck themselves.



He has always been red pilled.
You can be enlightened and realist.
You gain no karma by letting your homeland be overrun with people of another culture.

Liberals like to use food as an analogy for diversity.

Well each plate of food is good if it is on a seperate plate. Mix it all together and it just becomes unpalatable. Like people.



Man I wish the pope wasn't such a cuck.

This just depresses me, desu

this is why there is nothing wrong with White+Asian united
the only 2 races capable of civilization on this earth

Good man.

>Dalai Lama: "Europe must not become an Arab land."
>Pope: *kisses refugee feet* "Trump should be excommunicated from Christianity."

Of course the most enlightened person on earth is red pilled.

this desu. Francis is a fucking fag. Urban II-sama is rolling in his grave.


>China incentivizes thousands of Han Chinese to move to Tibet and Uighur territories
>Cultural and socioeconmic takeover begins
The Dalai Lama is a man of peace and is right to speak out against this oppression. Free Tibet!

>Europe (accidentally?) incentivizes millions of African and Islamic immigrants
>Cultural and socioeconomic chaos looms
The Dalai Lama is anti-immigrant and out-of-touch religious figurehead. Fuck nationalism!

Seems to me he'd know exactly what happens when foreigners move in and don't care who you are or what you stand for.

>China's heartless corporate imperialism has East Africa in it's grip
>nobody hears about it

>Western world governments gave up on Africa 40 years ago
>millions of foreign aid flow in through the West
>[white oppressors intensifies]

What about this?

Sounds like a good man

The dalai Lama knows about population replacement because it's what the Chinese are trying to do in Tibet

Holy fuck, where can I convert?

People like to pretend that the entire Asian population of the world hates black people more than any other race there is.

It doesn't fit with the Liberal narratives.

Praise be the enlightened one.

The Pope is far more leftist than Dalai lama. Didn't see this one coming.


Awww it's okay cuddly little one the pope will die in ten years

Dalai lama hates sandniggers actually .

>based Buddhists

C'mon China, give these guys a break. They seem pretty good.

I threw up a bit in my mouth.

In fact, what's happening to Europe has been happening to Buddhist countries since ever.

>"I had hoped for so much more from him - in the end, yet another patriarch"

>Tibet's spiritual leader has declared that if it is a woman, she must not just be loving and affectionate - she should also be easy on the eye.

>"That female must be attractive, otherwise it is not much use," he told a startled BBC interviewer.

Dalai Lama has always been redpilled as fuck.

At this point literally any religion is more redpilled than Christianity.


That's what people a person said about niggers and now they're burning down cities and asking for reparations

Chinks know better than to take their foot off their neck

>everybody already forgot John Paul II and calls Catholics cucks



I'm now a #DalaiLamaMissile

Looks yummy

Buddhists have always been pretty good when it comes to Islam

Chinese government is pretty based on Tibet tho. Some irrelevant religious people are innocent and live in their peaceful land. Nobody wants to intervene except few tourist.
Now how suddenly they all want gibsmedat??? it's clearly organized by terrorist ( yes nothing wrong to label them) and funded by foreign country ( oy vey states)

So instead of dealing with countless bullshits and literately a blackhole of troubles, Chinese government just shut thme the fuck up and mute entire region. It's good for both mainland chinese and them natives. Few extremist die but whatever.
And no we do not "hate" Tibet and its people. Our education is encouraged to show us how Tibet and other far-from-reach part of China should be united, and a nation should never be apart etc. Our brainwashing system encourages us to take Tibet people as brothers

Well I don't think you westerners would understand because you're giving away your civilization to sandniggers and want to divide in many white countries. You're all soft pussy because you think a nation should run by MUH FEEEEEELINGS and MUH HUMAN RIGHTS

john paul was a massive hew loving faggot, benedict was were it at

Watch where the communists are pointing their guns and you will find the best of mankind.

So the Pope is a Jewish puppet and the fucking Dalai Lama is an Aryan god reincarnated.

I think it's time to convert


How can one man be so BASED?

He has always been my guy.

I'm not even Buddhist.

suck a yid cock you polish degenerate

All the popes before this one have been alright.

What was in the water at the vatican when they let this twat in?

At this point, "Is the pope a catholic" is no longer a rhetorical question.

it's almost like every race other than white people knows the score when it comes to muslims...


>What was in the water at the vatican when they let this twat in?

Our boy is based as fuck. Big hitter, the lama. Bald head, flowing robes. Striking.

