I don't care about all this German master race bullshit. German has cucked over Europe three times militarily. When they realized they couldn't bully people physically anymore, Germany decided to genetically RAPE everyone with their policy of mass shitskin importation. I can't support these self-loathing fuckers anymore. Do any German fags want to defend the nation who will end the whiter ace? Otherwise, I propose that Germany be forcefully split into the individual states so it has no economic power, and left to rot.


It starts when countries start leaving the EU. Glad we were never in that mess.

I am as white as can be. Why is it wrong to hate those sausage gobbling cuckold faggots?

BREXIT! Good-job Norway bro, but do you really think that any other nations will have the guts or the means to escape?

>"I am as white as can be."
>hates Germans

Sure thing, Ezechiel.

>I am as white as can be.


>Austria gets Bavaria

Am I supposed to be bothered by that pic?

Believe me or not... but there is only prophet, and he was killed by those god awful jews.

you can rejoice

Which makes you hating the people who put in the last effort with arguably the most potential against "those god awful jews" even more retarded.

Yes, once they see the UK do better for themselves without the EU.

Do you think you could ever insult me? Huh, kraut? At least my country isn't being rape by refugee dick every day.

Sounds pretty neat actually. Switzerland hates Germans for some reason, it would be easy to gather all the German engineers in Bavaria at least. Lot of potential with that.

Muslims are a greater threat to my sensibilities. We need to just fucking destroy them in every walk of life.

Hates CURRENT Germans, probably. It isn't 1940 anymore.

>At least my country isn't being rape by refugee dick every day.

No, just negro and spic dick and at a much higher rate than in Germany that is.

Is it the daily American in denial thread?

Yeah. Nazi germany was based af. Rn, I hate Angela Merkel cunts.

>Hates CURRENT Germans, probably.

"German has cucked over Europe three times militarily. When they realized they couldn't bully people physically anymore..." doesn't really sound like it.

Nignogs mostly stay in their place over here. Trump will take care of the spics soon enough. Does your nation have a resolution in sight?

Dude, we have Spics

Another american who has never been in Germany. I've been to your country and let me tell you this: All you have about us is refugees, while you suffer from Obummer, niggers, mexicans, transpeople, fat people, LGBT people, weak white males and incredibly high living cost especially for students.

I study at one of the best universities in Germany and I pay 300€ each semester PLUS a ticket which lets me use EVERY kind of public transport inside my state. I live 100m from a refugee shelter and they are well contained. I don't care about these people. I don't want them just like you, but they are there, and they can fuck off. I've never had problems with ethnics in my life. I am right leaning and so are my foreign and my german friends.

Contrary to you, I don't care about "le poor white womyn" as much as you do. They can get all the nigger dick they want. Fact is, I, the white and educated man with aspirations for family and someone who remembers his heritage, am always the best choice. If you are scared of women running away from you, you are an Untermensch.

What is your defense american? What do you stand for? Your country? That's it?
see, that's the problem with you guys. You are nationalistic, but you fail to even bring something to the table and that's why you are worthless.

P.S.: If Trump is not going to be president by the end of the year, you are doomed. You are more doomed than we will ever be.

can't blame him, i hate my fellow germans too. the amount of retarded pro refugee shit that i get to hear daily is infuriating.

i wish our ancestors would've been smart enough to let us keep guns, for exactly this time, when the government gets tyrannical and starts to brainwash/indoctrinate people.

before some ameri bro jumps in with "TOLD YOU SO", i was always pro guns and never understood how having no guns would be preferable for a free society (can't be free if you can't defend your skin now, can ya).

I wish there was some way to ship a shit ton of guns over to the true German race :(....

>Nignogs mostly stay in their place over here.
Except when they take over your place like with Baltimore or Detroit...
>Trump will take care of the spics soon enough.
Only the illegal ones and who knows how long until he tones it down to "it was just a metaphor" and sends only the criminal ones back.
>Does your nation have a resolution in sight?
No, but looking at the shift to the right over the past year I'd say we won't have to wait until our situation becomes as bad as it is in the US for things to change.

I just hope the goodest golem stays out of our matters next time.

I wish Prussia still existed and its militarism. I long for the day Germany actually have an air force and produces its own planes once again. You guys made such sexy planes ;_;

>the amount of retarded pro refugee shit that i get to hear daily is infuriating.

Well who cares what they say? Just let them fuck off. I mean just wait for the big news to happen. Then you can attack them where it hurts them most - their hypocracy.

I'm probably less public with my right ideology simply because our "conservatives", that are currently the AfD, are full of inbred idiots and people who don't know what it takes to be conservative in the current world. They can't come and say stupid shit like "shooting at illegal immigrants at the border" in a time where everyone looks at them with big eyes.

And what do guns do for you, eh? Don't you know how to self defend you little sissy?
Insults aside: Move your fat and weak ass to a gym, work out, get ground.

and stop sucking american dick bruh. They are our friends, but they are far away from being "better" than the census of our country. I say that simply because I am biased.

>And what do guns do for you, eh? Don't you know how to self defend you little sissy?

you apparently did not get the point of my gun comment. the guns are for the people to overthrow the government when it goes to far, instead of having to watch it burn everything down that your ancestors did build.

it was not about self defense against some turks or other shitskins.

well Americans had guns for more than 100 years and never used them and I don't see how you want to use them against our government. It's not like the EU or refugee issues are good enough aggregators anyway.

that is the problem, you don't think big, as one can clearly tell from the comment about gym.
this is not about you or some street fights anymore, the fate of the western world will be decided in our lifetime.

and having guns to actually overthrow the government, to form a republic out of what is left and end the godforsaken women suffrage, would certainly help.

>UK doesn't get Hannover back