>we need the hispanic vote to remain relevant


based dalai lama

Keep your hate speech out of my Cambodian basket weaving forum!


>Truthful statements can be presented in a manner that would meet the definition of hate speech, and not all truthful statements must be free from restriction.

no fuck him. he is a cia puppet used against china, because he has claims for great tibet, which is the 1/3 of china. you remember that brad pitt movie about dalai lama? all based on a diary of a nazi, which task was it to sewar the shangrila in tibet. the dalai lama believes that the people of tibet are the real aryans and that he will be incaranated as a god with a lighting spear to struck down the nemies of the true aryans. fuck animalistic Mystizismus. man i fuckign hate this guy look it up. dalai lama is a totally fucktard. sorry i am so fucking drunk amn

natural conservatives

Much more credible than nigger foot kissing kike sleeper agent pope

Too much of a meme religion for me desu

This must not spread
Time to accelerate Operation Asia YES!

But user..Fuck the chinese

also fuck you mister CIA! tibet is the only country that was liberated by the chinese...look it up and the han chinese immigration is a lie. i dont like the fucking chinese, but on this subject they are fucking based. fuck the dalai lama!

Buddhism is the ultimate redpill!

t. cheng

yeah fuck them but he is a cia puppet leafbro. his brother i responsible for the worldy claims. the cia supported also the tibetian uprising back in the 00s and paramilitary actions in the cold war. sorry for bad engrish, aber betrunken hasse ich es englisch zu reden oder so zu denken.

Shut up, Mohammed

>what a racist

>you were born 50 years too late
>will will never were a shirt and tie to the football
>you will never wear a shirt and tie fucking everywhere
>you will never marry you childhood sweetheart at 21 and raise a family in an all white neighbourhood
>you will never have an African American maid called Bertha

Tu gli hai sempre creduto, ora ti dimostro che mente. italo house rocks man

This has been engineered. Guess who's to blame.

Shut up user

Asians in general appear to be pretty frank and up front about telling invaders to fuck off. The Dalai Lama's not gonna lie about not wanting Europe to be tainted by mudshits

Jewish bribe money

Are you the spiritual/funny shrooms guy?

>yfw Dalai Lama revives the Mad Baron von Ungern-Sternberg to go on a war to pure Europe of degeneracy
Come on, meme magic, make it happen.

I read one of his books, it was great. he's a cool guy. Very rational and realistic

the dalai lama was always our guy


Malachai Martin said something of the "smoke of satan entering the vatican"

also probed the "lucifer" deep space telescope the church owns in the desert ;)

Your italian is perfect

FICK DICH AMIFOTZE, ich bin deutscher als du bei deinen ohama beach reactments jemals sein könntest. fuck you second imperial england

Fuck off retard

Dali llama explains in his book this concept of karma is completely warped, and just a western view of it. karma literally just means causality. The main point of it is that you can't hide your ugliness from yourself. Like if you have bad thoughts, they will have effects. karma just means things have effects on things.

Many Asians seem to lack the so-called "Pathological Altruism" that many Western Whites seem to exhibit on a phenomenal scale.

In this particular case in these particular times, this is absolutely fine and good.

Si claro.

Fuck your satan shit

Ok maybe not

Arab world? They're fucking space aliens!?

Bernd, lass mich!

>we like everyone who supports us


Yeah man, fuck the pope. This is my guy. Never saw that coming.

Il termine Gladio è utilizzato propriamente solo in riferimento alla stay-behind italiana[3]. Il gladio era il simbolo dell'organizzazione italiana, mentre quello internazionale era la civetta. Durante la guerra fredda, quasi tutti i paesi dell'Europa occidentale crearono formazioni paramilitari, riunite nella "Stay Behind Net" sotto controllo NATO[4].

L'esistenza di Gladio, sospettata fin dalle rivelazioni rese nel 1984 dal membro del gruppo neofascista Avanguardia Nazionale Vincenzo Vinciguerra durante il suo processo[5], fu riconosciuta ufficialmente dal presidente del Consiglio italiano Giulio Andreotti il 24 ottobre 1990, che parlò di una "struttura di informazione, risposta e salvaguardia". L'esistenza della struttura tuttavia era già esplicitamente rivelata nel libro edito nel 1979 da William Colby La mia vita nella CIA[6].

A real shitposter

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Those are the weakest enchiladas I've ever seen. Would still eat them though.

>tfw this is the view held by realist christians

il cazzo aureo

Dalai Lama ist part of Gladio in Asia you fuckers. stupid neopol you guys are shit